Israel-Palestinian Relations in the Coming Trump Era

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US-Israel relations

Opinion: Israel-Palestinian Relations in the Coming Trump Era,

“The Trump era is likely to accelerate the end of U.S. primacy as the main arbiter of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. The upcoming French Peace Conference, coming just ahead of the inauguration of Donald Trump, is the next milestone towards the end of U.S. leadership on the issue,” writes Naomi Dann.

Opinion: The real impact of UN Resolution 2334 has yet to come,

The heart of the UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements is territorial, picking up where 242 left off almost 50 years ago. It will also likely serve as the framework for this month’s Paris Peace Conference.

Occupation/Human rights

EU wants P4+1 model on Israeli settlements,

The European Union is considering establishing a P4+1 group, without the United States, dealing separately with the Israeli-Palestinian issue and the Iran file.

Paris Peace Summit to Urge Netanyahu, Abbas: Disavow Officials Who Oppose Two-state Solution,

A draft summary statement of Sunday’s gathering, obtained by Haaretz, says the participating countries will not recognize unilateral changes to 1967 borders, including Jerusalem.

Opinion: Israel's anti-UN steps could lead to 'isolation',

Israel is threatening to undertake punitive measures against the UN after it passed a resolution condemning settlements.

Israel's collective punishment follows Jerusalem attack,

Restrictions have been tightened for all residents of Jabal Mukaber after deadly truck ramming incident.

Unknown Palestinian group claims Jerusalem terror attack, vows more to come,

A previously unknown Palestinian group calling itself “the martyr of Baha Alyan collective” has claimed responsibility for the deadly truck-ramming terrorist attack in Jerusalem on Sunday, in which four soldiers were killed and 17 more were injured.

PHOTOS: Israeli authorities uproot olive trees to build settler-only road,

The Nabi Elias bypass road, which will serve Israeli settlers, requires the confiscation of 25 acres of Palestinian land.

Court to decide fate of Palestinian villages in 'Firing Zone 918',

Hundreds of Palestinians in the south Hebron hills are living under the fear of imminent displacement because the Israeli army says it wants to conduct live-fire drills on their village lands.

Israeli politics

Netanyahu scandal exposes corruption in the Israeli press,

The alleged dealing between Netanyahu and the publisher of ‘Yedioth’ reveals the driving force behind Israel’s biggest newspapers — a type of corruption that couldn’t exist in media outlets with truly independent journalists.