A Settler Tool & A Catch-22 for Palestinians: Land Registration in East Jerusalem


On this episode of Occupied Thoughts, FMEP’s Kristin McCarthy is joined by Amy Cohen of Ir Amim to unpack the threat that land registration poses to Palestinians. Though land registration is a complex and bureaucratic process, Ir Amim characterizes it as one of (if not the) most pressing modes of dispossession facing Palestinians living in East Jerusalem. Listen to understand why and how Israel is cynically exploiting land registration to grow settlements, expropriate more land, and push Palestinians out of the city.

Occupied Thoughts by FMEP · A Settler Tool & A Catch-22 for Palestinians: Land Registration in East Jerusalem

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Recorded September 6, 2022

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Amy Cohen serves as the Director of International Relations and Advocacy for Ir Amim. She is the organization’s chief liaison to the international community concerning the geopolitical developments and status of human rights in Jerusalem; conducts policy advocacy with key stakeholders and decision-makers around the globe; and conveys Ir Amim’s expert analysis to policymakers, international media outlets, and think tanks. Prior to her position at Ir Amim, she worked at MASHAV- Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation, a department within the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Over the course of her career, Amy has likewise engaged in programming and advocacy work on issues pertaining to asylum seekers, minority rights, gender equality, and socioeconomic development in various social change and aid organizations in Israel and abroad, including Care International.

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