FMEP Legislative Round-Up: January 6, 2023 (Part 2)


1. Members on the Record (Palestine/Palestinian Rights)
2. Members on the Record (Israel)
3. Members on the Record (Iran)
4. Members on the Record (other Mideast countries)

[Note: See Part 1 of today’s Round-Up for Bills/Resolutions/letters, for a comprehensive looks at Mideast-related provisions in the FY23 Omnibus, and for media/reports]


1. Members on the Record (Palestine/Palestinian Rights

Defending Palestine/Palestinians Rights

Pocan (D-WI-2) 01/05/2023: Tweet – “The Israeli government is demolishing homes, schools, farms, water infrastructure, and other basic necessities in Masafer Yatta. This blatant violation of international law is unconscionable, escalating tensions and making peace more difficult. Israel demolishes parts of West Bank hamlet set for eviction… |

Tlaib (D-MI-12) 01/04/2023: Twitter thread – “2022 was one of the deadliest years for Palestinians on record. Israeli forces and settlers killed more than 200 Palestinians, including more than 50 children, injured thousands more and demolished over 800 Palestinian homes. Congress must stop funding apartheid. Link to quoted tweet Not even one week into 2023, the new far-right apartheid government is moving to ethnically cleanse entire communities—which would displace more than 1,000 Palestinian residents, including 500 children. All with American backing, bulldozers, and bullets. #SaveMasaferYatta

Tlaib (D-MI-12) 01/05/2023: Retweet of @commondreams – ““Not even one week into 2023, the new far-right apartheid government is moving to ethnically cleanse entire communities—which would displace more than 1,000 Palestinian residents,” said @reprashida. “All with American backing, bulldozers, and bullets.” ‘Congress Must Stop Funding Apartheid,’ Tlaib Says as Israel Razes West Bank Homes… |

Tlaib (D-MI-12) 01/03/2023: Twitter thread – “This girl from Southwest Detroit could never have imagined that I would one day serve and fight for the community that raised me in our nation’s capital. Link to image When I am sworn in today for my third term in Congress, wearing a Palestinian thobe, I will be bringing my ancestors and community with me.

Tlaib (D-MI-13) 12/29/2022: Tweet – “The fact that our country continues to fund this kind of clear and direct statement to eliminate the existence of a whole people is shameful. Palestinian people deserve to live + thrive. Link to quoted tweet

Leahy (D-VT) 12/22/2022: Tweet – “American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed six months ago and there has still been no credible, independent investigation or accountability. Impartial investigators should examine all the evidence, wherever it leads. Statement On Shireen Abu Akleh | U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont

Targeting Palestine/Palestinians Rights

Scott (R-FL) 01/03/2023: Tweet – “It’s TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE for the United Nations to repeatedly and unashamedly take an anti-Israel stance, yielding its power to accomplish a pro-Palestine agenda. I’m committed to fighting for #Israel & ensuring Jerusalem rightfully remains the capital. Netanyahu pans ‘despicable’ UN vote, says Jews cannot be occupiers in their own land… |

Targeting Biden Admin Using Palestinian Rights as the tool

Cruz (R-TX) 01/04/2023: Tweet – “RELEASE: Sen. Cruz Issues Statement After Biden Administration Condemns Israel Link to imageFull press release

Cruz (R-TX) 01/05/2023: Retweet of @RJC – “Spot on. Thank you Senator @tedcruz for being an unwavering champion of the U.S.-Israel relationship. Link to quoted tweet

Jackson (R-TX-13) 01/05/2023: Retweet of @America1stLegal – “America First Legal filed a landmark lawsuit against President Biden and Secretary Blinken for violating the Taylor Force Act and illegally subsidizing Palestinian terrorism AFL Sues President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken to Enforce the Taylor Force Act and to Stop U.S. Funding of Palestinian Terrorism… |

Cotton (R-AR) 01/03/2023: Tweet – “If the Biden Administration is concerned about violence in Israel, they should condemn the Palestinian terrorists causing it. Not our Israeli friends. Link to quoted tweet

Long (R-MO-7) 12/29/2022: Retweet of @mikepompeo – “Not a single taxpayer dollar should go to fund Palestinian terrorism. Victims of Terrorism Sue Biden Admin for Sending Taxpayer Aid to Palestinians – Washington Free Beacon

Jackson (R-TX-13) 12/26/2022: Retweet of @America1stLegal – “America First Legal is suing President Biden and Secretary Blinken for violating the Taylor Force Act and illegally subsidizing Palestinian terrorism on behalf of Stuart and Robbi Force, Sarri Singer, and @RonnyJacksonTX. Exclusive – Rep. Ronny Jackson Suing Biden Admin for Financing Palestinian Terror: President ‘Has Blood on His Hands’” Also retweeted by Jackson (R-TX-13)

McCaul (R-TX-10) 12/23/2022: Twitter thread – “LR @RepMcCaul on the passage of the Dems’ $1.7 trillion Omnibus bill …LR @RepMcCaul: “The Dem bill guts US law blocking funding to UN entities (like UNESCO) admitting ‘Palestine’ as a member. There’s no US natsec interest in rejoining UNESCO & it costs taxpayers tens of millions a year, which should be spent on REAL action countering the CCP….”

Bacon (R-NE-2) 12/20/2022: Tweet – “All anti-Semitism is repugnant. I’m glad the growing anti-Semitism we are seeing in some of our universities is being investigated. Our universities must make clear that anti-Semitism is rejected. Department of Education Opens Investigation after Berkeley Law Student Groups Vow Not to Host Pro-Israel Speakers | National Review

Jackson (R-TX-13) 12/20/2022: Retweet of @Kredo0 – “SCOOP: Biden Admin Sued for Funding Palestinian Terrorism — Landmark lawsuit seeks total halt of taxpayer funds. Suit led by @RonnyJacksonTX, @America1stLegal, & terror victims Victims of Terrorism Sue Biden Admin for Sending Taxpayer Aid to Palestinians – Washington Free Beacon

Jackson (R-TX-13) 12/20/2022: Retweet of @America1stLegal – “/1BREAKING: America First Legal has filed a lawsuit against President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken for violating the Taylor Force Act and illegally subsidizing terrorism. AFL Sues President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken to Enforce the Taylor Force Act and to Stop U.S. Funding of Palestinian Terrorism… |

Jackson (R-TX-13) 12/20/2022: Retweet of @America1stLegal – “/2 AFL is proud to represent Stuart and Robbi Force, parents of Taylor Force, Sarri Singer, survivor of a suicide bombing by a teenage terrorist on a Jerusalem bus in 2003 that killed 17, and U.S. Congressman @RonnyJacksonTX.

Jackson (R-TX-13) 12/20/2022: Tweet – “Today I’m joining @America1stLegal in SUING the Biden Administration for brazenly & ILLEGALLY financing Palestinian terrorism against Israel. He’s DESTABILIZING the region to gain petty political points with the WOKE anti-Israel mob. This needs to END!

Jackson (R-TX-13) 12/21/2022: Retweet of @America1stLegal – ““Victims of terrorist attacks by Palestinians are suing the Biden administration for allegedly providing taxpayer funds to the Palestinian government.” Read more about our colossal lawsuit against President Biden and Secretary Blinken Terrorism Victims Sue Biden For Sending Money To Palestinian Government… |

Fulcher (R-ID-1) 12/22/2022: Twitter thread – “Democrats in Washington, D.C. want to spend nearly $2T of your money with mere hours’ notice. Why? Because if Americans had time to learn what’s in the bill, they would be appalled. So here are a few “highlights” …The omnibus package also includes a $65 million increase in funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, an organization that has used anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist material to educate children….

Jackson (R-TX-13) 12/21/2022: Retweet of @DailyCaller – “The disrespect for these families is unbelievableTerrorism Victims Sue Biden For Sending Money To Palestinian Government… |


2. Members on the Record (Israel)

Welcoming/Praising New Israeli Govt

Wilson (R-SC-2) 12/30/2022: Tweet – “As co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus, I congratulate Benjamin Netanyahu on his swearing in as @IsraeliPM. The United States has no better friend than Israel, and I look forward to working with PM Netanyahu to sustain our close bilateral partnership.

Hagerty (R-TN) 12/30/2022: Tweet – “Congratulations to @IsraeliPM @netanyahu as he begins his sixth term as Prime Minister. I look forward to working closely with him & his government to further strengthen the U.S.-Israel Alliance. Link to image

Jordan (R-OH-4) 12/30/2022: Tweet – “Congratulations to Prime Minister Netanyahu! America will always stand with Israel. Netanyahu Returns To Power, Sworn In As Prime Minister Of Israel | The Daily Wire” Retweeted by Hern (R-OK-1)

Scott (R-FL) 12/30/2022: Tweet – “Congrats to my good friend, @netanyahu, on another term as Prime Minister! Looking forward to all our two great countries will accomplish and a continued strong relationship between #Israel and the United States.

Gimenez (R-FL-26) 12/29/2022: Tweet – “Congratulations to Benjamin @Netanyahu on being sworn-in as the democratic Jewish State of @Israel’s 9th Prime Minister. Looking forward to working with you to continue strengthening the unbreakable US-Israel relationship. Link to quoted tweet

Cicilline (D-RI) 12/29/22: Cicilline Leads Congressional Delegation to Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean

Cicilline (D-RI) 12/29/22: Congressman Cicilline Statement on New Israeli Government

Rosen (D-NV) 12/29/2022: Tweet – “Thank you to my friend @yairlapid for your service & leadership as Israel’s Prime Minister. I know you’ll continue working to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship, promote regional peace & security, defend democracy, combat antisemitism, & fight rising bigotry & intolerance.

Marshall (R-KS) 12/16/2022: Tweet – “In 2020, President Trump signed the Abraham Accords to normalize relations with Israel and several Arab nations. We must continue to push back on Iranian aggression in the region and stand with Israel and Prime Minister-elect Netanyahu. Benjamin Netanyahu lays out agenda for third term: Stop Iranian aggression and expand peace in the region… |

Concerns about New Israeli Government

Graham (R-SC) 01/02/2023: Twitter thread – “I’m glad to see Mr. Cohen, the new Israeli foreign minister, is prioritizing the US-Israel strategic relationship and supports continued humanitarian aid to #Ukraine. However, the idea that Israel should speak less about Russia’s criminal invasion of Ukraine is a bit unnerving. I hope Mr. Cohen understands that when he speaks to Russia’s Lavrov, he’s speaking to a representative of a war criminal regime that commits war crimes on an industrial scale every day.  In 1st speech, Foreign Minister Cohen hails US, EU ties, vows to ‘talk less’ on Ukraine… | To stay quiet about Russia’s criminal behavior will not age well.

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 01/02/2023: Tweet – “The Netanyahu administration has always tried to be good with Russia. It’s quite disturbing. Link to quoted tweet

Castro (D-TX-20) 12/31/2022: Retweet of @ShibleyTelhami – “Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak: New Israeli government shows ‘signs of fascism’ and includes ‘racist messianics’; mass ‘non-violent revolt’ may be needed Ehud Barak: Gov’t shows ‘signs of fascism’; mass ‘non-violent revolt’ may be needed… | via @timesofisrael

Huffman (D-CA-2) 12/23/2022: Tweet – “Deeply disturbing. A Rush of Far-Right Initiatives by Israel’s New Government Raises Concerns A Rush of Far-Right Initiatives by Israel’s New Government Raises Concerns… |

Wins for Israel in the 2023 Defense Auth

Ernst (R-IA) 01/02/2023: Tweet – “The DEFEND Act will take crucial steps to directly combat the malign threat from Iran and its proxies. I’m incredibly proud to have led this important, bipartisan effort and look forward to our continued work to strengthen the historic Abraham Accords. Ernst Leads Proposal to Unite Middle East Partners Against Iranian Aggression | U.S. Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa

Sherman (D-CA-30) 12/30/2022: Tweet – “Pleased to announce the inclusion of over $21 million in funding for U.S.-#Israel Cooperative Programming in the funding bill @POTUS signed last evening. I am pleased to have led the effort to secure funding for these binational research programs. Congressman Sherman Secures Over $21 million for U.S.-Israel Cooperative Research… |

Lankford (R-OK) 12/23/22: Lankford, Senate Abraham Accords Caucus Celebrate First Caucus-Led Bill Signed into LawRoy (R-TX-21) 12/20/2022: Retweet of @RMConservative – “After this bill, Ukraine spending will probably top $100 billion, more than we even gave to Israel, the largest recipient of foreign aid, during its entire lifetime as a country.

Bacon (R-NE-2) 12/17/2022: Retweet of @AIPAC – “Congress just passed its annual defense bill with critical pro-Israel provisions, including the DEFEND Act. The DEFEND Act will expand regional cooperation between Israel & its Arab partners in the areas of missile defense & counter-drone tech, helping combat the Iranian threat. Link to image

Ernst (R-IA) 12/19/2022: Retweet of @AIPAC – “The DEFEND Act is a bipartisan bill that will expand regional defense cooperation between Israel and its Arab partners to help combat the Iranian threat. Thank you @SenJoniErnst @SenJackyRosen @RepJimmyPanetta @RepSchneider @cathymcmorris @RepAnnWagner @RepDavidTrone! Link to image


Johnson (R-LA-4) 01/02/2023: Twitter thread – “3 yrs ago, Kelly & I joined Jim & Polly Jordan on a trip to the early excavation of this amazing archeological find in Israel. We walked in the actual steps were Jesus walked! Now the whole world will be able to see it! Biblical site where Jesus healed blind man excavated for public view: ‘Affirms Scripture’… |   Link to image

Bacon (R-NE-2) 12/31/2022: Retweet of @AIPAC – “In 2022, Israel’s Iron Dome, made possible by bipartisan support in Congress for Israel’s security, intercepted more than 380 rockets launched by Palestinian terrorists in 3 days. #YearInReview2022 Link to image

Bacon (R-NE-2) 12/31/2022: Retweet of @AIPAC – “In 2022, 98% of @aipacpac-backed candidates won their general election races. #YearInReview2022 Link to image

Scott (R-SC) 12/30/2022: Twitter thread – “THREAD: 2022 was a great year! I am proud of all my team and I have accomplished on behalf of South Carolinians…. I will always stand with our Israeli allies and fight against threats to peace and stability in the Middle East. That’s why I introduced the COI Elimination Act. Read more about it here: Link to…”

Gottheimer (D-NJ-5) 12/27/2022: Retweet of @jacobkornbluh – “Scoop: I obtained George Santos’ position paper shared with Jewish and pro-Israel leaders during the campaign. In the two-page document, Santos called himself “a proud American Jew.” George Santos called himself an ‘American Jew’ during campaign… | cc: @nypmetro @ccampy @migold @gr_ashford @KFILE @matthewkassel

Jackson Lee (D-TX-18) 12/21/2022: Twitter thread – “After arriving from Washington, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee joined Israeli Consul General Livia Link-Raviv for the lighting of the menorah candles. The Congresswoman spoke of values of hope, peace and light and raising our voices against the tide of antisemitism in America. Link to image Exploring the meaning of Hanukkah with Rabbi David Lyon: Link to video

Luria (D-VA-2) 12/22/2022: Tweet – “Thank you, @LeaderHoyer, for your leadership and commitment to maintaining bipartisanship in strengthening the relationship between the United States and Israel. Link to video

Barr (R-KY-6) 12/19/2022: Tweet – “Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate. In this Hakhel Unity Year, I send you wishes of hope and peace during the Festival of Lights. On Hanukkah we commit to light up the darkness. I will continue to fight against antisemitism and in support of Israel and the Jewish People. Link to image

Risch (R-ID) 12/19/2022: Tweet – “As we mark the beginning of #Hanukkah, Vicki and I extend warm and happy holidays to our Jewish friends celebrating in the U.S., #Israel, and around the world. Link to image

Torres (D-NY-15) 12/19/2022: Retweet of @AmbAsafZamir – “Thank you @RepRitchie for joining us in our annual Hanukkah candle lighting. You are true embodiment of the values that bring us together – fighting against hate and standing for freedom everywhere from the United States to the Jewish State. Link to image

Portman (R-OH) 12/18/2022: Tweet – “Jane and I want to wish our friends in the Jewish community in #Ohio and around the world a Happy Hanukkah! We also remember the miracles of this holiday, as we renew our commitment to our friends in #Israel, and to their security and safety. #HappyHanukkah Link to image

Rosen (D-NV) 12/16/2022: Retweet of @IsraelinUSA – “We were privileged to have Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) as the keynote speaker. She is a leader in the fight against antisemitism and a strong advocate of Israel. Thank you @SenJackyRosen! Link to image


3. Members on the Record (Iran)

Cornyn (R-TX) 01/05/2023: Retweet of @lachlan – “An Iranian attack drone downed in Ukraine was found to contain components manufactured by 13 U.S. companies CNN Exclusive: A single Iranian attack drone found to contain parts from more than a dozen US companies | CNN Politics

Menendez (D-NJ) 01/05/2023: Tweet – “Glad to see #TaranehAlidoosti free on bail but it is not enough. The regime must drop the spurious charges against her & release all those who have been unjustly detained & tried in sham trials. Link to quoted tweet

Shaheen (D-NH) 01/04/2023: Twitter thread – “I’m glad to see Dr. Gupta re-nominated as Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues despite continued efforts by the GOP to play politics with her nomination. In countries like Iran & Afghanistan, women’s fundamental rights are under attack. The U.S. must firmly commit to protecting & advancing gender equality by overcoming Republican obstructionism & finally confirming Dr. Gupta.

Cruz (R-TX) 01/03/2023: Sen. Cruz’s Statement on 3rd Anniversary of the Elimination of Qasem Soleimani

Lankford (R-OK) 01/03/2023: Tweet – “Today marks 3 years since the US military killed “shadow commander” Gen. Soleimani – believed to be as dangerous as ISIS. Iran has vowed to avenge his death. Iran isn’t our ally, and we cannot back down to their threats.

Lankford (R-OK) 01/03/2023: Tweet – “Pray for the people of Iran in their fight for freedom.

Risch (R-ID) 01/04/2023: Tweet – “#Iran remains one of the US’ most pressing national security challenges, even with much of the world’s attention in 2022 on #Russia’s brutal war against #Ukraine. As the 118th Congress takes its place, we have a chance to chart a new path. More in my recent op-ed. Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 01/03/2023: Tweet – “The #IranProtests for fundamental rights include calls for freedom from misogyny, freedom of worship, freedom of assembly, & freedom of speech in #Iran. Voices like Mehdi Bahman’s powerfully remind us that the regime fails on all these fronts – continuing to fail its own people. Link to quoted tweet” Retweeted by Menendez (D-NJ) 01/03/2023

Bacon (R-NE-2) 01/03/2023: Retweet of @Ostrov_A – “#OTD 3 years ago, a great act of justice was performed, with IRGC head Qassem #Soleimani taken out. Soleimani was a mass murderer and terrorists, who headed #Iran’s worldwide terror activities. His demise was a good day for peace and the world. Link to image

Menendez (D-NJ) 01/02/2023: Tweet – “Crowds continue, week after week, in places like Zahedan, Sistan, & Baluchestan. They are not stopped by the Iranian regime’s internet shutdowns & violent crackdowns that have resulted in hundreds of deaths in these protesters’ hometowns. Link to quoted tweet” Retweeted by Menendez (D-NJ) 01/03/2023

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 12/31/2022: Tweet – “Russia is a terrorist state. Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 01/01/2023: Tweet – “Sara Khademalsharieh & others like her must choose between standing up for fundamental #humanrights & returning to their country. The Iranian regime offers few choices to those who will not submit to its oppression. Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/30/2022: Tweet – “Inspiring. Iranians continue to use international competition to amplify #IranProtests on the world stage. Proud to join their efforts to expose the heinous #HumanRightsViolations continuing to occur in #Iran & to ensure they remain the center of the world’s attention. Link to quoted tweet

Tuberville (R-AL) 12/30/2022: Tweet – “The Biden administration has pleaded with Russia, Iran, and Venezuela to produce more energy while shutting down American energy production.   This radical energy stance hurts the U.S. economy, threatens national security, and emboldens enemies of freedom.

Gottheimer (D-NJ-5) 12/22/2022: Twitter thread – “My colleagues and I (34 Democrats & 16 Republicans) expressed deep concerns to @POTUS about a potential agreement with Iran. We urged the Administration not to return to any deal prior to releasing the full text of the agreement to Congress. WATCH: Democrat Congressman Josh Gottheimer says a nuclear deal with Iran will be a ‘continuation of failure’… | We must not reduce terrorism-related sanctions on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or allow Russia to have a role in Iran’s nuclear capabilities. We need to address the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, stand strong against terrorists, and protect American values and allies.

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/28/2022: Tweet – “We will never forget the faces and names of those murdered & detained during #IranProtests. Supporters of the Iranian people around the world are ensuring the regime in Tehran does not forget them either. Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/27/2022: Tweet – “International support for #IranProtests only continues to grow. Proud to join the ranks of those worldwide standing in solidarity & amplifying the calls of Iranian protesters for #WomenLifeFreedom. Link to quoted tweet

Boyle (D-PA-2) 12/26/2022: Retweet of @drninaansary – “This is for anyone who is still under the illusion diplomacy with the Islamic Republic is a possibility. #MahsaAmini #IranRevolution Link to video

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/26/2022: Tweet – “We need answers on how US tech components are ending up in Iranian drones. US & intl companies cannot be complicit in facilitating #Iran’s regional aggression or military support for Russia’s war machine in #Ukraine. Exclusive: Biden task force investigating how US tech ends up in Iranian attack drones used against Ukraine | CNN Politics

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/25/2022: Tweet – “The Iranian regime cannot hide behind censorship tactics & internet blackouts. What the regime fears the most is their own people revealing to the world what is happening inside #Iran. Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/24/2022: Tweet – “Good to see the Biden administration continue to hold accountable those responsible for indiscriminate violence against #IranProtests. The regime’s increased tempo of prosecutions & executions must be met with a strong response. Treasury Sanctions Iranian Regime Officials Tied to Continued Violence Against Protestors… |

Raskin (D-MD-8) 12/25/2022: Tweet – “The world must work to block this barbaric mass execution of Iranians standing up for freedom and women’s rights. This outlaw regime, drunk with tyranny and violence, must respect the rights of its people. Exclusive: Iranian footballer is among dozens facing execution while the West is distracted by Christmas, supporters fear | CNN

Cassidy (R-LA) 12/23/2022: Tweet – “The Iranian regime is afraid and cowardly murdering its own people that choose to stand for their freedom. The regime has lost any shred of legitimacy it may have once clung to. #AmirNasrAzadani Exclusive: Iranian footballer is among dozens facing execution while the West is distracted by Christmas, supporters fear | CNN

Cornyn (R-TX) 12/23/2022: Retweet of @ksadjadpour – “Protests have continued for 14 consecutive weeks in Zahedan (southeast Iran), despite having suffered hundreds of casualties. Their slogans denounced executions and @khamenei_ir and called for the release of political prisoners. Link to video

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 12/22/2022: Retweet of @SayedSamiSadat – “#AFG one of the key destabilizers in our region specially Iran, Pakistan & AFG are the Mulas. Today our society deeply oppressed, economy collapsed, freedom is banned in all forms. It’s time we take on the rooted cause of terrorism which are Mulas. Mulas are the enemy! Link to quoted tweet   Link to video

McCaul (R-TX-10) 12/22/2022: Tweet – “LR @RepMcCaul joins CNN discussing Zelensky’s speech: “What we’re seeing right now is a struggle for the global balance of power in the world – that would be Russia, China, Iran, North Korea. You cannot bifurcate these world powers & they’re all against freedom & democracy.” Link to video

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/23/2022: Tweet – “No parent should ever have to beg for the lives of their children. The cruelty of the Iranian regime truly knows no bounds. #MohammadMehdiKarami #StopExecutionsInIran Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/22/2022: Tweet – “Deeply disappointed @SenateGOP refused to lift objections to S.Con.Res 47, our resolution in support of protesters in #Iran. Instead of affirming strong, bipartisan solidarity, Congress will close for a month WITHOUT taking action on this critical issue. Menendez Statement on Senate Republicans’ Obstruction of Resolution in Support of Anti-Regime Protests in Iran | United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Lankford (R-OK) 12/22/2022: Tweet – “America must condemn these actions from the Iranian government & continue to stand with the people of Iran as they fight for their freedom! Link to quoted tweet

Cardin (D-MD) 12/21/2022: Twitter thread – “For months, peaceful Iranian protesters have been a beacon of light despite mounting human rights violations by the regime. Tonight is the Winter Solstice – Shab-e Yalda, a traditional Persian celebration of the longest night giving way to light. This usually festive time feels hollow this year due to Iranian authorities’ despicable actions. Still, the brave protesters who have stood up are still bringing that light. I stand with the Iranian people. Even on the longest, darkest night, light overcomes. #IranProtests

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/20/2022: Tweet – “Awed by the courage of Iranian film icon #TaranehAlidoosti, who was arrested along with other prominent Iranians for using their voices to call out the regime’s murder of #Mohsen_Shekari. This regime must release her immediately, along with all other unjustly detained protesters. Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/21/2022: Tweet – “Iranian youth have played a leading role in the #IranProtests & now face imprisonment or execution as the regime tries to snuff out the best of Iran’s future. The lives of #HosseinMohammadi & countless others are in imminent danger. #StopExecutionsInIran Link to quoted tweet” Retweeted by Menendez (D-NJ) 12/21/2022

Waltz (R-FL-6) 12/20/2022: Tweet – “Biden needs to make clear that ALL OPTIONS are on the table to stop Iran from getting a nuke. Link to quoted tweet

Bacon (R-NE-2) 12/19/2022: Tweet – “This week, the House passed S. 2607, the Iran Hostage Congressional Gold Medal Act, to honor the survivors of the Iran Hostage Crisis. I was a teen and remember the courage of these Americans who served with honor. As an original sponsor of this bill, I am glad to see it pass. Link to image

Tenney (R-NY-22) 12/19/2022: Tweet – “Iranian Regime family members shouldn’t be allowed to reap the benefits of our country, which they deny to so many in their own. I’m honored to co-sponsor the REGIME Act, which will ensure US visas issued to members & families of the regime are revoked. Congresswoman Tenney Cosponsors the REGIME Act to revoke US visas from Iranian Regime officials and their families… |

Tenney (R-NY-22) 12/20/2022: Tweet – “As Iranian regime officials target and kill innocent Iranian citizens, these same officials send their families to the United States to seek opportunity and freedom abroad. Honored to join with ⁦@RepJoeWilson⁩ to put a stop to it. US Lawmakers Propose Legislation To Bar Iran Regime Insiders… |

Wilson (R-SC-2) 12/19/2022: Tweet – “It is wrong that corrupt regime officials and their family members would be awarded U.S. visas to enjoy the very freedoms they deny their citizens. Link to quoted tweet

Carson (D-IN-7) 12/19/2022: Tweet – “After bravely speaking out against the death of #MahsaAmini, young protestors in Iran are now being publicly executed.   We must continue shining a light on the brave men and women fighting for their freedom and demand an end to these horrific human rights abuses.

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/18/2022: Tweet – “As we mourn the brutal execution of #MajidRezaRahnavard, we must remember that many Iranians are in grave danger of meeting the same fate. The intl community must exercise its powers to respond to the Iranian regime’s ongoing crimes against its own people. #StopExecutionsInIran Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/19/2022: Tweet – “Appalling. Professional soccer player Amir Nasr-Azadani faces execution in #Iran simply for campaigning for women’s rights & basic freedom. The world must stand against such barbarous punishment of peaceful protesters. #StopExecutionsInIran Link to quoted tweet” Retweeted by Menendez (D-NJ) 12/19/2022

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/17/2022: Tweet – “Applaud my colleague @RepKatiePorter for her powerful words on the House floor. As members of Congress, we must continue to use our public platform to condemn the Iranian regime’s violence & stand in solidarity with Iranian protestors calling for #WomenLifeFreedom. #IranProtests Link to quoted tweet

Diaz-Balart (R-FL-25) 12/16/2022: Tweet – “The murderous mullahs in #Iran are killing protesters to silence dissent and maintain their illegitimate grip on power. These thugs must be held accountable for their crimes. The Iranian people will be free, and they will remember those who stood with them.

Markey (D-MA) 12/16/2022: Tweet – “Led by the U.S., the UN just removed Iran from the UN Commission on Women. The world must continue to support the brave protestors in Iran and be clear in our condemnation of Iran’s brutal human rights abuses. Iran Ousted From U.N. Women’s Rights Agency in U.S.-backed Vote… |

Rubio (R-FL) 12/16/2022: Tweet – “Iranian soccer player Amir Nasr-Azadani was sentenced to death for joining protests after #MahsaAmini’s death The Iranian regime’s cruelty knows no bounds. Sen Rubio condemns this horrific injustice & calls for an immediate end to negotiations w Tehran. #ExpressionNOToppression Link to image


4. Members on the Record (other Mideast countries)


Cicilline (D-RI-1) 12/29/2022: Tweet – “It was an honor to spend the holidays with our troops in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean and learn more about their critical work to advance U.S. priorities abroad and keep us safe here at home. You can read more about our trip here Cicilline Leads Congressional Delegation to Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean | Congressman David Cicilline   Link to quoted tweet

Wilson (R-SC-2) 12/28/2022: Tweet – “Christmas Eve in Bahrain, where my Congressional colleagues @RepCicilline, @RepSusanWild, @RepKatCammack, @RepSaraJacobs, @RepAmata and I are on a bipartisan delegation in the region, including visits with members of the U.S. military. Thank you for your service. Link to image

Cicilline (D-RI-1) 12/26/2022: Retweet of @RepCicilline – “I’m currently leading a Congressional Delegation overseas, and our first stop was to kickoff Christmas Eve celebrations with brave servicemembers in Bahrain. Their service and sacrifice is especially felt this time of year when they are away from home. Link to image

Jacobs (D-CA-53) 12/25/2022: Tweet – “Many of our service members are stationed overseas and away from their families during the holidays. So I’m glad I could spend time with some of our service members (including some San Diegans!) stationed in Bahrain and thank them for their service. Link to image

Radewagen (R-AS-0) 12/25/2022: Tweet – “It’s a special joy and an honor to be with our dedicated Service Members at Christmas, and just say thank you. Amata Visiting U.S. Service Members in Middle East for Christmas | US Representative Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen   Link to image


Beyer (D-VA-8) 12/22/2022: Twitter thread – “Important context on the human rights conditions for military assistance to Egypt in the omnibus funding legislation. I will continue working to fight for human rights in Egypt and elsewhere in the next Congress. Link to quoted tweet For two years I’ve engaged in that effort with my fellow co-founder of the Egypt Human Rights Caucus @Malinowski @RepMalinowski. Very sorry to see him leave, and I wish him and his team all the best in what comes next for them. It has been a pleasure to work with you on this!

Malliotakis (R-NY-11) 12/20/2022: Tweet – “As a member of the Friends of Egypt Caucus, Nicole helped welcome Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to Washington. During the meeting, they discussed NY-11’s growing Egyptian-American community & ways to strengthen the 100 year old U.S-Egypt strategic partnership. Link to image


Kaine (D-VA) 01/03/2023: Tweet – “Sen. Kaine is committed to repealing the 1991 & 2002 Authorizations for Use of Military Force in Congress, formally ending the Gulf and Iraq Wars. Editorial: Repeal the AUMFs… |

Bacon (R-NE-2) 01/02/2023: Twitter thread – “Analysts think Soleimani killed 609 Americans through the proxy war he orchestrated against Americans and Iraqis. The “EFP” mines were very deadly. Justice was served against this IRGC leader who killed so many Americans. Link to quoted tweet   Link to reply @johnjames33w @GOP I refuse to cater to a handful who are holding the rest hostage. They are derailing the House GOP and I won’t play ball. Link to reply @johnjames33w @GOP Na… he has 94% support of conference… teams win. Time to come together. The naysayers are hurting the whole party now.

Thune (R-SD) 12/21/2022: Tweet – “The @109RSG of the @SD_Guard recently mobilized for a deployment to Iraq and Kuwait for the counter-ISIS mission. I want to thank them and their families for their sacrifices and I wish them a safe and successful mission.


Radewagen (R-AS-0) 12/28/2022: Tweet – “Wonderful to help serve and take part in Christmas dinner with our dedicated Service Members in Kuwait on Christmas Day Link to image

Jacobs (D-CA-53) 12/26/2022: Tweet – “I was so grateful to serve meals yesterday to our service members stationed in Kuwait. We’re so thankful for your service and sacrifice, especially over the holidays. Link to image

Cammack (R-FL-3) 12/26/2022: Tweet – “What an honor to spend Christmas with troops in Kuwait, learning about their families back home and their mission during their deployment. They, along with their families, sacrifice so much, so to be able to show our gratitude was an incredible experience. 🇺🇸 More to come! Link to image

Cicilline (D-RI-1) 12/26/2022: Twitter thread – “I’m currently leading a Congressional Delegation overseas, and our first stop was to kickoff Christmas Eve celebrations with brave servicemembers in Bahrain. Their service and sacrifice is especially felt this time of year when they are away from home. Link to image Yesterday, I had the privilege of serving and enjoying Christmas dinner with troops at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. It was great to spend time with Rhode Islanders stationed there and bring them well wishes from home. Thank you, all, for your service and sacrifice. Link to image

Cicilline (D-RI-1) 12/26/2022: Retweet of @RepCicilline – “Yesterday, I had the privilege of serving and enjoying Christmas dinner with troops at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. It was great to spend time with Rhode Islanders stationed there and bring them well wishes from home. Thank you, all, for your service and sacrifice. Link to image


Whitehouse (D-RI) 12/22/2022: Tweet – “Support for the families of the Marines lost in the deadly Beirut Bombing, whose casualties included nine Rhode Islanders, was approved today by the Senate by a strong vote of 93-4. When the House passes it, the President will sign it, and it’s law.


Cammack (R-FL-3) 12/27/2022: Tweet – “In between briefings with Central Command and our military leadership, we had lunch with the troops in Qatar. Pictured below are some of my Florida folks! One of my constituents from Orange Park, FL even presented with a patch from her new Space Force unit! Link to image

Castro (D-TX-20) 12/18/2022: Retweet of @SIfill_ – “Please, please read this. #WorldCup2022 As the World Cup in Qatar is Settled, Remember the Story of the Migrant Workers – Sports Illustrated Back Home With the Workers Who Built Messi and Mbappe’s Big Stage… |

Swalwell (D-CA-15) 12/19/2022: Retweet of @funder – “Don’t forget this about Jared Kushner A Forbes journalist just exposed Jared Kushner’s Qatar business ties. Congress is investigating… |

Saudi Arabia/Yemen

Gallego (D-AZ-7) 12/29/2022: Tweet – “Arizona’s water belongs to Arizonans. That’s why we introduced legislation to make sure our water doesn’t benefit countries like Saudi Arabia. Rep. Ruben Gallego digs in for fight against foreign companies over Arizona groundwater… |

Murphy (D-CT) 12/20/2022: Retweet of @ErikSperling – “Grateful for the moral clarity of @SenSanders & Sen. @ChrisMurphyCT on Yemen: “It is a nightmare that is unspeakable, what the people in that country are suffering.” -Bernie “I just don’t think the US should play any role in the war any longer” -Sen. Murphy CC @StateDept_NEA Link to quoted tweet

Beyer (D-VA-8) 12/19/2022: Twitter thread – “Last year Jared Kushner reportedly secured a $2 billion investment from a fund led by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This was soon after Kushner left his White House position, where he advised Donald Trump to take heavily pro-Saudi stances. 1/2 Before Giving Billions to Jared Kushner, Saudi Investment Fund Had Big Doubts… | This exchange of money and policy looks a lot like a kickback. I just introduced the Jumpstarting Accountability Relating to Ethical Disclosures (JARED) Act to tighten ethical standards for presidential appointees and prevent this from happening again. 2/2 Press Releases | U.S. Representative Don Beyer

Mace (R-SC-1) 12/16/2022: Retweet of @ggreenwald – “That’s what made @RepNancyMace’s questioning of the “online safety expert” @Esqueer_ so masterful and important: it exposed the rotted intent at the heart of this tactic. Mace will be with us tonight on @SystemUpdate_, starting 7 pm ET. Last night’s show: Equating Rhetoric With Violence, Bernie’s Pathetic Capitulation on Yemen and More | SYSTEM UPDATE — Ep. 3

Khanna (D-CA-17) 12/16/2022: Tweet – “We must stop supporting the Saudi-led war in Yemen, support a peace settlement, and end our complicity in one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises.

Stefanik (R-NY-21) 12/16/2022: Tweet – “This is a disturbing example of the consequences of Big Tech’s unchecked power. House Republicans will hold Big Tech accountable. Former Twitter employee sentenced to prison for sharing confidential info with Saudis… |” Also on GETTR


Wilson (R-SC-2) 01/05/2023: Tweet – “I agree @SenatorRisch. There is no excuse to normalize with the brutal Assad regime. Link to quoted tweet

Risch (R-ID) 01/05/2022: Tweet – “#UAE’s outreach to the #Assad regime provides little benefit to the Emirates. This carries huge risks to UAE’s reputation, exposes it to #Caesar sanctions, and hurts efforts to seek accountability for Assad’s crimes against the #Syrian people. Link to article

McCaul (R-TX-10) 01/04/2023: Tweet – “TUNE IN I’m about to join @TeamCavuto on @FoxNews to discuss the recent attack in Syria and give an update on the speaker’s race. Link to image

Risch (R-ID) 01/04/2023: Tweet – “We should carefully watch recent diplomatic overtures between #Ankara & #Damascus. A restoration of bilateral ties does little for #Turkey’s security & threatens int’l efforts to hold #Assad to account for his horrific crimes against the Syrian people. Turkey signals potential rapprochement with Syria’s Assad… |

Risch (R-ID) 01/05/2023: Tweet – “#UAE’s outreach to the #Assad regime provides little benefit to the Emirates. This carries huge risks to UAE’s reputation, exposes it to #Caesar sanctions, and hurts efforts to seek accountability for Assad’s crimes against the #Syrian people. UAE foreign minister visits Syria in further sign of warming ties – I24NEWS

Cicilline (D-RI-1) 12/21/2022: Tweet – “4.1+ million Syrians depend on the humanitarian aid coming through the Bab al-Hawa border crossing. Russia’s efforts to prevent its reauthorization are cruel and despicable. The US and other members of the UN Security Council must act to keep this vital crossing open. Link to quoted tweet

Risch (R-ID) 12/20/2022: Tweet – “Since the #CaesarAct was signed into law two years ago, Congress has taken strong steps to hold the #Assad regime accountable for its past & cont’d horrific abuses – including #warcrimes against #Syrians. The Biden Admin has been largely silent & must do more.

Gallego (D-AZ-7) 12/19/2022: Tweet – “If you still need a Christmas present please consider buying this well written book about a unit that fought next to me on the Syrian border. Bastards & Brothers: Marines and the Fight for Al-Qaim, Iraq… |


Cicilline (D-RI-1) 12/19/2022: Tweet – “With less than 9% of registered voters casting ballots in Saturday’s parliamentary elections, Tunisians made clear that they don’t support President Saïed’s power grab. We need to support a democratic, accountable Tunisian govt that includes political opposition & civil society. Link to quoted tweet


Menendez (D-NJ) 01/06/2023: Tweet – “Erdogan’s continued threats against #Greece are entirely unacceptable behavior for the leader of a @NATO country. These absurd intimidations must stop. Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/29/2022: Tweet – “Deeply disappointed to see the Turkish government continue to deny its citizens fundamental human rights. Osman Kavala’s justified criticism of President Erdogan should have no bearing on his unjust conviction. Link to quoted tweet

Malliotakis (R-NY-11) 12/28/2022: Tweet – “This is why no American jets should be provided to Turkey. One NATO member bullying another is unacceptable & should not be rewarded. If the Biden Administration proceeds with a planned sale, Congress must stop it. Turkey Violated Greek Airspace 11,000+ Times In 2022 – Even On Christmas And Other Holidays

Malliotakis (R-NY-11) 12/28/2022: Retweet of @greekcitytimes – “Turkey violated Greek airspace 11,000+ times in 2022 – Even on Christmas and other holidays Turkey Violated Greek Airspace 11,000+ Times In 2022 – Even On Christmas And Other Holidays #greece #greek #greekcitytimes Link to image

Pallone (D-NJ-6) 12/26/2022: Tweet – “Our so-called “ally” Turkey continues to moves closer to Russia and away from other NATO allies. Erdogan is providing safe haven for Putin to avoid sanctions and continue his brutal war in Ukraine. Time and time again, he shows that he cannot be trusted. The Ukraine War Is Pushing Turkey Closer to Russia… |

Malliotakis (R-NY-11) 12/20/2022: Retweet of @greekcitytimes – “Bob Menendez: “I will not approve any F-16s for Turkey; threats against Greece are unacceptable” Bob Menendez: “I Will Not Approve Any F-16s For Turkey; Threats Against Greece Are Unacceptable”… | #greece #greek #greekcitytimes Link to image

Cicilline (D-RI-1) 12/19/2022: Tweet – “For years, Erdogan’s Turkey has moved towards authoritarianism – imperiling regional security & stability. With his recent disturbing threats of missile strikes against Athens, any future F-16 sales to Turkey must be reevaluated. We cant allow one NATO ally to threaten another. Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/19/2022: Tweet – “Headed to the @DSenFloor to address Erdogan’s threatened missile strike on Athens. Erdogan’s growing ties to Putin, pursuit of repressive & anti-democratic norms, & violations of international law are not only disturbing – they are totally unacceptable. Menendez to Deliver Floor Speech Condemning Erdogan’s Threat to Bomb Athens with Ballistic Missiles… |

Menendez (D-NJ) 12/20/2022: Twitter thread – “Last night I spoke on the @DSenFloor to condemn Erdogan’s recent threat to strike #Athens with missiles. #Turkey’s leadership needs to start acting like a @NATO member instead of coddling authoritarians & threatening to bomb a city of 3 million civilians. Menendez to Deliver Floor Speech Condemning Erdogan’s Threat to Bomb Athens with Ballistic Missiles… | It’s time to challenge Erdogan to respect the intl order. It’s time to stop enabling #Turkey’s bad faith actions on the global stage. It’s time to hold Erdogan to account for violating intl law, attacking democratic norms & allowing forces to commit #HumanRights abuses.