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Yesh Din – Volunteers for Human Rights volunteers and staff have worked for structural, long-term improvement to human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) since its establishment in 2005. Yesh Din views the occupation as a main source of the violation of the human rights of the Palestinian population and therefore seeks to end it. Its name – which means “There is a Law” in English – reflects the belief that equitable application of local and international law is an important component in upholding human rights.

At the core of Yesh Din’s work is collecting and disseminating reliable and updated information regarding systematic human rights violations in the OPT; conducting public and legal advocacy in order to pressure Israel’s authorities to cease violations; and raising public awareness to human rights violations in the OPT. To this end, Yesh Din is assisted by a professional staff of legal professionals and experts in the field of human rights.

Yesh Din’s activities focus on the extent of Israel’s implementation of its duty to protect the Palestinian civilians under its armed forces’ occupation. These include: criminal accountability of Israeli civilians and members of the Israeli security forces in the West Bank, and human rights violations related to takeover of Palestinian lands and restricting Palestinians’ access to their land.

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* FMEP awarded a grant to the New Israel Fund, in support of its existing work/fundraising for Yesh Din.