Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: October 11, 2018

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Lara Alqasem’s detention in Israel exposes campaign to police free speech and suppress critics,

“This is just part of the government’s effort to hamper legitimate political activity.”

Jerusalem Court Orders BDS Activists Behind Lorde's Cancellation to Pay Fan $12K,

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ordered two BDS activists from New Zealand to pay 45,000 shekels ($12,400) in compensation to three Israeli fans of the singer Lorde, who cancelled her June concert under pressure from the anti-Israel boycott movement, Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Thursday.

US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

Nikki Haley will not be missed in Palestine,

“Throughout her term as ambassador to the UN, Haley did everything in her power to undermine the Palestinian struggle.”

Palestinians refuse to go silently as US closes their DC mission,

“This is an attempt to shut down your voice; this is an act of censorship,” said Hakam Takash, a diplomat at the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Washington office which had been set up in 1994 after the Oslo peace accords.

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