FMEP Legislative Round-Up: March 11, 2022


1. Bills, Resolutions, Letters
2. Hearings
3. On the Record

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1. Bills, Resolutions & Letters

(2022 OMNIBUS APPROPS) HR 2471: On 3/9/22 the House passed – by a voice vote – HR 2471 – a bill originally comprised of the Haiti Development, Accountability, and Institutional Transparency Initiative Act,” but now re-purposed to become the “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022” (text). Before passing the bill, the House held two votes adopting the various sections of the House-Senate agreement, in effect enabling members to make symbolic votes against portions of the bill without voting against the whole thing (votes are here and here). The Senate passed the bill 3/10/22 by a vote of 68-31 and sent it to the President, who (as of 10am on March 11) is expected to sign it expeditiously.

The House-Senate negotiated text is a 2741-page omnibus bill, made up of all outstanding appropriations bills (as a reminder – these bills should have been passed months ago – the fact that they weren’t passed has meant that the government has been running thanks only to continuing resolutions). These include two appropriations bills that have a lot of funding and programs related to the Middle East:  Department of Defense – DOD (also see Joint explanatory statement for this title) and State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs – SFOPS (starting on page 1273 of the bill; also see Joint Explanatory Statement for this title): In addition, the bill includes one extraneous (non-appropriations) title which is related to Israel and the Middle East. Detailed analysis of all the Middle East-related elements in the bill are here (too long to include all of it in this Round-Up). Middle East-related fun facts about the the bill are as follows:

  • Fun Fact #1: The bill includes a whopping $4.805 billion in funding for Israel, all given with no conditions/restrictions related to Israeli behavior toward the Palestinians, international law, or anything else. That funding breaks down as follows: ​​$1 billion in DOD Approps for extra funding for Israel for Iron Dome; $500 million in DOD Approps for Israeli Cooperative Programs (for regular funding for Iron Dome, SRBMD, and Arrow); $3.3 billion in SFOPS for Foreign Military Financing for Israel (to be disbursed immediately in cash – so Israel can earn/keep interest until it is spent, and of which Israel can spend  $785,300,000 inside Israel (as opposed to inside the US); and $5 million under SFOPS for Israel for refugees resettling in Israel.
  • Fun fact #2: With respect to the Biden Administration’s stated desire to re-join UNESCO (which the US was compelled to quit years ago based on a US law punishing UN agencies that admit the Palestinians): the earlier Senate version of SFOPS included a waiver to enable the US to re-join UNESCO. That waiver didn’t make it into this final version of the bill.
  • Fun Fact #3: The bill (under SFOPS) includes $219 million for the Palestinians. Notably, that money is NOT earmarked in the bill text (in the prior Senate version there was a hard earmark for “not less than $225,000,000 for the West Bank and Gaza). Rather, it is informally earmarked in the Joint Explanatory Statement (a statement of appropriators’ intent that is not legally binding but is generally treated as binding by the Executive).
  • Fun Fact #4: The bill (under SFOPS) includes two withholding requirements with respect to the $1.3 billion in military aid provided for Egypt. The first requires the Administration to withhold $235 million from Egypt’s $1.3 billion in military aid, subject to a certification related to democracy, human rights, etc – a certification that the Administration can waive based on it being important to US national security interest. The second is a non-waivable requirement to withhold $85 million linked to Egypt’s treatment of political prisoners, Amcits, etc.
  • Fun Fact #5: The Joint Explanatory Statement (a statement of appropriators’ intent that is not legally binding but is generally treated as binding by the Executive) earmarks $50 million for the Lowey MEPPA fund.
  • Fun Fact #6: With respect to re-opening a US Consulate in Jerusalem (something Biden has been talking about since before he was elected) the JES notes: “In lieu of the language in the House report under the heading, United States Consulate in Jerusalem, the Secretary of State shall brief the Committees on Appropriations on the feasibility of reopening the Consulate.
  • Fun Fact #7: In addition to appropriations legislation, HR 2471 has been made into a vehicle for some non-appropriations measures, including “The Israel Normalization Act.” This bill makes it US policy to support/incentivize/pressure countries to normalize relations w/ Israel. It also makes it US policy to view such normalization as good not only for Israel and the U.S. but for the cause of Israeli-Palestinian peace (because hey, it mentions the two-state solution) and for the best interests of Palestinians (seriously). And notably, it makes it US policy to delegitimize and actively work to quash opposition to normalization, with opponents of normalization – under the bill’s framing – to be viewed as motivated solely by antisemitism and irrational hatred of Israel, and as enemies of peace (activism by/support for/solidarity with Palestinians living under apartheid be damned). Or as summarized by Gottheimer, D-NJ, what this Act does is: “Endorse the Abraham Accords between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco; Mandate the formulation of a government-wide strategy to expand and strengthen the accords; and, Identify and push back against government-sponsored efforts in several Arab League countries to discourage and retaliate against their own citizens who engage in people-to-people relations with Israelis.”

Media reports on Israel in the Omnibus: Spending bill includes funding for nonprofit security, Iron Dome, support for Abraham Accords (Jewish Insider); U.S. House Approves $1b Iron Dome Emergency Aid to Israel (Haaretz); In phone call, Bennett thanks Schumer for Iron Dome funding (Jewish Insider)

Members on the Record: Too many members made statements on the Omnibus – specifically highlighting their support for funding for Israel and for Israel normalization Act — to include them all in the Round-Up. If you want to see what specific members said, check their websites and Twitter accounts. That said, the statement of House Majority Leader Hoyer (D-MD) stands out:

“I was proud to support robust funding to replenish and enhance Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system in the omnibus passed by the House tonight. Iron Dome remains a critical tool for Israel to defend its people against terrorist rocket attacks from Hamas and Hezbollah across its borders. The barrage of rockets last May from Gaza proved its effectiveness, but it forced Israelis to use much of Iron Dome’s ammunition, necessitating a replenishment and upgrade. Moreover, it is essential that Israel not only maintain a qualitative military edge overall but that we help Israelis develop and deploy the next generation of missile defense to cover all of its airspace and that Iron Dome can provide that coverage even sooner.  The House passed bipartisan legislation last year to replenish and enhance Iron Dome, and I am glad that we were able to include this funding in the omnibus that is expected to pass the Senate and be signed into law within days.  This omnibus also includes full funding for America’s obligations under the Memorandum of Understanding that sets out U.S.-Israel strategic cooperation on missile defense and other key areas. I am also glad that Rep. Brad Schneider’s legislation to build on the Abraham Accords and promote further normalization of relations between Arab states and Israel was part of this omnibus package. The Abraham Accords were a testament to the mutual benefits of normalization and how building stronger ties between Arab states and Israel will help make a peaceful, two-state solution more attainable for Israelis and Palestinians.  I hope that we will see more Arab states normalize their relations with Israel in the coming years, and I am glad that Congress is taking this step today to direct the State Department to make this effort a priority.”


UPDATE (NO MILITARY SALES TO EGYPT) S. J. Res. 35: Introduced 2/7/22 by Paul (R-KY), “A joint resolution providing for congressional disapproval of the proposed foreign military sale to the Government of Egypt of certain defense articles and services.” On 3/10, Paul offered a Motion on the Senate floor to discharge S. J. Res. 35 from the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (to enable it to be voted on by the full Senate). That motion was rejected by a vote of 19-80. Also see:

(CAPITALIZING ON RUSSIA/UKRAINE TO TARGET IRAN & BIDEN ADMIN, PUSH FOR MORE US FOSSIL FUEL PRODUCTION) HR 6942: Introduced 3/7/22 by Green (R-TN) and no cosponsors, “to prohibit the importation of oil and gas products from Russia, Iran, or Venezuela, and for other purposes.” Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means. See tweet – Green (R-TN-7) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “I just introduced a bill to BAN oil imports from Russia, Iran, and Venezuela: Rep. Green Demands an Immediate Ban on Russian, Iranian, and Venezuelan Oil… |

(CAPITALIZING ON RUSSIA/UKRAINE TO TARGET IRAN & BIDEN ADMIN, PUSH FOR MORE US FOSSIL FUEL PRODUCTION) S. 3798 (pdf): Introduced 3/10/22 by Rubio (R-FL) and 10 all-Republican co-sponsors, “A bill to prohibit the importation of crude oil, petroleum, petroleum products, and liquefied natural gas from Venezuela and Iran,” aka, the “Preempting Misguided Appeasement and Financing of Destabilizing Regimes Act of 2022” [seriously – that is the “short title” of the bill]. Referred to the Committee on Finance. Also see press releases & tweets: Rubio, Cramer (R-ND), Hoeven (R-ND), Rubio (R-FL)

(CAPITALIZING ON RUSSIA/UKRAINE TO TARGET IRAN & BIDEN ADMIN, PUSH FOR MORE US FOSSIL FUEL PRODUCTION)  HR 7012 (pdf): Introduced 3/9/22 by Boebert (R-CO) and 4 Republican cosponsors, “To provide appropriations for certain activities relating to Ukraine, prohibit the importation of certain petroleum products from Russia, Iran, and Venezuela, and for other purposes,” aka, the “Ukraine Assistance and American Energy Acceleration Act.”  Referred to the Committees on Natural Resources, Energy and Commerce, Ways and Means, Transportation and Infrastructure, Agriculture, Armed Services, and Foreign Affairs. Also see: Boebert press release.

(CAPITALIZING ON RUSSIA/UKRAINE TO TARGET IRAN & BIDEN ADMIN, PUSH FOR MORE US FOSSIL FUEL PRODUCTION)  HR 6969 (pdf): Introduced 3/8/22 by Banks (R-IN) and 13 Republican cosponsors, “To prohibit the importation of petroleum products from Iran, and for other purposes,” aka, the No Oil from Terrorists Act.” Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means. Also see – Banks (R-IN-3) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “As the Biden admin tries to reenter the failed, Obama-era Iran nuclear deal, the @WhiteHouse refuses to rule out buying oil from Iran. This is unacceptable! Today, I introduced the No Oil From Terrorists Act to ensure this can’t happen. We need AMERICAN oil, not terrorist oil! Link to image

(USING STATE ANTI-BDS LAWS AS TEMPLATE TO ATTACK PROTEST OF GUNS/AMMO INDUSTRY) HR 6970: Introduced 3/8/22 by Begman (R-MI) and 55 all-Republican cosponsors, “To amend title 41, United States Code, to prohibit the Federal Government from entering into contracts with an entity that discriminates against firearm or ammunition industries, and for other purposes.” Referred to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. NOTE: This bill is just the latest effort using legislation targeting boycotts of Israel/settlements passed by various US states (laws the ACLU has deemed violations of the 1st Amendment, with numerous courts concurring — see details here) as a model for new legislation attacking free speech/protest on other issues, including ALEC-backed legislation defending the fossil fuel industry, numerous bills defending the firearms and ammunition industry, and one bill (in Idaho) targeting boycotts of a list of industries, including energy, mining, agriculture, and timber. A table tracking all this legislation — all of which is openly modeled on anti-BDS laws passed across the country on a bipartisan basis and backed by a wide range of Jewish American and pro-Israel groups — is here.



(DEMS AGAINST NEW IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL) Gottheimer et al letter to Biden: On 3/10/22, Rep. Gottheimer (D-NJ) led a letter, cosigned by 20 fellow House members (for a total of 12 Democrats and 8 Republicans), informing President Biden that “We will review any agreement closely, but from what we currently understand, it is hard to envision supporting an agreement along the lines being publicly discussed.” The letter includes a list of questions on which the signers request a briefing “within the next week.” Also see:

(INVESTIGATE US-CAUSED CIVILIAN DEATHS IN YEMEN) Murphy-Warren letter to SecDef: On 3/9/22, Sens. Murphy (D-CT) and Warren (D-MA) sent a letter to SecDef Austin “urging the Pentagon to open new investigations into reports of civilian harm from U.S. military operations in Yemen, following Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III’s directive earlier this year to improve the way the Department of Defense investigates and acknowledges claims of civilian harm in U.S. combat operations. The senators cited evidence from the organization Mwatana for Human Rights and the Columbia Law School Human Rights Clinic, which strongly indicates that 12 U.S. military operations between 2017 and 2019 tragically killed 38 civilians (including 13 children) and injured 7 more (including 6 children) in Yemen.” [quoted from the press release, which summarizes the letter better than I could). Also see:

  • Tweet from Murphy – “A bit of news: @ewarrenand I are requesting the Department of Defense conduct an investigation into credible reports of civilian casualties from U.S. military operations in Yemen. It’s past time for more accountability when our drone strikes hit the wrong targets.”  [Re-tweeted by Bowman (D-NY-16) & Omar (D-MN-5)]
  • Murphy (D-CT) 03/10/2022: Retweet of @FCNL – “Thank you to @ChrisMurphyCT and @SenWarren for calling on the administration to investigate reports of civilian casualties from US military operations in Yemen. We need clarity + accountability on the harm caused by US involvement in the Saudi-led war. Senate Democrats call on Pentagon to probe civilian casualties in Yemen | Middle East Eye

(NO NEW IRAN DEAL WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL OK) McCarthy-McCaul letter to Blinken: On 3/4/22, Reps. McCarthy (R-CA) and McCaul (R-TX) sent a letter to SecState Blinken to “express urgent concern that the Administration is working through Russian intermediaries to finalize an Iran nuclear deal without submitting it for Congressional consideration, as required by law.” The letter says the signers are alarmed that the Biden Administration may be preparing to evade the clear requirements of  the law by pretending that a new deal is somehow a ‘continuation of’ or ‘return to’ the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that was submitted to Congress back in 2015. That would be an absurd and lawless claim…” The letter concludes noting: “Given the material chances in the strategic context, any prospective agreement related to the nuclear program of Iran that commits the United States to action clearly constitutes a new agreement that must be transmitted to Congress for review pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 2160e. We look forward to the opportunity to review any such agreement, to ensure that it addresses the nuclear and other threats that Iran poses to the United States and our allies and partners. If the Administration bypasses Congressional review, it will be in violation of the law.” Also see tweets from: McCarthy (R-CA-23), McCaul (R-TX-10)

(CONCERN FOR WESTERN SAHARA/DON’T SELL OFFENSIVE WEAPONS TO MOROCCO) Jacobs-Allred letter to Biden: On 3/3/22 (not previously covered in the Round-Up), Reps. Jacobs (D-CA) and Allred (D-TX) led a letter, cosigned by 9 other Democratic members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, to President Biden. The letter urges the Biden Administration, “not to proceed with any significant or offensive weapons sales with Morocco. Such sales would be highly inappropriate in light of recent escalating violence between Morocco’s security forces and the Polisario, the lack of assurances from Morocco that such weapons will not be used against the Sahrawi people, and the lack of progress towards a political referendum and a final peace agreement with Western Sahara. We also request a briefing for the undersigned members on the arms package and the Administration’s recent policy review towards both Western Sahara and Morocco, including the short- and long-term consequences of recognizing Morocco’s territorial claims on the prospects for peace.”  Also see Jacob’s press release and tweet.

UPDATE — (DELEGITIMIZE & SHUT DOWN UNHRC INQUIRY ON ISRAEL!!) AIPAC/Senate letter to Blinken: See last week’s Round-Up for details of this letter. Notably this week, the letter is being lobbied aggressively by AIPAC (e.g., here and here) and is also being lobbied by NORPAC.


2. Hearings

March 30, 2022: The House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittees on the Middle East, North Africa, and Global Counterterrorism and Europe, Energy, the Environment, and Cyber will hold a joint virtual hearing entitled, “Opportunities and Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean: Examining U.S. Interests and Regional Cooperation.” Witnesses have not yet been announced.

March 18, 2022: The House Foreign Affairs Committee will hold a closed briefing on Yemen.

March 16, 2022: The House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on the Middle East, North Africa, and Global Counterterrorism will hold a virtual hearing entitled, 11 Years of War: The Humanitarian Impact of the Ongoing Conflict in Syria.” Scheduled witnesses are: Jomana Qaddour, Atlantic Council; Hardin Lang, Refugees International; Nirvana Shawky, CARE; and Joel Rayburn, New America Foundation.

March 15, 2022: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a 2-panel hearing entitled, “Combatting Authoritarianism: U.S. Tools and Responses. Scheduled witnesses are: Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Uzra Zeya; Acting Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Jennifer Hall Godfrey; Anne Applebaum, Johns Hopkins University; and Daniel Twining, International Republican Institute.

March 8, 2022: The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held a hearing entitled, Worldwide Threats. Witnesses were: DIA Director Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier; CIA Director William Burns; DNI Avril Haines; NSA Director Gen. Paul Nakasone; and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Haines submitted for the hearing the Annual Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community, which includes lots of stuff about Iran, Iran-Israel, Hizballah, and more.

March 8, 2022: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a Business Meeting to consider various nominations from the Biden Administration, as well a Foreign Service promotions. Video of that meeting is here. Notably,

  • the meeting was supposed to include votes on Deborah Lipstadt as the Biden Administration’s antisemitism monitor, and Barbara Leaf as the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs. Both of those names were pulled off the agenda at the last minute.
  • Lipstadt is reportedly still being blocked by Johnson (R-WI) – see here and here for details; it’s not clear who is blocking Leaf, but notably, Risch (R-ID), Hagerty (R-TN), Rubio (R-FL) Johnson (R-WI) and Barrasso (R-WY) all voted against Leaf when she had her hearing last November.
  • Chairman Menendez (D-NJ) made clear his frustration/anger at the outset of the hearing over the refusal of Republicans to allow key nominations, including these, to move forward.
  • Later in the hearing (at around 00:54:30), Sen. Van Hollen (D-MD) raised the issue of why the committee is not voting on the nomination of Sarah Margon as the Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor – with Van Hollen noting that the current crisis in Ukraine underscores the importance of this role. Menendez responded that Risch (R-ID), the ranking member on the SFRC, won’t approve a vote on Margon — and made clear that he (Menendez) won’t break “comity” to call a vote without Risch’s approval. Risch likewise weighed in, making clear that under no circumstances would he ever consent to a vote on Margon’s nomination (“she’s not acceptable”) and suggesting that the Democrats have two options: come up with a new nominee or Menendez can drop comity. For more, see the Round-Up’s coverage of Margon’s excruciating September 22, 2021 confirmation hearing.


3. On the Record



Jewish Insider 3/9/22: Blake Masters wants to take back Arizona [“…‘The Jewish people I’ve spoken with, you know, in these contexts, I think they’re very curious about my candidacy,’ Masters told JI. ‘When they hear that I’m non-interventionist, they ask questions, like, am I more the libertarian that won’t help Israel at all?’ The answer, he says, is no. ‘My model here is President Trump,’ Masters explained.”]

Jewish Insider 3/7/22:  New Bowman challenger says congressman is a no-show in the district [“The longtime minister described himself as a strong supporter of Israel. ‘Part of my appreciation for Israel has to do with my faith,’ said Gerald, who visited the Jewish state during his time as a student at the Princeton Theological Seminary in the late ’90s. ‘I’m a follower of a Jewish young man whose name was Jesus.’ ‘I admire the fact that Israel, as a young nation-state, is progressing in so many different ways, technologically and even militarily,’ Gerald added, noting that his experience as a state trooper had deepened his ‘appreciation’ for the U.S.-Israel relationship. ‘We shared intelligence, and that’s really why and how I’ve become so acquainted with Israel.’]

Jewish Insider 3/7/22: Pro-Israel America wades into Tlaib primary with new round of endorsements [“The group says it has helped raise more than $6 million for pro-Israel candidates, including $800,000 for newly elected Rep. Shontel Brown (D-OH) last summer in a hotly contested special House election against progressive stalwart Nina Turner. PIA’s PAC also plastered billboards opposing Turner throughout the Cleveland-based district. PIA gave no indication of what its approach will be in Tlaib’s primary, which is one of four ‘key races’ the group is including in its latest round of endorsements.”]

Haaretz 3/6/22: AIPAC’s Endorsement List: Dozens of Republicans Who Deny Biden’s Election Win [“Critics say the endorsements by the powerful lobby’s new PAC endanger its declared bipartisanship and increase its association with the Republicans. AIPAC’s reply: ‘We are a single-issue organization focused on Israel‘”]

JTA 3/6/22: AIPAC slammed for endorsing Republicans who refused to certify Biden’s election



Washington Free Beacon 3/10/22: How the Biden Administration Is Funding the Effort To Delegitimize Israel [The State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) is soliciting nonprofit groups to apply for grant money up to $987,654 to “strengthen accountability and human rights in Israel and the West Bank and Gaza,” according to a grant notice first posted online in mid-February…Israel’s defenders on Capitol Hill expressed outrage over the program and said the Biden administration is helping fund international efforts to delegitimize Israel and boost the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. The grant is also fueling concerns about the Biden administration’s relationship with Israel and its hiring of officials who have been critical of the Jewish state.”]

Al-Monitor 3/10/22: GOP lawmakers cite Ukraine crisis as reason to drop Iran deal

Jewish Insider 3/8/22: Lawmakers reflect on trips to Israel

Haaretz 3/8/22: ‘Truly Horrifying’: AIPAC Criticized for Endorsing GOP ‘Election Deniers’

Jewish News Syndicate 3/7/22: Zeldin introduces bill to protect US companies from international BDS efforts

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) 3/4/22: FIRE raises concerns as 39 members of Congress ask Department of Education to prioritize rulemaking on anti-Semitism [The aspect of the scheduled rulemaking that concerns us is the likelihood that, like the executive order on anti-Semitism, the proposed rule will endorse—and maybe even require— use of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism by educational institutions when they are evaluating whether speech constitutes anti-Semitic harassment. FIRE has repeatedly criticized this use of the definition. As we have previously pointed out, the IHRA definition is too vague and overbroad for application on college and university campuses.”]



JINSA 3/8/22: To Offset Dangerous Iran Deal, Expedite KC-46As to Israel [“With the looming announcement of a new Iran nuclear deal that will likely pave the way for Tehran to acquire a nuclear weapons capability, it would advance U.S. national security interests to expedite delivery of weapons systems and platforms that Israel could use to prevent a nuclear Iran, as a last resort. Specifically, as JINSA has recommended, the United States should immediately transfer to Israel two KC-46A Pegasus aerial refueling tankers…If the president does not act quickly and decisively to bolster Israeli military capabilities, Congress should act to encourage fast-track transfer to Israel of at least two KC-46As.”]

Members on the Record

Israel – Palestine

Torres (D-NY-15) 03/11/2022: Tweet – “The Director of @amnestyusa comes out of the closet as a crusader against Israel’s very existence as a Jewish state. Thank you for sparing us all the pretense that the Amnesty report is anything other than an ideological hit job. Link to quoted tweet

Zeldin (R-NY-1) 03/11/2022: Retweet of @Daroff – “Outrageous from @Amnesty: Israel ‘shouldn’t exist as a Jewish state,’ @AmnestyUSA director tells Democratic group Israel ‘shouldn’t exist as a Jewish state,’ Amnesty USA director tells Democratic group… | (@J_Insider h/t @Ostrov_A)

Bilirakis (R-FL-12) 03/10/2022: Tweet – “Now more than ever, the US should encourage all options to decrease Europe’s energy dependence on Russia. Biden should reconsider his mistake of withdrawing support for the EastMed Pipeline and empower our allies as they seek to end its dependence. Chevron CEO says Israel gas pipeline could supply Europe… |

Castro (D-TX-20) 03/11/2022: Retweet of @jstreetdotorg – ““Israel’s coalition passed a law effectively barring Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza who are married to Israeli citizens from gaining citizenship or residency on Thursday, in a fraught final session before the Knesset breaks for recess.” In heated session, Israel votes to re-ban Palestinian family unification – Israel News –

Cruz (R-TX) 03/11/2022: Retweet of @txbiz – “This International Women’s Week, we are shining a light on @innoafrica, founded by an Israeli woman to combat water scarcity. Israeli Woman Combatting Water Scarcity… |

Lesko (R-AZ-8) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “I’m a cosponsor of @RepLeeZeldin’s Israel Anti-Boycott Act to combat the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement and prevent boycotts from being imposed on Israel by foreign governments or international organizations.

Budd (R-NC) 03/09/2022: Press release – Rep. Ted Budd Helps Introduce Israel Anti-Boycott Act

Schneider (D-IL-10) 03/08/2022: Retweet of @ACMideast – “.@RepSchneider emphasizes the US role of facilitating opportunities and creating the context for Accords countries to advance and to move them forward. Link to video

Grothman (R-WI-6) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “The global Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) movement is meant to undermine the interests and well-being of the Israeli people on the world stage. As a supporter and defender of our ally Israel, I’m proud to cosponsor @RepLeeZeldin’s bill denouncing BDS. Zeldin, House Republicans re-introduces anti-BDS bill… |

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/08/2022: In reply to Tweet [“So @GiGiHadid pledges to donate her earnings from Fall 2022 to relief efforts for occupied Ukrainians *and* occupied Palestinians and then @voguemagazine magazine just erases the Palestinians from its @instagram post on her pledge?”] – “@mehdirhasan @WaywardWinifred @GiGiHadid @voguemagazine @instagram Gross!” Also re-tweeted by Tlaib (D-MI-13)

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/08/2022: Retweet of @ASE – “Russia has fired over 625 missiles at Ukraine in the past two weeks, according to The Pentagon. That figure is meant to shock you. Consider this, Israel fired the same number of shells into a single neighbourhood of Gaza *in one hour* during its 2014 attack.

Tlaib (D-MI-13) 03/09/2022: Retweet of @mehdirhasan – “So @GiGiHadid pledges to donate her earnings from Fall 2022 to relief efforts for occupied Ukrainians *and* occupied Palestinians and then @voguemagazine magazine just erases the Palestinians from its @instagram post on her pledge? Link to image

Deutch (D-FL-22) 03/07/2022: In reply to Tweet – “@DWStweets @TedDeutch @AJCGlobal The feeling is mutual, my friend. Glad we can continue to count on your leadership in Congress!

Gottheimer (D-NJ-5) 03/08/2022: Twitter thread – “When Jews make up fewer than 3% of America’s population, but account for 60% of religious-based hate crimes in America, it should be clear that antisemitism is a real danger throughout our nation. That’s why I’ve called on @usedgov to stop delaying and start protecting our Jewish college students on campuses across America. US lawmakers call to implement long-delayed measures to combat campus antisemitism… |

Krishnamoorthi (D-IL-8) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “Even as the heartbreaking damage and suffering rapidly continues, the world must not allow a chance at peace to escape. I applaud our allies from Israel to France in their efforts to convince Putin his war of choice must end. Israeli leader meets Putin to discuss Ukraine cease-fire |

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/07/2022: Retweet of @MiddleEastEye – “Irish lawmakers on Wednesday called out the West’s​​ “double standards” for imposing sanctions on Russia after invading Ukraine but not doing the same to Israel over its violations in Palestine. Link to video

Torres (D-NY-15) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “Thank you for having me & for the engaging conversation. Link to quoted tweet

Cherfilus-McCormick (D-FL-20) 03/06/2022: Retweet of @matthewkassel – “I interviewed @Sheila4Congress about her “surreal” first trip to Israel last month with a delegation of freshman House Democrats. Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick reflects on ‘overwhelming’ experience in Israel… |

Wasserman Schultz (D-FL-23) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “I’ll miss this guy. There’s a lot more great work to do before @TedDeutch leaves Congress, but it’s been a real pleasure working with such a smart, compassionate ally. @AJCGlobal is very fortunate to land this great leader. Link to image

McEachin (D-VA-4) 03/05/2022: In reply to Tweet – “@BarakRavid @cherylsnodgrass Naftali Bennett in Russia for talks with Vladimir Putin – report

Gottheimer (D-NJ-5) 03/04/2022: Retweet of @aipacpac – “Since launching 10 weeks ago, America’s Pro-Israel PAC has raised over $1.67 million and an additional $1 million for candidates. We support pro-Israel Democratic & Republican members of Congress and congressional candidates to secure the future of the U.S.-Israel relationship. Link to image

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “I will never apologize for standing by our ally, Israel.”

Kustoff (R-TN-8) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “This week, I joined @RepLeeZeldin in introducing the Israel Anti-Boycott Act. Dangerous movements like the BDS campaign should be condemned on a bipartisan basis. This bill will combat BDS and help defeat antisemitism and anti-Israel hate in any and all of its forms. Link to image

Langevin (D-RI-2) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Excellent news! I’ve long advocated for this partnership. Working with Israel to invest in R&D, counter ransomware attacks, and protect our respective critical infrastructure is a strategic move that makes both of our countries safer in cyberspace. Israel, US ink new cybersecurity collaboration deals to combat threats, bolster R&D… |

Lankford (R-OK) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “The sanctity of life, religious freedom, election integrity, protecting women, education, parental rights & support for Israel are all issues I care greatly about. Thankful for groups like @CWforA & proud to receive an A+ from my friends there as we work together on these issues. Link to quoted tweet”. Also on GETTR

O’Halleran (D-AZ-1) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Honored to have the endorsement of @USJewishDems! Our democracy is strongest when everyone is heard, and I’m proud to work to uplift the voices of all Americans. Link to quoted tweet

Titus (D-NV-1) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “I remain committed to fighting anti-Semitism, supporting Israel’s security, and protecting our democracy. I’m glad to have earned the support of @USJewishDems and will continue to work with them to advocate for our shared values. Link to image


Syria & Syria/Russia-Ukraine

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/10/2022: Retweet of @ryanheadedsouth – “This is bullshit. We had two hearings on Syria in 2019. In the first, she asked justice and a recent attack that had killed Marines. In the second, she asked about Turkish white phosphorus use. She never mentioned Somalia in either. I’d guess she did have coffee though. Receipts: Link to image   Link to quoted tweet

Waltz (R-FL-6) 03/10/2022: Tweet – “Putin has a history of using false flags. Just look at Syria where Russia used minor chemical agents on Assad’s forces as a pretext to retaliate with chemical weapons. This could be setting the stage for Putin to orchestrate the same in Ukraine. Link to video

Deutch (D-FL-22) 03/10/2022: Tweet – “Reports that Russia is paying Syrians to fight in Putin’s unjust war in Ukraine are deeply disturbing. Russia has repeatedly used mercenaries in conflicts abroad that have perpetrated war crimes & contributed to needless suffering. We continue to stand with Ukraine.

Gallego (D-AZ-7) 03/09/2022: Retweet of @PressSec – “It’s Russia that continues to support the Assad regime in Syria, which has repeatedly used chemical weapons. It’s Russia that has long maintained a biological weapons program in violation of international law.

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “What is the red line with Putin? What will it take for the US to act? The threat of Putin using chemical attacks in Ukraine is very real—we’ve seen him use it on the Syrian people for over a decade. We are beyond escalations; this is about humanity and doing what’s right.

Rubio (R-FL) 03/09/2022: Retweet of @KyivIndependent – “Russia may set the scene to use chemical weapons. U.S. and British officials said at a briefing on March 9 that there is “good reason” to be concerned about this especially considering Russia’s use of such weapons in Syria.

Rubio (R-FL) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “6 days ago Link to quoted tweet

Waltz (R-FL-6) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “In Syria, Russia attacked 54 hospitals. FOUR hospitals were bombed in just one day. Putin’s executing the same sick strategy in #Ukraine. He must be held accountable for these crimes against humanity. 12 Hours. 4 Syrian Hospitals Bombed. One Culprit: Russia. (Published 2019)… |

Waltz (R-FL-6) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “Putin cannot lose in Ukraine if he wants to stay in power. I fear he will do whatever it takes to break the Ukrainian people, from chemical weapons to landmines on humanitarian routes like Russia has historically done in Afghanistan & Syria. Link to video

Murphy (D-CT) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “This is the tear filled face of a child from Ukraine. It is indeed excruciating to watch. But these faces can be found in Syria, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Yemen – anywhere there is conflict or famine. It’s time for the United States to open our hearts and raise the refugee cap. Link to quoted tweet

Pfluger (R-TX-11) 03/07/2022: GETTR – “President Biden’s border crisis continues to grow as U.S. Border Patrol encounters migrants from countries which the U.S. Department of State assesses as having a high threat of terrorism – including Iraq and Syria. Yet the CBP website does not publish numbers from all countries of concern. Why are these numbers being hidden? The American People have a right to know who is attempting to enter our country under President Biden.

Cornyn (R-TX) 03/06/2022: Retweet of @JenGriffinFNC – “Incredible SCOOP from Wall Street Journal team: Russia is recruiting Syrians for urban combat in Ukraine, U.S. officials say WSJ News Exclusive | Russia Recruiting Syrians for Urban Combat in Ukraine, U.S. Officials Say via @WSJ

Gallego (D-AZ-7) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “What are Syrians gonna be able to do? They don’t know how to fight in Urban environments against a determined enemy, that is well trained, and has indigenous knowledge of the terrain. Also good luck trusting the Russians to pay your family if you die. #FreeUkraine Link to quoted tweet

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 03/06/2022: Retweet of @biannagolodryga – “Russia is recruiting Syrians for urban combat in Ukraine, U.S. officials say WSJ News Exclusive | Russia Recruiting Syrians for Urban Combat in Ukraine, U.S. Officials Say

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/07/2022: Retweet of @LatestAnonPress – “Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, it doesn’t matter. War is war. Our condolences to those who lost everything without having a choice. Having more empathy would be an achievement for humanity Link to image

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “I called for a “no-fly zone” over Syria in 2014. I was told “you can’t!! Russia is there and they have NUKES!” Well, in 2015 a Turkish jet shoots down a Russian jet. The result? Putin meets with Erdegon. Russia threatens nukes and gets the world Link to image

Rubio (R-FL) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “#Putin is targeting civilian populations (just like they did in Syria & Chechnya) to terrorize the population into fleeing or submitting #Russia is facing dire supply & logistical challenges so we will see an increase in these horrifying tactics

Boyle (D-PA-2) 03/04/2022: Twitter thread – “An important thread by @secupp that everyone should read. Link to quoted tweet   Link to reply @secupp

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “This is a grim reality and a stark reminder to those who are STILL siding with Putin, one of which is the same person who met with and tried to legitimize #Assad as he used chemical weapons against women and children. Beware of the pro-Russian propaganda. Link to quoted tweet

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Tulsi Gabbard met with Assad and defends him today. She also is a defender of Russia and has been paired with @TuckerCarlson on Russian propaganda. Link to quoted tweet

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 03/04/2022: Retweet of @secupp – “THREAD: If you think Putin’s invasion of Ukraine seems so cruel, unnecessary and pointless, let me tell you how Syria started. A few kids in Dara’a sprayed anti-Assad graffiti on a high school wall. 15 kids were arrested, beaten, tortured, had their fingernails ripped out.

Newman (D-IL-3) 03/04/2022: Twitter thread – “We’ve had a big week in Washington! …Led a letter to @SecBlinken and @PowerUSAID urging them to take action to address the humanitarian crisis at the Rukban settlement in Syria.”


Defending Iran nuclear negotiations

Murphy (D-CT) 03/11/2022: Tweet – “The criticism that a new Iran nuclear deal will be worse than the old deal is so wild. It’s now impossible to get Iran’s breakout time back to a year. But that’s bc since Trump pulled out of the original deal, Iran has acquired new knowledge that we can’t erase. Link to quoted tweet

Murphy (D-CT) 03/11/2022: Tweet – “A “no deal” outcome leaves Iran on the doorstep of a nuclear bomb and sets off a nuclear arms races in the Middle East. That is unacceptable. A good deal is still possible. There are ways around Russia’s last minute sabotage attempts. Link to quoted tweet

Murphy (D-CT) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “It would be foreign policy malpractice to not restart the Iran nuclear agreement if a good deal is possible. Failure to get a deal puts Iran on the doorstep of a nuclear bomb and sets of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

Murphy (D-CT) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “As I said on @FoxNewsSunday just now, anyone who has seen the classified info I have about how close Iran is to a nuclear weapon should be leading the cheers for the nuclear talks w Iran in Vienna to be successful.” Also see press release – Murphy Discusses Support for Ukraine, Banning Imports of Russian Oil, Iran Nuclear Agreement on Fox News Sunday and Murphy (D-CT) re-tweet of @FoxNewsSunday – “NEW: @ChrisMurphyCT says Iran could be weeks away from a Nuclear Weapon; “If you got the classified briefings that I’ve gotten about how close Iran is to a nuclear weapon right now, you would agree that we cannot leave a good deal on the table.” #FoxNewsSunday

Murphy (D-CT) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “If there is a good deal on the table, it would be a disaster not to get Iran back into an agreement. Every day their research program advances unconstrained, they get closer and closer to a possible nuclear weapon. Link to quoted tweet

Murphy (D-CT) 03/08/2022: Retweet of @Cirincione – “In response to ⁦@ChrisMurphyCT⁩’s excellent questioning, ⁦@UnderSecStateP⁩ says returning to the JCPOA is vital. “The last thing we need on top of Putin’s bloody war is a nuclear-armed Iran.” We must “get them back into this agreement.” Link to image


Attacking Iran & Iran/JCPOA (incl Russia angle)

Bacon (R-NE-2) 03/11/2022: Tweet – “Removing sanctions for a loose nuclear deal that allows Iran to hide its undeclared nuclear activities is a display of weakness and naivete that we have seen repeatedly from this Administration. Link to image

Bacon (R-NE-2) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “The same Putin regime conducting an unprovoked invasion in Ukraine is negotiating an Iran nuclear deal on our behalf. It’s no surprise this deal erodes US leverage against Tehran, leaves it in reach of a bomb & strengthens Russia-China-Iran trade relations RUSSIA manipulating Biden into weak Iran nuke deal: VICTORIA COATES… |

Bacon (R-NE-2) 03/07/2022: Retweet of @IanMSwanson – “(We join a NSC Meeting In-Progress) Biden: I need ideas to increase oil production Official 1: IRAN DEAL 2.0! (bc it worked so well last time…) Official 2: VENEZUELA! Lower-level staffer: We could drill here instead of giving $ to countries that hate us…? Officials: GET OUT! Link to quoted tweet

Bacon (R-NE-2) 03/07/2022: Retweet of @mikepompeo – “It’s completely nutty to think that we would allow the Russians to participate in negotiating a deal with the Iranians or that the U.S. would lift the terror designations on the Iranians, who are trying to kill people all across the world. But the Biden Admin is doing both. Link to video

Bacon (R-NE-2) 03/06/2022: Retweet of @newsmax – “The Biden administration, which is seeking a new nuclear deal with Iran, should “leave the table in Vienna” because Russia and China will not be negotiating with American interests in mind, former Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., warns. Joe Lieberman: Israel, Arab Allies Won’t ‘Sit Back’ Against Nuclear Iran |

Bacon (R-NE-2) 03/06/2022: Retweet of @Kasparov63 – “RU foreign minister Lavrov says Russia is still at the table with the US to revive Obama’s Iran deal. Regardless of your opinion of the deal, Russia shouldn’t be anywhere near a table with the US or anyone else. Isolation means isolation. Iran Nuclear Deal Threatened by Russian Demands Over Ukraine Sanctions… | 2/8

Banks (R-IN-3) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “Biden Nuclear Deal: -Supported by Russia -Worse than Obama deal -Lifts terrorism sanctions -Nearly 100 billion US taxpayer dollars for Iran My legislation, the Maximum Pressure Act: -117 cosponsors -Codifies Trump-era max pressure campaign -Expands Iran sanctions -$0 for Iran

Banks (R-IN-3) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “Putin knows that Biden is dying to get a deal with a Iran while the Ukraine crisis is in the headlines & is using this as an opportunity to push for more concessions that will benefit both Russia and Iran.

Banks (R-IN-3) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Russia is manipulating Biden into a disastrous deal that benefits terrorists. This is peak weakness! RUSSIA manipulating Biden into weak Iran nuke deal: VICTORIA COATES… |

Banks (R-IN-3) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “Dangerous! Joe Biden is playing with fire. The Iran deal has become a tool for both Iran & Russia to extort the US: Russia demands to trade with Iran unhindered by sanctions on Russia under a new Iran deal, i.e. Russia can sell Iran advanced weapons. This has to be stopped!! Link to quoted tweet

Banks (R-IN-3) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “The Biden admin is planning to lift terrorism sanctions on Iran, while Iranian government terrorists plot to kill Americans on our own soil! This is an outrage!! U.S. intelligence shows Iran threats on U.S. soil, but Blinken and Schiff say this shouldn’t derail new nuclear deal – CBS News

Barrasso (R-WY) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “We are reliving the nightmare of the Obama-Biden admin. Russia is invading Ukraine. We have the highest gas prices ever. And now the White House is pursuing a bad deal with Iran and allowing the Russians to negotiate on our behalf. We should never go back to a deal with Iran. Link to video” Retweeted by Risch (R-ID)

Bice (R-OK-5) 03/05/2022: Retweet of @mikepompeo – “.@POTUS is going to allow the world to buy oil from another bloodthirsty autocrat, @khamenei_ir. A deal he negotiated w/ Russian leaders who we—unbelievably—still buy oil from. Foolish, immoral & dangerous for America, Israel & the world. We have American oil. Use it, damn it.

Blackburn (R-TN) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Russia is threatening the use of nuclear weapons, Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons, and they’re both at the negotiating table with U.S. officials finalizing a new Iran nuclear deal right now. Biden’s handling of our adversaries makes zero sense. Link to video

Blackburn (R-TN) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons. Biden cannot agree to a new nuclear deal with them.

Blackburn (R-TN) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “We don’t need a new deal with Iran. We don’t need more oil and gas from Russia. We need energy independence. Link to video

Blackburn (R-TN) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “Joe Biden is reportedly set to give Iran $7 billion in frozen funds.

Blackburn (R-TN) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “The Biden administration is trying to slip a new nuclear deal with Iran under the table quietly.

Burchett (R-TN-2) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “How can the @POTUS allow Russia to negotiate with Iran for us?

Burchett (R-TN-2) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “It’s bad when ⁦@CBSNews⁩ turns on ⁦@POTUS⁩ U.S. intelligence shows Iran threats on U.S. soil, but Blinken and Schiff say this shouldn’t derail new nuclear deal – CBS News

Cramer (R-ND) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Biden is welcoming the largest state sponsor of terrorism back to the world stage. They’ll be able to develop & sell their vast energy reserves. An emboldened, enriched Iran will only jeopardize our national security & Israel. Appeasement doesn’t work! Iran can reach top oil output 2 months after nuclear deal -oil minister… |

Cornyn (R-TX) 03/05/2022: Retweet of @JJCarafano – “An Iran Deal ENSURES Putin a back door to the global economy. This is madness.

Crenshaw (R-TX-2) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “While everyone is distracted Biden is about to walk us into another disastrous Iran nuclear deal.” Re-tweeted by Cornyn (R-TX), Long (R-MO-7)

Diaz-Balart (R-FL-25) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “While Putin ruthlessly murders women & children, the Biden Admin is trying to make deals with other murderous tyrants in #VZ & #Iran. Trading one evil for another is despicable & extremely shortsighted. Biden must stand for freedom & human rights, & not enrich malevolent regimes.

Fallon (R-TX-4) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “This Administration is on the verge of providing Iran sanctions relief that would allow them access to billions of dollars. Folks, I promise you they won’t be using these funds for climate change.

Cornyn (R-TX) 03/06/2022: Retweet of @mikepompeo – “President Biden — stop partnering with Russia to cut a deal with Iran. When China and Russia are on your side of the table negotiating “against” Iran, you are putting America and Israel at risk.

Cramer (R-ND) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “Why is the Biden Administration working with Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism, in their quest for a nuclear bomb? Agreement to restore Iran nuclear deal expected within days: European diplomat | Fox News

Cruz (R-TX) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “Absolutely insane. Link to quoted tweet

Ernst (R-IA) 03/10/2022: Tweet – “The doctrine of appeasement continues… Right now, the Biden admin is working with Russia & China to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran, the world’s largest state-sponsor of terrorism. This is a bad deal for Americans and our allies. President Biden needs to walk away. Link to video

Ernst (R-IA) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “The Biden strategy: Reward Iran’s bad behavior and embolden our adversaries. Opinion | The Iran-Russia Nuclear Nexus

Fallon (R-TX-4) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “Russia, China, and Iran have notoriously disrupted global peace and prosperity. Why is this Administration giving them so much undeserved leverage over the international community? END THE TALKS — resume maximum pressure! Russia: Tehran, Beijing, and Moscow Aligned to Deliver U.S. Concessions on Nuclear Deal… |

Fallon (R-TX-4) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and radical Islamic terrorists are all stronger today because of Biden’s actions.

Foxx (R-NC-5) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “The Biden Administration’s heedless pursuit of a nuclear deal with Iran to quell our dependence on Russian oil is the epitome of incompetence. My statement Foxx Slams Biden Administration For Bending The Knee To Iran… |

Gallagher (R-WI-8) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Rep. Gallagher on reports that a new Iran deal is imminent. Link to video

Gallagher (R-WI-8) 03/04/2022: Retweet of @mdubowitz – “This deal coming out of Vienna will benefit Vladimir Putin and the Russians. The deal will give the Iranians billions of dollars to buy weapons from the Russians. @RepGallagher: Link to quoted tweet

Gallagher (R-WI-8) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “As Rep. Gallagher and House Republicans made clear, Congress will investigate how the President’s reliance on Russia for any new Iran deal weakened our deterrent posture. The President should immediately and publicly reject Russian FM Lavrov’s request. House GOP moves to tank Biden’s Iran nuclear diplomacy… |   Link to quoted tweet

Gallagher (R-WI-8) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “Rep. Gallagher: “Here’s the hard truth: President Biden stood in front of the American people after the Russian invasion and promised to turn Putin into a pariah. But because we continue to rely on the Russians to negotiate with Iran, it turns out that was a lie.” Link to video

Gallagher (R-WI-8) 03/06/2022: Retweet of @polarisnatsec – “Shocking video: This is the lead Russian negotiator for the Iran nuclear talks, Mikhail Ulyanov. He’s bragging about how Russia, Iran, and China teamed up to deliver huge wins for Iran’s nuclear program in Vienna negotiations. Link to video

Gallagher (R-WI-8) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “CIA Director Burns tells Rep. Gallagher that the U.S. should not minimize Russia’s claims that Russia, Iran, and China swindled the U.S. in negotiations over a new Iran deal, and that there is “genuine concern” over how Russia will try to utilize leverage from the deal. Link to video” Also press release

Garcia (R-CA-25) 03/11/2022: Twitter thread – “While all eyes are on Ukraine, the Biden Administration continues to beg Iran and Russia for a new nuclear deal. It is close to a done deal, and it’s a bad deal – unless you are Iran or Russia. The new terms will be worse than the original JCPOA agreement and… Link to image will allow Iran to be free of restrictions (sunset) in as soon as 3 years instead of 10-12. It will likely allow Iran to get within 6 months of breakout (the time it would take to produce enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon)… And yes, there will likely be more pallets of American dollars sent to Iran. This is not the “longer and stronger” deal candidate Biden promised – this is shorter and weaker. Yet another example of his “giving hope to the bad guys.” And he hopes no one says anything… We need to pump the brakes on this one and have a full Congressional review.

Graham (R-SC) 03/08/2022: Twitter thread – “President @ZelenskyyUa presentation to the British Parliament was beyond inspiring. ‘We will not give up’: Zelensky channels wartime leader in darkest hour… | @ZelenskyyUa He is right to remind the West that if we capitulate to Putin in Ukraine this problem only gets worse. @ZelenskyyUa When it comes to trusting Putin, remember Russia’s flagrant violation of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum. If the West capitulates to Putin in Ukraine today, Taiwan will fall and the Iranians sprint towards a nuclear bomb. @ZelenskyyUa It’s long past time for Putin’s murderous regime to end by the hands of the Russian people.

Grassley (R-IA) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Rumor has it new Iran deal about to come out w more cash released & sanctions lifted upfront while letting Iran off hook 4 supporting terrorism/aggression toward neighbors I hope not true NO APPEASEMENT 4 aggressors! Past time 2 learn that lesson” Retweeted by Long (R-MO-7)

Graves (R-LA-6) 03/06/2022: Retweet of @RepGarretGraves – “There will be a need soon for more oil on the global markets. We’re concerned the Biden Admin is going to accept a bad deal with Iran & its nuclear ambitions to replace some of the lost energy supply Why not produce more of our own American energy? The Biden Admin can not cave Link to quoted tweet

Green (R-TN-7) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “How naive can you be? U.S. intelligence shows Iran threats on U.S. soil, but Blinken and Schiff say this shouldn’t derail new nuclear deal… |

Green (R-TN-7) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “A United States in lockstep with Iran is idiotic. Yet here’s President Biden, hellbent on reviving the #JCPOA. The deal didn’t stop Tehran from committing terrorism the first time, and any belief that it will this time is simply naive.

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/10/2022: Tweet – “If the Biden Admin refuses to submit its new Iran agreement to Congress, it will be ignoring the law & undermining the role of this body in foreign policy. Last year, I was concerned that this might happen. That’s why I introduced the Iran Sanctions Relief Review Act of 2021. Link to video

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “The Biden Administration’s foreign policy is absolutely clueless! Link to quoted tweet

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/07/2022: Retweet of @AndrewCMcCarthy – “Biden Colludes with Russia on a New, More Disastrous Iran Deal Biden Colludes with Russia on a New, More Disastrous Iran Deal | National Review

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “Biden hopes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine offers a distraction while he enters another nuclear deal that gives Iran & its terrorist proxies billions in sanctions relief. I’m speaking on the Senate floor about why Americans should not be distracted. Watch: U.S. Senate: Floor Proceedings |

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/03/2022: Hagerty on Senate Floor: Congress Must Have a Say in Iran Nuclear Agreement; Questions Biden’s Push to Unleash Energy Production for our Adversaries

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “Iran’s terror-sponsoring regime & those who engage in sanctionable trade with it should know that, as before, no Iran deal will survive over the long term if Biden refuses to submit it as a treaty for the Senate’s advice & consent under the Constitution. Link to quoted tweet

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “The Biden Administration does not get it. Russia is playing them! It’s time to walk away from another disastrous deal with Iran. Link to quoted tweet

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “Biden hopes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine offers a distraction while he enters another nuclear deal that gives Iran & its terrorist proxies tens of billions in sanctions relief. I assure you I am not distracted & will do everything I can to stop this bad deal.

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “.@mikepompeo is absolutely correct! Link to quoted tweet

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “Rumors are flying that the U.S. may be very close to entering a nuclear deal with Iran—the world’s leading sponsor of terror. While the world is focused on Russia and Ukraine, Biden is seeking a press release with Iran. It’s maddening and jeopardizes our national security.

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “This is extortion! It’s dangerous! What is the Biden Administration trying to achieve here? Link to quoted tweet

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “Congress must have a say in Biden’s revival of the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal—it’s required by law. If the Biden Administration refuses to submit its new Iran agreement to Congress, it will be ignoring the law and undermining the role of this body in U.S. foreign policy. Link to video

Inhofe (R-OK) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “From the get-go, I told @POTUS it would be a mistake to return to Obama’s flawed Iran deal. Any new deal should be comprehensive, inclusive of our allies & partners, permanent & transparent. It seems the Biden admin’s deal will be none of the above. It’s worse than before. Link to quoted tweet

Inhofe (R-OK) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “Vladmir Putin is killing innocent women and children in Ukraine, but the Biden administration is so focused on returning to the failed Iran nuclear deal, they are letting Russia dictate the terms. Russia: Tehran, Beijing, and Moscow Aligned to Deliver U.S. Concessions on Nuclear Deal… |

Inhofe (R-OK) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “President Biden’s Mideast policy: -Relieved pressure on the Houthis. -Turned Afghanistan over to the Taliban. -Offers Iran billions $ in sanctions relief. I’m sorry to see our partners ignore our President. But he made this mess. Link to quoted tweet

Inhofe (R-OK) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “I hope senior Biden officials don’t OK @USEnvoyIran @Rob_Malley’s deal w/ Iran. To recap: -Malley is a longtime apologist for Iran’s terror proxies. -His (now-former) colleagues resigned to protest what he’s conceding to Iran. -Now Russia is bragging about Iran’s huge wins. Link to quoted tweet

Inhofe (R-OK) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “If the Biden admin re-enters the failed Iran nuclear deal, Iran will receive major sanctions relief, which it will likely spend on its terror proxies.    Note: negotiations have been led by Robert Malley, who is a longtime defender of those terrorists: Robert Malley of ICG speaks about Hamas… |

Inhofe (R-OK) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “President Biden’s Mideast foreign policy in a nutshell: eager to give Iran many billions of dollars in sanctions relief, but still deliberating on how to engage our longtime partners. Biden advisers weigh Saudi Arabia trip for more oil… |

Issa (R-CA-50) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “Putin cannot be trusted. Iran cannot be trusted. Pres Biden’s reliance on both is as naive as it gets. Link to quoted tweet

Kim (R-CA-39) 03/10/2022: Tweet – “The Russia-Ukraine conflict reminds us that a threat to freedom anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere. We know authoritarian regimes are watching closely. We cannot afford to embolden the Ayatollah with an Iran Nuclear Deal worse than JCPOA. House GOP moves to tank Biden’s Iran nuclear diplomacy… |

LaHood (R-IL-18) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “As we try to isolate Russia for their war in Ukraine, the Biden Administration is sitting at the negotiating table with the Russians on a nuclear deal with Iran, the world’s chief sponsor of terror. We don’t need another disastrous nuclear deal with Iran.Opinion | The Iran-Russia Nuclear Nexus

Lamborn (R-CO) 3/6/22: press release – Congressman Lamborn’s Statement Regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal

Lankford (R-OK) 03/11/2022: Twitter thread – “While chaos has erupted in Ukraine because of the failed foreign policy from the last year, the Biden Administration is also working to return to doing business with Iran. …Any deal with Iran cannot lift any sanctions on those supporting Iran’s terrorist proxies, including Hezbollah, the Houthis, and Hamas. 8/9 We cannot have peace in the Middle East with a nuclear Iran. We must permanently end Iran’s path to nuclear weapons and aggressively counter its terrorist activities. 9/9

Long (R-MO-7) 03/06/2022: Retweet of @MarshaBlackburn – “We don’t need a new deal with Iran. We don’t need more oil and gas from Russia. We need energy independence. Link to video

McCarthy (R-CA-23) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “President Biden is working with Russia to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran. At the same time, he’s haggling over fuel with Venezuela. He is joining up with the worst despots and dictators in the world. Link to video

McCaul (R-TX-10) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “Biden is reportedly rushing to finalize a deal w/ Iran, the leading state sponsor of terrorism, that it does not want Congress to review. If the Admin circumvents Congress, that is a blinking red light for the American people that this is a BAD deal. Top Republicans raise concerns over reentering Iran nuclear deal… |

McConnell (R-KY) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “Rumored Iran Deal Would Mean “Choosing Weakness in the Middle East” @LeaderMcConnell’s floor speech: U.S. Senate: Request not Accepted – Security Risk Detected; Video: Rumored Iran Deal Would Mean “Choosing Weakness in the Middle East” – YouTube

McConnell (R-KY) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “.@LeaderMcConnell: I have pushed this Admin to clearly explain its Middle East strategy – if they even have one. I have encouraged them to push back strongly against Iranian aggression & contest growing Russian & Chinese influence in a region of significant interest to the US… Link to quoted tweet

Meijer (R-MI-3) 03/08/2022: Retweet of @NoahPollak – “It’s interesting how happy Biden admin is (and Obama before him) to bulldoze all kinds of rules and norms to help Iran, a sworn US enemy, but for Ukraine they break out the textbooks, slide rulers, and magnifying glasses Link to quoted tweet

Miller-Meeks (R-IA-2) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “Spot on! And why is Russia an intermediary in US negotiations with Iran in Iran nuclear agreement? Link to quoted tweet

Risch (R-ID) 03/10/2022: Tweet – “#Iran & #Russia are negotiating the #IranDeal & they won’t even let the Americans in the room. Our people are out in the hall looking through a keyhole. This is insane. We should walk. Link to video” Also see press release – Risch: Mr. President, Stop Doing Business with the Russians, Walk Away from Iran Deal; Also see lots of other tweets/re-tweets & statements related to the Risch-led press conferenceRisch (R-ID), Risch (R-ID), Risch (R-ID), Risch (R-ID), Risch (R-ID), Risch (R-ID), Risch (R-ID), Ernst (R-IA),

Rogers (R-AL-3) 03/10/2022: Retweet of @HASCRepublicans – “Putin is demanding that Biden gut the sanctions placed on Russia for their renewed invasion of Ukraine so that despots in Russia & Iran can continue to enrich each other. If Biden allows this to happen in exchange for his weak nuclear deal w/ Iran the consequences will be grave. Link to quoted tweet

Rogers (R-AL-3) 03/04/2022: Retweet of @jeff_poor – “Inbox: “@RepMikeRogersAL: JERUSALEM SHOULD BE VERY NERVOUS – IRAN ABOUT RECEIVE BILLIONS” “Instead of turning Putin into an international pariah like President Biden promised he is literally outsourcing our negotiations on a new Iran Nuclear Deal to Russia and China” #alpolitics

Roy (R-TX-21) 03/11/2022: Tweet – “A “deal” with Iran for them to “not” be nuclear? Really? And for that deal, give us oil, please? So we can stop American oil – while hiding behind our “ban of Russian oil?” #EnergyFreedom Link to quoted tweet

Roy (R-TX-21) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “How stupid can an administration be? This is extraordinary. Link to quoted tweet

Roy (R-TX-21) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Important read: Link to quoted tweet

Roy (R-TX-21) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Must read from my friend, @victoriacoates. Biden’s killing American energy & bowing to Iran while Ukraine “burns.” Link to quoted tweet

Roy (R-TX-21) 03/05/2022: Retweet of @AndrewCMcCarthy – “Biden Colludes with Russia on a New, More Disastrous Iran Deal Iran Nuclear Deal: Biden Colludes with Russia | National Review

Roy (R-TX-21) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “I see what you did there. Link to quoted tweet

Rubio (R-FL) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “!! ICYMI: Sen. Rubio slams the revival of the Iran nuclear deal in @FoxNews Read the article ICYMI: Rubio Slams the Revival of the Iran Nuclear Deal – Press Releases – U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio

Rubio (R-FL) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “#Iran oil is fueling Russia’s war crimes Reviving the failed #IranDeal,will fill the coffers of a murderous,terrorist regime, without putting an end to Iran’s nuclear weaponization Iran oil is fueling Russia’s war machine — US must not lift sanctions against Tehran… | #FoxNews

Rubio (R-FL) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “Some people in the Biden Administration want an #Iran deal so badly they would be willing to entertain a secret quid pro quo arrangement with #Russia over sanctions if #Putin helps seal the deal with the terrorist government in Tehran

Rubio (R-FL) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “Bob Levinson, a Floridian & retired FBI officer, was abducted in #Iran 15 yrs ago. He is the longest-held hostage in U.S. history & is feared to have died in captivity. The anniversary of Bob’s capture should be a clear reminder to the Biden Admin: Tehran is not to be trusted.

Rubio (R-FL) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “I hope the Saudis & Emiratis reconsider But the message here to Biden is very clear If you are going to demand they exercise “restraint” when they get attacked by #Iran, they are also going to exercise “restraint” when #Russia attacks a European country WSJ News Exclusive | Saudi, Emirati Leaders Decline Calls With Biden During Ukraine Crisis

Scott (R-FL) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Absolutely not. This is the same evil regime that chants, “Death to America,” & wants to destroy Israel.   On top of explaining how @USDOT is fixing Biden’s supply chain crisis, @SecretaryPete must immediately testify before @SenateCommerce to explain this horrific idea. Link to quoted tweet

Scott (R-FL) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “The Iran Nuclear Deal has always been a disaster & bad for America. The President of the United States ignoring a plot to kill Americans so he can make a deal with terrorists must be investigated. Joe Biden must answer for this NOW! Iran plotting assassination of John Bolton, others, even while Biden negotiates nuclear deal… |

Stefanik (R-NY-21) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “No Iran Deal! No Iranian Oil! Shame on Joe Biden.

Stefanik (R-NY-21) 03/06/2022: GETTR — “No Iran Deal! No Iranian Oil! Shame on Joe Biden.

Sullivan (R-AK) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “If Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has taught us anything, it’s that weakness invites aggression. The Biden administration clearly hasn’t learned this lesson as it seeks to appease another despotic regime—this one with the blood of hundreds of U.S. service members on its hands. Link to quoted tweet

Sullivan (R-AK) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “The Biden administration is desperate to revive the dangerous Iran nuclear deal, and the mullahs in Tehran know it. This is how bad policy is made.

Sullivan (R-AK) 03/09/2022: Retweet of @SenateGOP – “Joe Biden’s administration is trying to rejoin the terrible Iran Nuclear Deal. Tune in at 3pm ET to hear Senate Republicans discuss the need to keep Americans safe abroad and at home. Senate Republicans… |

Tenney (R-NY-22) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “JCPOA 2.0 is shaping up to be even worse than the original. It makes America weaker and the world more dangerous! The world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism should NOT be allowed to enrich uranium. Period. Link to quoted tweet

Tenney (R-NY-22) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “Members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard are plotting the assassination of a former National Security Advisor, and the Biden Administration still wants to strike a JCPOA 2.0 deal with them. These talks should be halted immediately! Iran plotting assassination of John Bolton, others, even while Biden negotiates nuclear deal |

Tenney (R-NY-22) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “If the threat is as serious as you say, then why should we be cheering for a JCPOA 2.0 that allows Iran to enrich and does not permanently cut off its path to a nuclear weapon? The new deal Biden is relying on Russia to negotiate still paves Iran’s path to a bomb. Link to quoted tweet

Tenney (R-NY-22) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “All temporary or easily reversible restrictions that as we know, do not permanently prevent Iran from pursuing weaponization or stop it from holding the world hostage to its nuclear extortion. Iran maintained vast nuclear archive & possesses the knowhow. JCPOA 2.0 is a bad deal. Link to quoted tweet

Tenney (R-NY-22) 03/06/2022: In reply to Tweet – “@AliVaez Some JCPOA provisions have already expired and most others are expiring very soon. Leaving the JCPOA only pulled forward the reality we’d be facing anyway b/c the deal failed to impose long-term constraints. Permanent, irreversible limitations w/ no enrichment must be the goal.

Tenney (R-NY-22) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “It’s not hard: a designated state sponsor of terrorism should not be allowed to enrich uranium. Link to quoted tweet

Torres (D-NY-15) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “Russia has been reduced to a pariah state, and rightly so. Why, then, are we negotiating with Russia as if it had never invaded Ukraine? As though the times we live in were business as usual? Cognitive dissonance. Link to quoted tweet

Turner (R-OH-10) 03/08/2022: Retweet of @RepGallagher – “CIA Director Burns tells Rep. Gallagher that the U.S. should not minimize Russia’s claims that Russia, Iran, and China swindled the U.S. in negotiations over a new Iran deal, and that there is “genuine concern” over how Russia will try to utilize leverage from the deal. Link to video

Waltz (R-FL-6) 03/07/2022: Tweet – ““Iran got much more than they expected, much more” #IranNuclearDeal Link to quoted tweet”. Re-tweeted by Fallon (R-TX-4)

Waltz (R-FL-6) 03/07/2022: Retweet of @MessageFromLen – “In our op-ed not long ago, @michaelgwaltz and I expressed concern that the Biden capitulation to Iran would even break Obama’s commitment to “keeping in place other unilateral sanctions that relate to non-nuclear issues.” We were right to be concerned. Biden’s Iran Deal Will Weaken U.S. National Security | The National Interest   Link to image

Wicker (R-MS) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “We shouldn’t be renegotiating a flawed Iran Deal. And we certainly shouldn’t be renegotiating a flawed Iran Deal while appeasing Russia. This is the height of irresponsibility. The Biden Administration’s incompetence is on full display. Iran nuclear deal possible soon, Russia’s contribution constructive -Iranian spokesperson… |

Zeldin (R-NY-1) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “President Biden is on the verge of making another massive foreign policy mistake and subverting Congress, trying to resurrect the fatally flawed Iran Nuclear Deal. Don’t fold America’s pocket aces @POTUS! MY VIEW in @dcexaminer Don’t fold America’s pocket aces… |


Iran – Other

Deutch (D-FL-22) 03/10/2022: Tweet – “It is heartbreaking to mark the 15th anniversary of the disappearance of Bob Levinson. Bob was part of our South Florida community & a loving husband and father to 7. Bob’s remarkable family deserves closure from Iran now. We will keep fighting for justice & accountability.

Bacon (R-NE-2) 03/10/2022: Tweet – “NO country should be selling weapons to Iran, who is STILL the #1 exporter of terrorism. I introduced H.R. 857 to restore these sanctions and limit Iran’s malign influence in the Middle East. Bacon, Wilson Introduce Iranian Arms Transfer Prevention Act of 2021… |   Link to image

Menendez (D-NJ) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “This anniversary of Robert Levinson’s unjust detention in Iran, we solemnly honor Bob’s life & legacy. I remain deeply committed to supporting families & bringing wrongfully imprisoned loved ones home. Our work to stop regimes’ hostage-taking continues. Link to quoted tweet

Panetta (D-CA-20) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “Today, I joined @RepSchneider in hosting a briefing on the Iran Nuclear Deal with fmr. Under Secretary of Defense Michèle Flournoy and @TheWilsonCenter President Jane Harman. Link to image


Anger & Glee at UAE/Saudi Refusing to Take Biden’s Call

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/10/2022: Retweet of @sarahleah1 – “MBS is holding the global price of oil hostage to his petty little demands, like insisting Biden intervene in our judicial system to disrupt civil lawsuits against him – for murder and attempted murder? He could just pay the rightful money damages. Problem solved.

Griffith (R-VA-9) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “Another argument for American energy dominance. When we supply our own energy, Middle Eastern countries not returning President Biden’s calls have fewer consequences for our heating bills and gas prices. WSJ News Exclusive | Saudi, Emirati Leaders Decline Calls With Biden During Ukraine Crisis

Long (R-MO-7) 03/09/2022: Retweet of @BreitbartNews – “Leaders from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have reportedly refused to take phone calls from President Joe Biden during the Ukraine crisis, after he snubbed them repeatedly during the first year of his administration. Report: Saudi, UAE Leaders Refuse to Take Joe Biden’s Calls on Ukraine, Oil… |

Long (R-MO-7) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “Amateur hour. Link to quoted tweet

Zeldin (R-NY-1) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT! @POTUS stooped to groveling and being rejected by foreign dictators for oil. The answer is to ramp domestic energy production, but he won’t admit it because he’s afraid of the most extreme demands of far-left climate activists. Leaders of Saudi Arabia, UAE declined calls with Biden amid Ukraine crisis… |” Also on GETTR

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “KSA & UAE are responding this way because Biden ignored them & their concerns while he naively tries to revive a nuclear deal that’ll enrich Iran w tens of billions for its proxies to wage war & terrorism in Middle East. The U.S. must restore maximum pressure campaign on Iran. Link to quoted tweet

Khanna (D-CA-17) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “MBS’s horrific war in Yemen is as brutal as Putin’s in Ukraine. He is now insulting @POTUS by declining a call. Let’s stop supplying parts for the Saudi air force unless they lift the blockade and end their bombing campaign of Yemeni civilians. WSJ News Exclusive | Saudi, Emirati Leaders Decline Calls With Biden During Ukraine Crisis

Lesko (R-AZ-8) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “President Biden has stopped new oil and gas production here in the United States. Instead, he begs the Saudis for oil and they won’t even take his call. #BidenIsWeak WSJ News Exclusive | Saudi, Emirati Leaders Decline Calls With Biden During Ukraine Crisis

McGovern (D-MA-2) 03/08/2022: Retweet of @Malinowski – “One reason we’re paying $4 a gallon for gas is that a Saudi prince is angry that we criticized him for for murdering a Washington Post journalist. If the alternative to relying on a Russian tyrant’s oil is a Saudi tyrant’s oil, maybe we should be less reliant on oil?

Meijer (R-MI-3) 03/08/2022: Twitter thread – “So just in the last 24 hours: -UAE / Saudi allies won’t speak to Biden, take calls from Putin -Biden negotiators offer to lift IRGC FTO as it plots to assassinate former NSA -Biden begs Venezuela for oil -Biden halts Polish MiG-29 transfer to Ukraine Absolute clown show. Link to image …”

Merkley (D-OR) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “The answer to reducing our reliance on Russian oil can’t be just increasing our reliance on oil from other bad actors—we must transition to renewable energy. We cannot swap out one brutal dictatorship for another at a time when democracies are standing together against autocracy. Link to quoted tweet

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/08/2022: Retweet of @tparsi – “ The audacity of Saudi and UAE to publicly HUMILIATE America this way is stunning! If you ever wanted evidence that the US’s relationship with Saudi & UAE is designed to serve THEM and not the US, this is it. #UkraineRussianWar >> Saudi, Emirati Leaders Decline Calls With Biden During Ukraine Crisis – WSJ

Tuberville (R-AL) 03/08/2022: Retweet of @TheDaleJackson – “President Biden is trying to get the worst people on the planet to sell us more oil and those people won’t even answer the phone. They won’t answer the phone when THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES calls them. Things are going great. Saudi, UAE leaders ignore Biden when he calls to talk gas prices:…… |   Link to image


Republican Outrage over talk of oil imports from Iran and/or Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Russia — & demanding calling for increased US production

It feels like almost every Republican member of the House and Senate tweeted and/or made statements this week (sometimes multiple times) bashing the Biden Administration for failing to increase US energy production and for instead (allegedly) turning to/supporting Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia. It is just too many to track them all here — if you want to see what a particular members said on this topic, check their websites and their Twitter accounts.


Democrats on talk of Oil Imports from Iran and/or Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Russia (it’s complicated)

Murphy (D-CT) 03/08/2022: Twitter thread – “This is the Republican line – Biden is standing in the way of “American energy dominance”. But it isn’t true…. 6/ Finally, remember that much of the oil and gas we produce here doesn’t even stay in America. In 2020, America produced 18M barrels/day and exported nearly half of that. Why? Partly b/c American refiners are designed to handle Saudi, not U.S. crude. America’s Light Sweet Problem… | 7/ But also, because U.S. producers sell to whoever pays the best prices. They make decisions on price, not patriotism. Republicans don’t want you know this either, but historically lots of U.S. oil goes to….wait for it…CHINA…”

Malinowski (D-NJ-7) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “Hi Senator @marcorubio — can you name one square inch in the United States where oil companies were drilling oil in 2019 but where Biden won’t let them drill today, or a single Biden restriction that prevents them from going back to 2019 production? Link to quoted tweet

Huffman (D-CA-2) 03/06/22: Tweet – “I generally like @FareedZakaria, but listening to him just now I wanted to throw a shoe at my TV. No, we don’t have to double-down on climate-wrecking fossil fuel – including oil deals with Iran & Venezuela – to confront Putin. A Marshall Plan for clean energy is the answer.”

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/08/2022: Retweet of @democracynow – “Congressmember @Ilhan Omar says the U.S. shouldn’t go to Saudi Arabia for more oil if it stops buying energy from Russia, noting that both countries are waging wars on their neighbors. “Our dependency on oil means we depend on tyrants,” says Omar. Link to video

Khanna (D-CA-17) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “Real energy security means we need a moonshot in renewable energy so we are not dependent on petrostates like Russia or Saudi Arabia. This is common sense. Link to quoted tweet

Khanna (D-CA-17) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “Instead of giving away up to $20 billion to the fossil fuel industry every year, let’s invest in a renewable energy future and end our dependence on Russian and Saudi oil.

Malinowski (D-NJ-7) 03/04/2022: Twitter thread – “Of course we should stop buying Russian oil. But please stop pretending this is a silver bullet, or that we could somehow “replace” all the Russian oil by drilling in America. Please follow along for a few facts . . . 6/ Link to If you want to shield American gas consumers from the impact of Russia’s war, your problem is not Biden; it’s Saudi Crown Prince MBS. This supposed US ally could produce more oil today but refuses, to protect a production agreement he made with Putin! 7/ Saudi Arabia Chooses Putin over Biden on Ukraine to Keep Oil Prices High… | Back to politics: many Republicans privately admit we can’t “replace” all the Russian oil, but they want Biden to ban it all anyway, and then criticize him for the inevitable increase in gas prices. We can’t afford that kind of cynical partisanship right now. 8/ Democrats and Republicans need to lock arms and say: “As we sanction Russian oil, we must increase oil & gas production in the short run (including by pressuring the Saudis). But there will still be sacrifice at home, and we agree freedom and security are worth the price.” 9/ And let’s agree that so long as we are dependent on oil, every country that influences its price can blackmail us. Let’s become the world’s clean energy superpower, and tell Putin, MBS, and the leader of every other “gas station masquerading as a country” to go to hell. End/



Durbin (D-IL) 03/10/2022: Tweet – “Why is the UAE protecting Russian oligarchs while Putin is murdering Ukrainian civilians?How Dubai Could Undermine Sanctions on Russian Oligarchs – The New York Times

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/09/2022: Retweet of @bethbourdon – ““The Biden administration should have stopped the Trump F-35 and drone sales on the grounds of human rights and civilian protection in Yemen, but since they did not, I hope this gives them the push they need to halt that sale immediately,”-@IlhanMN UAE Chooses Solidarity With Russia Over Military Allies |


Saudi Arabia

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/08/2022: Retweet of @HillTVLive – ““I can hardly see where the principle is in going to Saudi Arabia and cozying up to another tyrant,” @IlhanMN joined @robbysoave & @ryangrim on Rising to expand on her reaction to reports of President Biden’s possible visit to the Kingdom in hope it will pump more oil Link to video   Link to quoted tweet

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/08/2022: Retweet of @sarahleah1 – “Ya know one of the lawsuits MBS is facing – that he’s now pressuring President Biden to interfere in? The lawsuit of our organization @DAWNmenaorg and @mercan_resifi for his murder of #JamalKhashoggi. He’s still trying to kill Jamal’s legacy. Cc: @gcaw Link to quoted tweet

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/08/2022: Retweet of @Abukar_Arman – “#MBS: “Difficult questions caused the crown prince to move about jumpily, his voice vibrating at a higher frequency. Every minute or two he performed a complex motor tic: a quick backward tilt of the head, followed by a gulp, like a pelican downing a fish” Inside the Palace With Mohammed bin Salman – The Atlantic

Rubio (R-FL) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “By the way,in case you missed it, Biden decided to transfer an Al-Qaeda terrorist & the 20th hijacker on 9/11 from Guantanamo to Saudi Arabia so he could receive “mental health” treatment It won’t be long before he rejoins efforts to kill Americans Link to image

Durbin (D-IL) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “Al-Qahtani “was tortured so badly that he was ineligible to be tried at the war crimes court.” This transfer is an important step toward finally ending indefinite detention at Guantanamo, which violates human rights & has prevented us from bringing 9/11 conspirators to justice. Link to quoted tweet

Greene (R-GA-14) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “In the first days of the US invasion of Iraq for weapons of mass destruction, after 19 Saudi terrorists attacked the US on 9/11, 4300 Iraqi civilians were killed. Since Putin invaded Ukraine on 2/24, 474 civilians have been killed. The thirst for war costs human lives. Always. Link to image

Malinowski (D-NJ-7) 03/07/2022: Twitter thread – “One reason we’re paying $4 a gallon for gas is that a Saudi prince is angry that we criticized him for for murdering a Washington Post journalist. If the alternative to relying on a Russian tyrant’s oil is a Saudi tyrant’s oil, maybe we should be less reliant on oil? And if you say we should use our own oil instead, remember that Biden is approving more oil leases than Trump, and that projects like the Keystone Pipeline and drilling in the Arctic (even if you like them) won’t give us anything for years. The practical fix is the Saudi one. Let’s also recall Saudi Arabia is 100% reliant on us for its security, and start acting like the superpower in this relationship. Rather than sending our president to Riyadh, I’d threaten to send the troops and Patriot batteries we currently have in Saudi to Poland and Ukraine.” Retweeted by Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY-14)

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/07/2022: Retweet of @KarenAttiah – “My latest: “When history looks back at this period, this Atlantic piece will shine as an example of how the path to the resurgence of brutal, global authoritarianism is paved in no small part by the worst aspects of access journalism.” Opinion | The Atlantic’s elevation of MBS is an insult to journalism – The Washington Post

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/07/2022: Retweet of @waltshaub – “I am grieving for the Ukrainians. I’m also angry about the empathy gap in the media coverage and public response to civilians who are not white (or not perceived as white) being killed in wars. A quarter million Yemenis are dead, partly due to US assistance in Saudi war crimes.

Rubio (R-FL) 03/07/2022: Tweet – “Sen Rubio issued a statement following the transfer of Al-Qaeda terrorist Mohammed al-Qahtani from Guantanamo Bay to Saudi Arabia, calling it “a massive error which poses a serious risk to our national security and the security of our allies.” Read more Rubio Condemns Transfer of Al-Qaeda Terrorist from Guantanamo – Press Releases – U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio

Steube (R-FL-17) 03/08/2022: Twitter thread – “Amid this Saudi detainee’s release from Guantanamo, the Biden Admin is discussing a visit to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil. Coincidence? How can someone who assisted in taking the lives of 3,000 Americans be considered as “no longer a threat to the national security of the US?” U.S. sends Saudi detainee accused of link to 9/11 home from Guantanamo… |” Also on GETTR

Cruz (R-TX) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “The Biden administration is very, very slowly discovering that alienating allies and boosting enemies is not a great way to conduct foreign policy. All it took were several generational global catastrophes and wars abroad, and 1970s inflation and gas prices at home. Link to quoted tweet

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “Our response to Putin’s immoral war shouldn’t be to strengthen our relationship with the Saudis who are currently causing the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet in Yemen. Yemenis might not matter to some geopolitically but their humanity should. This is wildly immoral act. Link to quoted tweet

Rubio (R-FL) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Raif Badawi, a #Saudi human rights activist, was unjustly imprisoned ten years ago and subjected to physical torture. His sentence was up on February 28th, yet he remains behind bars. Sen. Rubio demands the Saudi government #FreeRaif now. #ExpressionNOToppression Link to image



Long (R-MO-7) 03/11/2022: Tweet – “Flour rationing in #Lebanon, grain hoarding in #Hungary: How the #Ukraine war is lurching the globe toward a new food crisis. #Agriculture #LetsGoBrandon How the Ukraine war is lurching the globe toward a new food crisis – The Washington Post



Deutch (D-FL-22) 03/09/2022: Twitter thread – “I am concerned about the lack of transparency and reports of intimidation surrounding the Libyan parliament’s vote to install a new government. All Libyan and int’l actors should work to maintain peace, security, and stability. U.N. voices concern over Libya parliament vote on new PM… | I support the efforts of the UN and @SASGonLibya to further a Libyan-led and Libyan-owned process of holding a free, fair, and credible election as soon as possible and realize the aspirations of millions of Libyans for an inclusive, just, and stable democracy.



Bacon (R-NE-2) 03/06/2022: Tweet – “The Russians should be expelled from all international sporting events too. Treat them as the pariah state they are. Link to quoted tweet



Cardin (D-MD) 03/09/2022: Retweet of @HelsinkiComm – “.@HelsinkiComm leaders @SenatorCardin, @RepCohen, @SenatorWicker, and @RepJoeWilson recognize key contributions from allies and partners; welcome efforts supporting #Ukraine from @OSCE participating States #Turkey, #Moldova, and #Georgia: Helsinki Commission Recognizes Key Contributions from Allies and Partners | CSCE   Link to image



Leahy (D-VT) 03/09/2022: Twitter thread – “I had a chance to visit Tuesday with the @VTNationalGuard deployed to Washington to support @CapitolPolice this month — impressive men and women, devoted to service. Link to image What struck me talking with each is their dedication to helping others. What they said reminded me of another Guard member after Irene who said he was working around the clock because “this is why I joined.” Link to image The @VTNationalGuard has done so much this year — COVID, the Capitol, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kabul, and elsewhere — not to mention a great showing in the Olympics. Their service is impressive. VERMONTERS THANK YOU, and so does our nation. Link to image Thanks especially to CPT Dunklee and 1SG Morin for introducing me to and leading the fine men and women from the Vermont Guard who I met with. Link to image I also never miss the chance to compliment a great photographer; a few more of my favorite pics from SGT Nunez of the @VTNationalGuard. Link to image


United Arab Emirates

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/09/2022: Retweet of @kenklippenstein – “Ilhan Omar, citing the UAE’s “refusal to condemn Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine,” says “It’s past time we dispense with the fiction that the UAE are a reliable security partner for the US”: UAE Chooses Solidarity With Russia Over Military Allies |

Connolly (D-VA-11) 03/04/2022: Twitter thread – “Notorious for serving as a nexus to the money laundering operations of kleptocrats, the UAE is now set to be added to the Financial Action Task Force’s “grey list.” Last month @RepMalinowski and I sent a letter to @Treasury on this issue. Now, kleptocrats are being put on alert. Link to image   UAE set to be put on money laundering watchdog’s ‘gray list,’ report says… |



Deutch (D-FL-22) 03/10/2022: Tweet – “I am encouraged by the launch of the UN-led inclusive consultations to end the conflict in Yemen. @SecBlinken is right – there is no military solution to the conflict. Only political negotiation can end the death, suffering, and destruction caused by this war. Link to quoted tweet

Murphy (D-CT) 03/04/2022: Retweet of @WinWithoutWar – “.@ChrisMurphyCT is absolutely right! In designating the Houthis as a terrorist organization, we are effectively creating the conditions in Yemen for an even more devastating famine to take place. Will other members of Congress listen and act? Link to video


Other – Middle East

Roy (R-TX-21) 03/09/2022: Twitter thread – “Thread: Want proof this #SwampSpending is #BorderBullshit? A CBP friend did a word search in 2700 pages for “border security.” Guess what? 13 times. 11 of the 13 is in relation to funding to OTHER countries & securing their borders. (1/2) Link to quoted tweet Those countries/regions? Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia. Oman, Turkey, North & West Africa, the 3 Northern Triangle countries. Only two times is “Border Security” mentioned with regards to our own Border Security… (2/2)

Kennedy (R-LA) 03/09/2022: Tweet – “What did Republicans accomplish before Pres. Biden and Washington Democrats started steering us into a ditch? More jobs, less ISIS, a secure border, solid judges, a stronger military, and power in the face of China, Russia, and Iran. Link to video

Rubio (R-FL) 03/08/2022: Tweet – “#Putin doesn’t have many economic weapons at his disposal But he has a few: – @Boeing⁩ buys much of its titanium from #Russia – #India gets much of its fertilizer from Russia -#Egypt & #Lebanon get much of their wheat from Russia & #Ukraine Russia Set to Ban Commodity Exports Following Western Sanctions… |

Coons (D-DE) 03/07/2022: Retweet of @afsatweets – ““We cannot confront our global challenges alone, and we need these diplomats in place so we can successfully address these threats from #Russia, climate change, COVID-19, from Iran, from terrorism.” @ChrisCoons #ConfirmOurDiplomats Sen. Coons Discusses Obstruction of Ambassador Confirmations on Senate Floor – March 4, 2022… |

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/07/2022: Retweet of @jjz1600 – “I don’t get how when commentators speak about the “bloody Middle East” etc, they ever recall that Europe killed 65,000,000 of its own people in last century’s wars, not to mention the 10’s of millions of Asians, Africans, & Arabs they murdered in their colonial wars

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/08/2022: Twitter thread – “The consequences of flooding Ukraine with billion dollars in weapons, likely not limited to just military-specific equipment but also including small arms + ammo, are unpredictable & likely disastrous. Specially when they are given to paramilitary groups w/out accountability. I support giving Ukraine the resources it needs to defend its people, I just have legitimate concerns about the size and scope. Btw, criticizing and questioning is my job as a leader and a member of Congress. It’s the hardest part of the job, trust me it’s easy to just follow. Link to quoted tweet   Link to reply @bangelodundee Thx

Inhofe (R-OK) 03/05/2022: Tweet – “Perhaps worst of all, the admin told us they’d conduct “over-the-horizon” counterterrorism to mitigate the terrorist threat against the U.S. In reality, we’ve carried out no strikes &don’t have the intelligence to know what al-Qaeda or ISIS is planning. U.S. Senator for Oklahoma… |

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/04/2022: Retweet of @bridgeinit – “Tlaib described encountering both subtle & blatant bigotry when she and Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar first arrived in Congress in 2019, noting that some colleagues were shocked to learn that most American Muslims are Black, while one touched Omar’s hijab. Rep. Rashida Tlaib says she was ‘naive’ for not understanding ‘how bipartisan Islamophobia is in Congress’… |