Zochrot is an Israeli NGO that exposes and disseminates historical information in Hebrew about the Palestinian Nakba, working to promote accountability for the Nakba among the Jewish Israeli public and to create the conditions for the Palestinian refugees’ return and a shared life. The focus on the Israeli Jewish audience reflects Zochrot’s view that this audience holds practical and moral responsibility for Palestinian refugeehood, is in the privileged position of power in the current regime, and is a necessary part of any future solution. Zochrot has been and remains the only organization that focuses on the mission of Nakba recognition and support for the right of return among Jewish society. Zochrot conducts workshops, conferences and hosts tours of Palestinian villages, towns and cities that have been emptied and destroyed in 1948. Zochrot also created and maintains a database of testimonies by dozens of Nakba survivors, as well as by Israelis who have fought in 1948 and recounted war crimes in which they took part. It also contains details about depopulated and destroyed sites and historical documents about Zionist colonialism. In 2014, Zochrot launched iNakba (relaunched in 2022 as iReturn) – a mobile app allowing users to navigate to uprooted Palestinian settlements and learn about their histories. iNakba is a unique tool that draws a map of the invisible country – the one that was destroyed and hidden from view.

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