Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: October 10, 2018

What We’re Reading

Occupation/Human rights

The audacity of unchecked power in Khan al-Ahmar,

An entire Palestinian village is facing destruction. What follows will dictate the fate of Palestinian communities all over the West Bank.

Under Right-wing Pressure, Israeli Army Okays Extending Two Agricultural Laws to West Bank,

Israel’s Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan (Habayit Hayehudi) confirmed Monday that the army has approved implementation of two Israeli laws regarding agricultural products in West Bank settlements.

BDS and Settlement boycotts

Not just Canary Mission: SF Jewish Federation bankrolls these hate groups,

The Federation’s tax filings reveal a litany of radical-right and anti-Muslim groups that have received its support for years. The Federation says its review process has recently been strengthened but refuses to account for its funding of notorious Islamophobic hate groups.

Israel’s ‘1984’ Moment in the War Against BDS,

“BDS is too good an enemy to be ignored. Too many people on the Israeli right need something to justify taking extreme measures to fight it – like the ban on BDS supporters entering Israel based on the flimsiest of allegations, and as a tool for bludgeoning the left.”

US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

Bernie Sanders cites Israel’s nation-state law in slamming Trump for inspiring authoritarianism,

In a major foreign policy speech identifying an emerging authoritarian strain around the world, Bernie Sanders included the passage of Israel’s nation-state law as an example of President Donald Trump inspiring anti-democratic moves.