• SecState Blinken’s Meeting with Bibi (Lara Friedman on Background Briefing)

    “We begin with Secretary of State Blinken’s meeting today with Prime Minister Netanyahu who leads the most far right government in Israel’s history and like former President Trump who is running for the presidency to stay out of jail, Netanyahu is using the power of his office to strip Israel’s Supreme Court of its authority so that he can be in charge of the law and stay out of jail. Joining us is Lara Friedman, the President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace…”

  • How a Giant of Responsible Investing Agreed to an Israel Exception (Jewish Currents)

    “Just as anti-BDS legislation has become a template for politicians seeking to limit boycotts of fossil fuels or gun manufacturers, the pro-Israel attack on Morningstar could become a model for groups pushing to shield companies from accountability on other issues, according to Friedman. ‘It creates a model of what it looks like for any power-holders to politicize ESG ratings. First it’s Israel, then maybe next we have India or some other country saying, ‘No, this is the wrong standard, we’ll throw a lot of money and public pressure at you,’” she said. As a result, Friedman argues that liberal Jewish communities around the country have aided a right-wing project: ‘The irony is that once again this progressive Jewish community is the cat’s paw for a broader illiberal agenda because their comfort zone demands an Israel exception.’”

  • Unilever has settled its battle with Ben & Jerry’s over West Bank ice cream—but the minefield of doing business in Israel remains (Fortune)

    “‘The point in going after Ben & Jerry’s was to have—no pun intended—a chilling effect on other companies that want to distinguish between Israel and the settlements,’ says Lara Friedman, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace…In fact, she says, many international & US companies, like major hotel brands, for example, operate in Israel but not in the West Bank. ‘So long as they do not make a public statement, nobody cares…But if they make a public statement, all hell breaks loose.’”

  • ADL Using Impact Investing to Target BDS (Mint Press News)

    Many quotes from FMEP’s Lara Friedman, including: “According to Friedman, the ADL’s recent decision to absorb JLens is not a new development, but rather something pro-Israel lawfare groups like Reut and the Zachor Legal Institute have advocated for since the early days of conscious investing. ‘So if the idea is we [pro-Israel groups] can’t prevent socially responsible investing from taking off, we have to find a way to subvert it so that it won’t end up being focused on Israel,’ Friedman said. ‘And Israel will be given an exemption effectively.’”

  • AIPAC Spent Big to Defeat Progressives This Election Cycle (Jewish Currents)

    “‘[AIPAC helped] change the composition of the Democratic caucus to make sure there are more people in there who seem likely—based on how they were elected—to have some loyalties to AIPAC,’ said Lara Friedman, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace. Friedman added that the biggest impact of AIPAC’s spending will be in producing a ‘chilling effect’ on members of Congress. ‘What this election cycle is saying is, ‘hey, heads up, every time a letter [critical of Israel] comes across your desk, even if you agree with it, you better think about whether signing this is going to mean that someone’s going to pour money into your primary,’ she said.”

  • ADL will take over a Jewish investment fund to fight BDS (The Forward)

    “‘What they’re saying is you can’t have ESG at all – because it risks Israeli companies being caught inside of it and that’s intolerable – or you’re going to have to reimagine ESG so it doesn’t catch Israeli companies,’ Lara Friedman, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, which tracks advocacy aimed at Palestinian activism.”

  • U.S. Administration Fears Ben-Gvir Domino Effect, Considers a No-contact Policy (Haaretz)

    “‘For Biden, avoidance of conflict with Israel is the paramount goal. This was true during the tenure of the previous government, during which the U.S. refrained from demanding accountability for the deaths of an American journalist and an elderly American man, both at the hands of the Israeli army; when it failed to challenge Israel’s targeting of Palestinian human rights and civil society organizations; when it was chose not to oppose Israel’s imposition of draconian restrictions on entry to the West Bank; and when it took no meaningful steps to prevent settlement expansion or to hold Israel accountable for settler violence,’ Foundation for Middle East Peace President Lara Friedman said. ‘While it is certain that the list of brazen Israeli violations of Palestinian rights and even the rights of American citizens will continue to grow under an Israeli right-wing government that elevates its most unabashedly racist, Islamophobic, homophobic political forces, there is no reason to believe that U.S. policy of embracing Israeli impunity will suddenly change,’ she added.”

  • ACLU Asks Supreme Court to Take Up Right to Boycott (Jewish Currents)

    “‘The organized Jewish community has known from the get-go that [anti-boycott laws] infringed on free speech,’ said Lara Friedman, President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace. ‘Given a choice between upholding free speech and the right of protest for Americans, and undermining those rights writ large in order to protect Israel from criticism, they’ve demonstrated they prefer the latter.’”