Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: February 1, 2019

What We’re Reading

US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

Palestinians turn down US funding over litigation fears,

The decision was linked to a Jan. 31 deadline set by new U.S. legislation under which foreign aid recipients would be more exposed to anti-terrorism lawsuits.

Occupation/Human rights

A new framework for viewing Israel's regime in the West Bank,

“The existing frameworks we have for addressing Israel’s rule over the Palestinians are flawed and becoming less relevant. Comparing it to other regimes that share one of its prominent characteristics, institutionalized discrimination, can create space for new ideas,” writes Yariv Mohar.

Gantz, peace and the West Bank landscape,

“Seeking regional peace, as presidential candidate Benny Gantz has pledged to do, will require revisiting not only the separation barrier but other Israeli alterations to the West Bank landscape in efforts to prime it for annexation,” writes Akiva Eldar.

'Private Settler Farm': Israeli Activists Petition High Court to Revoke West Bank Nature Reserve's Status,

Human rights activists are trying, for the first time, to get a nature reserve’s status revoked on the grounds that its designation as a reserve has simply become a means to enable settlers to take over West Bank lands with the army’s assistance.

‘Hebron is where I realised what the occupation is’,

“For me, Hebron is the school of occupation,” said Ron Zaidel, director of Breaking the Silence’s research department, who was sent to Hebron immediately after his basic training in the Nahal infantry brigade. “That’s where I realised what the occupation is. That it’s first and foremost the arbitrary deployment of violence.”

Palestinian Teen Hiking With Friends Was Killed in Israeli Army Ambush. He Posed No Danger,

Six teens went to the valley to have a picnic. Israeli soldiers ambushed them from behind an oak tree and fired dozens of rounds at them. Ayman Hamad was killed.

Dutch-Palestinian Sues Benny Gantz in Hague for War Crimes in 2014 Gaza Operation,

In a civil suit before a Dutch district court, the complainant blames the former IDF chief and then-air force commander of killing six family members in a bombardment of their Gaza house.

2 Palestinian students critically injured with Israeli live fire in Tuqu,

Three Palestinian students were injured with Israeli live ammunition, on Thursday, in the Tuqu village, southeast of the southern occupied West Bank district of Bethlehem.

Helipad completed in Liberman’s settlement, after his exit from Defense Ministry,

A project intended to allow the defense chief to swiftly leave home will now be used by army forces in area, the Defense ministry said. A watchdog asserts public funds were wasted.