Top News Stories from Israel & Palestine: May 31, 2019

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Occupation/Human rights

Israeli Settlers 'Upgrade' West Bank Springs to Usurp Palestinian Land,

Settler councils grab more and more privately held territory through investment in infrastructure as the Civil Administration looks the other way.

Tenders Published for 805 Housing Units in East Jerusalem – First Time in a Year,

This morning, the Housing Ministry published tenders for the construction of 805 housing units in Israeli neighborhoods beyond the Green Line in East Jerusalem – 460 housing units in Pisgat Ze’ev and 345 housing units in Ramot.

How I Hunted Down a Settler Who Vanished After Killing a Palestinian,

Yehoshua Elitzur was a German Catholic who studied design in Italy, and ended up converting to Judaism, moving to an Israeli settlement, killing a man – and then disappearing. My years-long mission to find him took me as far as Brazil.

Over a Year on, Why Haven’t the Gaza Protests Succeeded?,

Part of the answer lies in the highly effective architecture of occupation Israel has crafted in order to maximize its domination of the Palestinians while minimizing the costs of sustaining it.

Two Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in separate incidents,

A Palestinian teen was shot as he tried to enter occupied East Jerusalem for Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

Trump and Bibi

Trump and Bibi’s Bad Week,

They’re both at war with those who would investigate them. But are they winning or losing?

Kushner is modeling Trump’s defense after Netanyahu, according to Michael Wolff,

“Kushner’s model, he told friends, was Israeli prime minister and family friend ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu,” Wolff writes. “Whatever charges were leveled against him, Bibi, ever attentive to his base, was able to fend them off because he could always be counted on to win his next election.”

Israeli politics

Why are Israeli liberals suddenly courting a far-right nationalist?,

Liberman’s political maneuvering may just bring about King Bibi’s downfall, but that doesn’t mean secular liberals should forget the reasons they opposed him all these years.

MK Trolled As Bibi Swirled Down the Bowl,

“I have a dramatic announcement and I apologize to my fellow MKs that I didn’t let you know ahead of time. Seven minutes ago Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to me and he said he is willing to withdraw from the occupied territories and also to cancel the nation-state law, and that he supports not only civil equality but also national equality, and that he’s willing to recognize the Nakba and fix the historical wrong – in return for the immunity law.” –Israeli MK Ayman Odeh

Palestinian politics

Palestinian Authority gearing up for unrest amid financial crisis,

Israel has approved the transfer of light armored military vehicles to the West Bank amid fears of the Palestinian Authority’s economic collapse.