Netanyahu facing graft probe

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Israeli politics

Benjamin Netanyahu Questioned in Israel Graft Inquiry,

Israeli police investigators questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for three hours at his official residence on Monday evening on suspicion of receiving illicit gifts and favors from business executives.

Israeli Minister Proposes Annexing Large Settlement East of Jerusalem,

Habayit Hayehudi chairman Naftali Bennett on Sunday called on the government to pass a law annexing Ma’aleh Adumim, a large settlement east of Jerusalem, to Israel by the end of the month. Bennett serves in the government as minister of education.

Netanyahu ally: West Bank annexation would be ‘a disaster’,

Minister of Regional Cooperation Tzachi Hanegbi, a close ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, rejected suggestions that Israel may unilaterally annex the West Bank Saturday, saying such a course of action would be “a disaster” for the country.

Opinion: With the Right firmly in power, Israel's 'peace camp' turns on itself,

“In a new campaign against an attempt to legalize the most blatant settler land theft, dozens of left-wing Zionist heavyweights instead blame the ‘radical left’ for the absence of peace,” writes Haggai Matar.

Palestinian politics

The Palestinians’ new peace initiative,

Pragmatic Fatah members are developing a proposal for a new interim agreement, which would establish a transitional state until negotiations on a permanent status solution are launched.

UNSC resolution

Opinion: Kerry's parameters force Israel to take a hard look in the mirror,

“John Kerry’s speech this week clearly and rationally explained why the status quo will not enable Israel to maintain its Jewish and democratic character. Are Israelis paying attention?” ask Elie Podeh and Nimrod Goren.

Opinion: What Kerry Did,

“As someone who has been a part of the effort to create an American debate on Israeli policies, Kerry’s intervention is both welcome, validating, and empowering. He laid down markers that should help liberals and progressives define a policy agenda on the Israel-Palestine conflict,” writes James Zogby.

Bolton to Trump: Cut aid to UN settlement resolution supporters,

Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton has reportedly called on the incoming Trump administration to retaliate against countries who supported a recent UN Security Council resolution against Israeli settlements.

Occupation/Human rights

Israeli settlements grew on Obama’s watch. They may be poised for a boom on Trump’s.,

Through eight years of escalating criticism from the world’s most powerful leader, Israeli construction in these sacred, militarily occupied hills never stopped.

Undoing the myth of Israel's flagship settlements,

“The settler movement likes to pretend its flagship settlement bloc, Gush Etzion, was built entirely on land purchased by Jews decades before Israel’s founding. History says otherwise,” writes Dror Etkes.

Opinion: The annexation of Palestine could be closer than you think,

“A perfect storm of domestic Israeli politics combined with the changing of the guard in Washington could create an opportunity for those advocating annexation to finally make their move,” writes Michael Omer-Man.

Israeli forces demolish homes, school in Bedouin village in the Jordan Valley,

Israeli forces demolished some 15 structures in Khirbet Tana on Tuesday morning, including homes and the only school in the small hamlet, which is located on the outskirts of the village of Beit Furik in the Jordan Valley in the northeastern occupied West Bank.


What did the UN Security Council resolution leave out?,

“The Security Council focused on the settlements, but it’s clear that Gaza’s isolation is the flipside of the coin. Without it, the push for indefinite rule over the Palestinian population in the West Bank would not possible, which is exactly the point,” writes Tania Hary.

Israeli cabinet decides not to return bodies of Hamas-affiliated slain Palestinians,

The Diplomatic-Security cabinet of the Israeli government decided Sunday that bodies of slain Palestinians affiliated with the Hamas movement who were killed while carrying out attacks against Israelis will not be returned to their families, according to reports from Israeli media.