FMEP Launches New Microsite Tracking Palestine-Related Lawfare


The Foundation for Middle East Peace is proud to announce the launch of a new FMEP microsite tracking Palestine-related lawfare:

Lawfare refers to efforts that seek to exploit U.S. laws and courts in order to quash criticism and activism challenging Israeli policies, to delegitimize Palestinian organizations and the Palestinian cause, and to undermine and even criminalize support for and/or solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Lawfare includes legislation and policies targeting Americans’ rights to boycott Israel and/or settlements.  It also includes legislation and policies defining criticism of Israel/Zionism and advocacy for Palestinian right as antisemitism/hate speech (the IHRA definition of antisemitism), including in academia.

FMEP President Lara Friedman has been researching and documenting these lawfare efforts for nearly a decade. FMEP’s new microsite includes her comprehensive & regularly updated research databases–newly streamlined, updated, and expanded, and re-formatted to permit easy filtering/searching of data. It also includes her reports and analyses, along with links to all of FMEP’s other lawfare-related products and programming (webinars, podcasts, etc).