Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike enters 2nd day

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Occupation/Human rights

Demands of prisoners who went on hunger strike,

Wafa News publishes the demands of Palestinian prisoners who started an open-ended hunger strike as of Monday.

How Palestinian Hunger Strikes Counter Israel’s Monopoly on Violence,

“Hunger strikes are acts of resistance through which Palestinians assert their political existence and demand their rights,” writes Basil Farraj.

Opinion: Even Marwan Barghouti's supporters should acknowledge his past,

“There are many reasons why Marwan Barghouti should eventually be released from jail so he can run for office. But the Left should, even as it supports him, take into account his past — and why he’s in prison,” writes Dahlia Scheindlin.

Israel refuses to negotiate with Palestinian hunger strikers,

Israeli’s public security minister vowed on Tuesday not to negotiate with hundreds of Palestinian prisoners on the second day of a hunger strike led by popular leader Marwan Barghouti.

Senior Israeli minister: Barghouti should have been executed,

Reigniting debate over capital punishment for Palestinian terrorists, Yisrael Katz says death penalty would have prevented convicted murderer leading protest from inside prison

Occupation/Human rights

Hebron 2017: Fewer Palestinians, more checkpoints,

Twenty years after Hebron was divided into two separate areas, the Palestinians who have remained in the Israeli-controlled section are a testament to courage and endurance.

Israeli troops shoot Palestinian activist in head with 'less lethal' bullet,

The veteran activist, known for leading non-violent popular protests in the West Bank village of Ni’lin, was shot with a ‘sponge-tipped’ bullet, causing a head injury. Police later shackled him to his hospital bed.

Opinion: Palestinian citizens of Israel are key to resisting the occupation,

“If Palestinians with Israeli citizenship, those who have grown up in Israeli society and lived alongside Jewish Israelis, were to truly organize and leverage their unique position, it would be impossible to break without ripping off the mask of apartheid,” writes Rida Abu Rass.

US-Israel relations

575 Jewish Students Challenge Birthright on Israel's Travel Ban,

More than 500 Jewish American students are challenging Birthright, the  biggest sponsor of trips to Israel in the world, to take a stand against a new law that would deny entry to Israel to foreigners who support boycotting the country, even if the boycott is restricted to West Bank settlements.