• [Webinar] Views on IHRA from Around the Globe

    The IHRA Definition & the Fight Against Antisemitism: A webinar series examining how a problematic definition of antisemitism is being used to quash criticism of Israel…

  • TOI: Biden hopes to deprioritize Israel-Palestinian conflict but might not be able to

    “…Lara Friedman, an ex-US foreign service officer in Jerusalem and current president of The Foundation for Middle East Peace in DC pointed out that Biden would not be the first president to say he’d tackle the issue when he’s good and ready. ‘If you don’t want to come for Israel-Palestine on your own terms, it’ll make you come on its terms. So pick one,’ she said. ‘In 2021, it is not as if there is a stable status quo there,” she said, highlighting Israeli settlement building on more and more West Bank land that the Palestinians hope will one day be included in their state. Not engaging is engaging, and not engaging is engaging in support of the status quo forces,’ Friedman argued.”

    “…Friedman pointed to the recent decisions by the PA to resume security cooperation with Israel and to once again accept tax revenues from the Jewish state — both domestically unpopular moves. These measures are reportedly being followed by efforts in Ramallah to move away from its payments to Palestinian security prisoners. “These are all really loud statements by the Palestinians saying ‘We’re ready to be constructive partners,’” Friedman argued. ‘A Biden administration that doesn’t take advantage of these openings would be sending a pretty clear message that they’re never going to engage on the issue,’ she said. ‘Because those are the kinds of things that people who say the Palestinians are not partners for peace point to, arguing that ‘If they were partners they’d do X, Y and Z.’ Well they’re doing X, Y and Z. Now what?'”