Top News from Israel & Palestine: July 10, 2019

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Occupation & Human Rights

Police Evict Palestinian Family From East Jerusalem Home, Handing It to Settlers,

“The police evicted a Palestinian family from their home in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan on Wednesday, after the Jerusalem District Court had dismissed their appeal and ruled in favor of the right-wing Elad Association, a settler organization that owns the majority of the building.”

How 'archaeological settlements' are destroying Palestinian homes,

“‘Unfortunately, Israel is using these tunnels disguised as archaeological excavations but it’s actually part of the political goal to prevent Jerusalem from being part of any political solution,’ Mizrachi said. ‘We consider [it to be] another form of settlement. It’s a settlement without people, but it’s an archaeological settlement. It’s not less problematic than other settlements, but even more [so].’ For the Abu Rmeleh family, they say their lives are in danger but they don’t know who to turn to for help. Aside from the cracks their building has sustained, they also found a hole in their nephew’s home leading to the tunnels.”

Not Just Qatari Cash: Why Violence Has Subsided Along Gaza-Israel Border,

“Coordinating with Hamas, Israel increased the number of Palestinian laborers from the Gaza Strip allowed to work in the country, and this seems to be the main reason for the relative quiet along the border with the coastal enclave in recent days.”

Gaza’s traditional crafts industries rapidly disappearing,

“When Gazans think of better economic times, images of clay pottery, colorful glassware, bamboo furniture and ancient frame looms weaving bright rugs and mats all come to mind. For decades, these traditional crafts defined the economy of the coastal Palestinian enclave, employing thousands of people and exporting across the region. Today, the industries are almost nonexistent.”

Israel bans Palestinian dairy, meat exports to East Jerusalem,

“Israel’s July 1 decision took the Palestinian dairy and meat producers by surprise, as it prohibits the export of their products to East Jerusalem as of Aug. 1, without explaining why.The decision, which was printed on a large banner next to the West Bank-Jerusalem Qalandia crossing that Palestinian cargo trucks use, was issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health and State Veterinary Services and Animal Health. The Palestinian government parties are yet to be officially notified of the decision.”

Palestinian Politics

A Palestinian pound? 'Impossible' without full independence, say economists,

“Currently, the shekel is among three other major currencies – the Euro, the US dollar and the Jordanian dinar – used in the occupied Palestinian territories. Observers say its use is not only symbolically difficult to swallow, but also comes at a high cost for Palestinians.”

Anti-BDS/Anti-Free Speech/Pro-Settlement Lawfare

Christian Zionists push bill to bolster US action against campus anti-Semitism,

“The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act adds a controversial definition of anti-Semitism to Title VI protections under the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination in the education system…Israel critics and free speech advocates say that codifying the definition would inhibit speech freedoms.”

U.S. Politics

Touring the Israeli Occupation: Young U.S. Jews Get an Unflinching View,

“Birthright’s avoidance of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank has made it the target of angry protests by left-leaning Jewish activists. But for sheer ambition, no critique has approached this week’s attempt by the liberal lobbying group J Street to map out an alternative route for Birthright’s tours.”