Center for Jewish Nonviolence

The Center for Jewish Nonviolence (CJNV) is a transnational Jewish organization that runs delegations and campaigns enabling Jews from the Diaspora to amplify, support, and engage in Palestinian-led nonviolent civil resistance (nonviolent direct action, community co-resistance projects, and critical education). Working on both sides of the Green Line, CJNV builds relationships with Palestinian and Israeli activists and communities, and has been working closely for with vulnerable communities in Masafer Yatta for several years. 

CJNV’s main activities are:

  • Delegations of large groups of activists who come for 9-10 days and join in nonviolent action, critical learning, and projects that support sumud/steadfastness.
  • Hineinu, where activists stay in Palestinian communities in the West Bank and engage in daily embodied solidarity for three months, primarily through accompaniment and human rights documentation work.
  • Bringing volunteers to support the olive harvest, a vital time of year economically and culturally in Palestinian society. Activists join Palestinian farmers and families to materially support the harvest and provide protective presence against settler-state violence.
  • Activating, training and developing Jewish activists from around the world who are grounded in the realities of life under apartheid and the communities who struggle against the systems of injustice in Israel/Palestine.
  • Amplifying and highlighting the voices and experiences of the individuals and communities.

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