Arab American Institute Foundation

Arab American Institute Foundation is a non-profit, nonpartisan national leadership organization created to serve as a central resource to government officials, the media, political leaders and community groups on a variety of public policy issues that concern Arab Americans and U.S.–Arab relations, of which Israel-Palestine is a top priority. The Arab American Institute was founded at a time when Arab Americans were often excluded from the political process because of their advocacy for Palestinian human rights; because of that, AAIF is a key voice in defending against current attacks on free speech, including the right to boycott, though public education and advocacy. Today, advocates for justice in Palestine, including Arab Americans and members of the American Jewish and African American communities, continue to face harassment, intimidation, and other concerted efforts to silence debate and erode the first amendment right to free speech. AAIF’s education and research fights against restrictions on nonviolent political expression relating to the Israel-Palestinian conflict,  including efforts to harass and intimidate student advocates and the misapplication of federal civil rights laws to silence criticism of Israel on campus. AAIF was established in 1985 and based in Washington, DC.

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