Statement: FMEP Applauds the P5+1 Framework Agreement with Iran

Press Release

Contact: Mitchell Plitnick, Program Director, Foundation for Middle East Peace

(510) 484-6472


The agreement signed in Lausanne today between the P5+1 and Iran is a significant step forward in addressing a longstanding national security challenge, the Iranian nuclear program. We congratulate President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and all P5+1 negotiators commitment to reaching a deal. Today’s announcement demonstrates that the security of the U.S., its partners, and the world can be advanced through effective and sustained diplomacy and shows once again the importance of American leadership in addressing shared problems.

“Congress must ensure that diplomacy can continue to produce results,” said Mitchell Plitnick, Program Director of the Foundation for Middle East Peace. “All of the parties to this agreement have to fend off domestic critics who will not be satisfied with any realistic deal – this agreement must be given an opportunity to achieve its goals. As we move toward a full agreement in June, we will work in the United States to ensure that this agreement and its contribution to the security of the U.S. and our allies is fully understood.


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