FMEP Legislative Round-Up: March 4, 2022


1. Bills, Resolutions, Letters
2. Hearings
3. On the Record


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1. Bills, Resolutions & Letters

(UNDERMINING AMERICANS’ FREE SPEECH TO PREVENT PRESSURE ON ISRAEL & TO ENFORCE SUPPORT FOR SETTLEMENTS) HR 6940 (pdf): Introduced 3/03/22 by Rep. Zeldin (R-NY) and 46 all-Republican cosponsors, the “Israel Anti-Boycott Act.” This bill is the latest attempt to criminalize engaging in, calling for, or otherwise supporting boycotts of Israel and/or settlements that are in any way supported by a foreign government or international body (with the bill is specifically focused on EU and UN policies urging differentiation between the sovereign state of Israel and Israeli settlements built illegally in the territories occupied by Israel since 1967). Referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Notably, HR 6940 is IDENTICAL to Zeldin’s previously introduced version of this bill, HR 5595 (introduced 1/13/20). For this I owe a debt of thanks to Rep. Zeldin, since it means that to understand what HR 5595 seeks to do, one need only review my analysis of HR 5595 (in which I start with the text of existing law and show exactly how HR 5595 would amend it). Also notably, the PDF of the bill text included with Zeldin’s press release is dated 7/12/21. This means Zeldin has been working for 9+ months to get cosponsors on the bill. In this context, the total of 46 Republican and zero Democratic cosponsors is a very weak showing, even weaker than the already weak showing of his 2020 version of the exact same bill (which attracted 63 Republicans and 1 Democrat as cosponsors). Also see:

    • Once again, this legislation – while entitled “The Israel Anti-Boycott Act” – has nothing to do with commercial boycotts of Israel, but is focused on preventing any boycotts or economic pressure on settlements.
    • And once again, this legislation, at its core, is based on a conflation of coercive boycotts of Israel (i.e., situations in which US companies are compelled to boycott Israel as a condition for doing business with foreign parties, making such boycotts NOT a form of voluntary political free speech) with voluntary decisions by owners of U.S. businesses to refrain from certain business activities as an expression of their opposition to Israeli policies vis-à-vis the Palestinians and the occupation (e.g., differentiating between Israel and the occupied territories in one’s business operations, as a textbook form of voluntary political free speech).
    • the legislation stipulates that violators of the law will face monetary penalties [up to $250 thousand for civil penalties and $1 million for criminal penalties] but not jail time [an earlier version of the bill included jail time]
    • the legislation includes two mealy-mouthed “Rules of Construction” promising that “Nothing in this Act or an amendment made by this Act shall be construed to diminish or infringe upon any right protected under the first amendment to the Constitutionand assuring that individual’s non-commercial speech/activity will be used as a basis to investigate them.  [Note: A rule of construction is a non-binding statement of intent; it in no way changes the meaning of the binding provisions of the actual law].
    • For folks still not clear on what the main target of this bill is, note that the text explicitly stipulates, as a matter of law, that the legislation applies to “efforts by the United Nations Human Rights Council to collect information for the establishment of a database of entities that operate, or have business relations with entities that operate, beyond Israel’s 1949 Armistice lines, including East Jerusalem.”

(EXTENDING US ANTI-TERROR LAW TO SOCIAL MEDIA) HR 6918: Introduced 3/4/22 by Cawthorn (R-NC) and Good (R-VA), “To amend section 2339B of title 18, United States Code, to apply to social media platforms, and for other purposes.” Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, and in addition to the Committee on Financial Services. NOTE: Section 2339B of US Code Title 18 is the section of U.S. law barring “material support” for US-designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations. As of this writing the text of HR 6918 is not available, but it is worth noting that for years the Israeli government and various lawfare groups both in the US and Israel have been pressing social media platforms to label Palestinian activism and solidarity on social media as support for terrorism (and based on this label, to quash it).

(ICC FOR THEE [RUSSIA] BUT NOT FOR WE [US & ISRAEL]) S. Res. XXX: As reported in Business Insider: “Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is promoting a Senate resolution in support of Ukraine’s complaint against Russia in the International Criminal Court even though the United States does not recognize the court’s authority.” Pressed on the question of longstanding U.S. opposition to (and antipathy toward) the ICC, Graham in effect suggested that the ICC is irrelevant with respect to the US and Israel, since in the US “We have a very robust rule of law system in America. Nobody’s above the law. Everybody’s being investigated” and in Israel “There are IDF members who get prosecuted at times for unlawful use of force.” He went on to argue: “This court doesn’t make sense when it comes to America or Israel. It makes perfect sense when it comes to places where there is no rule of law. So, I can discern as a lawyer that it makes sense here, doesn’t make sense there.

(SANCTIONING ACTS OF AGGRESSION AGAINST COUNTRIES/TERRITORIES* [*only applies to communist & former communist states])  S. 3725: Introduced 3/1/22 by Portman (R-OH), Cardin (D-MD), Wicker (R-MS) and Durbin (D-IL), “A bill to withdraw normal trade relations treatment from products of countries that commit acts of aggression in violation of international law against other countries or territories and to amend the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act to modify the foreign persons subject to sanctions and to remove the sunset for the imposition of sanctions.” Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. NOTE: per Portman’s press release [bill text is not yet online] the bill text stipulates that the sanctions that would result from acts of aggression in violation of international law against other countries or territories apply only in the case of “any Communist, or formerly Communist” country. Countries that are neither Communist nor formerly Communist – you can feel free to go ahead and commit (or keep on committing) acts of aggression in violation of international law against, say, other territories, with total impunity.



(DELEGITIMIZE & SHUT DOWN UNHRC INQUIRY ON ISRAEL!!) AIPAC/Senate letter to Blinken: This week, Sens. Cardin (D-MD) and Portman (R-OH) are seeking co-signers on an AIPAC-backed letter (the text of which is hosted on AIPAC’s website but as of this writing is not listed on AIPAC’s Action Center), calling on the Biden Administration to kill the UN Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The letter states: “With the return of the United States to the UN Human Rights Council, we think it is time for the American presence on the Council to be used to address major human rights problems around the world. An important step in this regard would be to redirect the wasteful use of funds and personnel on excessive devotion to demonizing Israel. We write to urge you to prioritize reversing the UN Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) discriminatory and unwarranted treatment of Israel by leading a multinational effort in the Council and in the UN to end the permanent Commission of Inquiry (COI) on the Israeli Palestinian conflict.” Further down the letter states: “Delegitimizing and ultimately eliminating this permanent commission is an opportunity for the administration to fulfill U.S. Ambassador Patrick Kennedy’s pledge to the Council that ‘the U.S. stands with Israel in rejecting the unprecedented open-ended mandate of this Commission of Inquiry, which perpetuates a practice of unfairly singling out Israel in the U.N.’” The letter has reportedly been signed so far (as of 1/3/22) by Collins (R-ME), Moran (R-KS), Peters (D-MI) and Rosen (D-NV). Also see:

(APPLE & NSO UNDER SCRUTINY) Jordan-Johnson letter to Apple & NSO: According to a report from CNBC, on 3/3/22, Reps. Jordan (R-OH) and Johnson (R-LA) sent letters to FBI Director Wray and Apple CEO Tim Cook asking them to provide information to Congress regarding the NSO Group’s (an Israel tech firm) Pegasus spyware. The letter to Wray reportedly labels the FBI’s purchase of this Pegasus spyware “troubling” and “asks the FBI to hand over communications between the agency and the NSO Group or its subsidiaries about the agency’s purchase, testing or use of NSO spyware and the potential legality of using Phantom against domestic targets.” The letter to Cook reportedly asks for “details about Apple’s ability to detect when iPhones have been targeted by the NSO Group tools” and asks for details about attacks Apple has detected. The letter reportedly also “asks Apple for a ‘staff level briefing’ about the company’s communications with government agencies about the spyware.” Also see Tweets: Jordan (R-OH-4 -A lso on GETTR); Johnson (R-LA-4); Johnson (R-LA-4), Jordan (R-OH-4)

(DON’T TRANSFER GITMO PRISONER TO KSA) Rubio-Risch-Inhofe letter to Biden: On 3/1/22, Senators Rubio (R-FL), Risch (R-ID) and Inhofe (R-OK) sent a letter to President Biden communicating their “grave concern regarding your administration’s reported decision to transfer terrorist Mohammed al-Qahtani from Guantanamo Bay to Saudi Arabia.” They urge Biden “to immediately reverse this decision as we believe this detainee continues to pose serious threats to U.S. national security.” Rubio press release; Tweet – Rubio (R-FL), Inhofe (R-OK)

(RELEASE INFO ON SANCTIONABLE PEOPLE IN THE KHASHOGGI REPORT) Malinowski et al letter to ODNI & Treasury: On 2/25 — on the one-year anniversary of the release of the Khashoggi Report, Rep. Malinowski (D-NJ) led a letter, cosigned by 15 House colleagues, requesting Director of National Intelligence Haines and Secretary of Treasury Yellen release information on the assets and sanctions eligibility of the individuals listed in the Khashoggi report as being complicit in the killing of Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. Also see Tweet from Malinowski (D-NJ-7).


2. Hearings

March 30, 2022: The House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittees on the Middle East, North Africa, and Global Counterterrorism and Europe, Energy, the Environment, and Cyber will hold a joint virtual hearing entitled, “Opportunities and Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean: Examining U.S. Interests and Regional Cooperation.” Witnesses have not yet been announced.

March 18, 2022: The House Foreign Affairs Committee will hold a closed briefing on Yemen.

March 16, 2022: The House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on the Middle East, North Africa, and Global Counterterrorism will hold a virtual hearing entitled, 11 Years of War: The Humanitarian Impact of the Ongoing Conflict in Syria.” Witnesses have not yet been announced.

March 3, 2022: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing to consider nominations for a number of State Department posts, including for Alina Romanowski (statement) to be US ambassador to Iraq, and Steven Fagin (statement) to be US ambassador to Yemen and Iraq. Senators’ questions covered a range of issues, including US policy vis-a-vis Yemen and Iran nuclear negotiations. Video here. Also see: Murphy (D-CT) video clip from the hearing, released under the headline, Senator Murphy Pushes Back Against Iran Deal Critics

March 2, 2022: The House Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing entitled, “The 2001 AUMF and War Powers: The Path Forward.” Witnesses were Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman (statement); State Department Acting Legal Advisor Richard Visek (statement); Assistant Secretary of Defense Christopher P. Maier (statement); and Department of Defense General Counsel Caroline Krass (no written statement available). Video is here. Note: Rep. Smith (R-NJ) took advantage of the hearing to slam President Biden’s State of the Union (and then published a press release about it), attacking Biden for, among other things, “no mention of our great friend and perpetually at-risk ally Israel?

March 1, 2022: The House Armed Services Committee held a hearing entitled, Engagement with Allies and Partners. Witnesses were Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans, and Capabilities Mara Karlin and Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs Jessica Lewis. Video is here. The hearing covered a wide range of issues, including some discussion of the US relationship with Saudi Arabia and the UAE — with the witnesses early on in the hearing ducking a question from Chairman Smith, D-WA about how the US “balances” its concern about the behavior of UAE with our partnership with that country (noting concerns about Yemen, human rights, and also about the UAE abstaining on the recent Russia vote in the UN). In response, Karlin stated (seriously):

“In your opening remarks you had talked about how we can’t do this on our own and I think that is spot on. Indeed we shouldn’t do it on our own – it works so much better as we’re seeing in Ukraine of course today when we’ve knit together a cohort of countries to really ensure effective security cooperation. What’s different about when the United States gives security cooperation as you know is that we have some real standards. We don’t support corruption. We don’t support transactional relationships. What we try to do is emphasize the rule of law. We try to emphasize humanity, human rights, all in line with our values. Because at the end of the day frankly that makes militaries more effective and that’s in all of our interests. So as we work closely with the UAE in particular we work with them on…protecting their territory – defending their territory. But as with all countries it’s important that we have frank conversations about how and in what ways we think they can be more effective at what they’re trying to do.”

Lewis followed up by reiterating that the Biden Administration remains committed to providing the UAE with the F-35s and MQ-9s. Also see: Gaetz (R-FL-1) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “WATCH: Gaetz questions Assistant Sec. of State on why UAE abstained from voting against Russia in UN Lewis: “I’m not able to speak for another country on their thinking, but I do know we continue to be committed on both the MQ-9s and the F-35s.” Gaetz: “Maybe we shouldn’t be.” Link to video Also on GETTR

March 1, 2022: The House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties held a hearing entitled, Discrimination and the Civil Rights of the Muslim, Arab, and South Asian American Communities (per full committee Chairman Nadler, D-NY, the first hearing on these communities since 1986). Witnesses were: Amrith Kaur Aakre, Sikh Coalition (testimony); Hammad Alam,  Asian Law Caucus Asian Americans Advancing Justice (testimony); Maya Berry, American Institute (testimony); Rep. Carson, D-IN (no written testimony); Rep. Chu, D-CA, (testimony);  Rep. Jayapal, D-WA, (testimony); Asra Nomani, Parents Defending Education (testimony);  Rep. Omar, D-MN (no written testimony); Annetta Seecharran, Chhaya Community Development Corporation (testimony); Zulfat Suara, Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (testimony); Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, Penn State Law (testimony); Devon Westhill, Center for Equal Opportunity (testimony). Video of the hearing — which Republicans on the committee very effectively re-purposed into a forum for grandstanding against “critical race theory” and the full array of issues that the GOP today invokes with that term — is here. NOTE: In her written testimony, AAI’s Maya Berry discussed “the domestic implications of advocating for Palestinian human rights.” She notes that:

“…while there have been many negative implications, they have in no way diminished the commitment of Arab Americans to the issue. To be clear, though their right to support Palestinian human rights is undeniable, it has come at a cost—from being blacklisted by some mainstream American Jewish organizations or pro-Israel groups, to being surveilled by their government, to becoming victims of hate crimes. A central importance of the 1986 hearing was that it allowed Arab Americans to explain these threats to the community’s well-being and power in the context of exclusion and to seek a remedy.”


3. On the Record


Jewish News Syndicate 3/4/22: The future of the Democrats and the mainstreaming of anti-Semitism [“Ted Deutch’s exit from Congress and a heroic portrait of Rashida Tlaib in ‘The New York Times’ illustrate the failure of pro-Israel Democrats and the success of their left-wing foes.”]

New York Times 3/3/22: What Rashida Tlaib Represents [“She changed the Israeli-Palestinian debate in Congress by reminding her colleagues of the human stakes. It’s a burden she would rather not carry.”]

Jewish New Syndicate 3/3/22: AIPAC PAC release first slate of endorsements [“‘We support pro-Israel Democratic and Republican members of Congress and congressional candidates to secure the future of the U.S.-Israel relationship,’ AIPAC said on Twitter.”] Also see JTA 3/3/22: AIPAC’s PAC endorses dozens of Republicans who refused to certify Joe Biden as president

Jewish Insider 3/3/22: How vulnerable is Jamaal Bowman?

Al-Monitor 3/3/22: Iran accuses Lindsey Graham of calling for assassination of Iranian scientists

Jewish Insider 3/2/22: Race to replace Deutch begins to come into view [“…Local observers agreed that whoever ends up representing the district will likely be a vocal proponent of Israel whose views are largely in line with Deutch, and that a far-left candidate outspoken against Israel is unlikely to find traction in the area. ‘It’s not just the Jews, it’s everybody else here is very strongly pro-Israel,’ Winer said. ‘This is a very staunchly pro-Israel section of Florida. The non-Jews are pro-Israel.’”]

Haaretz 3/1/22: In Heated Texas Primaries, Big Stakes for Israel Policies

Haaretz 3/1/22: Top pro-Israeli Democrat Is Retiring, and Jewish Groups Are Worried

Jewish Insider 2/28/22: Rep. Ted Deutch to succeed David Harris as American Jewish Committee CEO

The Hill 3/1/22: Schumer, onetime opponent, praises talks on reviving Iran nuclear deal as ‘good’

The Forward 2/28/22: Ted Deutch retires from Congress to ‘fight for the Jewish people’ as head of the American Jewish Committee


Members on the Record

Israel in US Elections

Maloney (D-NY-12) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “Thank you, Haina #TeamMaloney #NY12 Link to quoted tweet – “Was out there getting signatures for ⁦@CarolynBMaloney an #honor to #campaign #vote for a #great #leader ⁦@USJewishDems  ⁦@DemMaj4Israel @TheDemocrats”

Casten (D-IL-6) 03/03/2022: Retweet of @USJewishDems – “ 2022 ENDORSEMENT ALERT @SeanCasten is a fierce advocate for combatting climate change, Israel’s security, and our Jewish and Democratic values. We are proud to endorse his re-election. Link to image

Luria (D-VA-2) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “I am proud to receive the @USJewishDems endorsement today and to continue working with the Jewish community to advocate for our shared values, fight antisemitism, and support Israel’s security. Link to quoted tweet

Levin (D-MI-9) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “Mazel Tov to my colleague Ted Deutch! His leadership will be sorely missed on @HouseForeign but our loss is @AJCGlobal’s gain. American Jewish Committee Announces Appointment of Congressman Ted Deutch as Next Chief Executive Officer… |

Rice (D-NY-4) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “.@RepTedDeutch is one of Congress’ fiercest gun safety advocates and staunchest supporters of Israel and the US-Israel relationship. He’s also a loyal, honest friend who I have been proud to serve with. @AJCGlobal is lucky to have you but the House is losing a true mensch!”

Frankel (D-FL-21) 02/28/2022: Twitter thread – “.@RepTedDeutch is my long-time friend and neighbor, and a true champion for the South Florida community Rep. Frankel Statement on Rep. Deutch Announcement to Not Seek Re-election… | In Congress, he has a been leading force for the U.S.-Israel relationship, gun reform, and the fight against antisemitism. I will dearly miss serving with him and congratulate him on his well-deserved new journey.”

Schneider (D-IL-10) 02/28/2022: Retweet of @HalieSoifer – “In Congress, @RepTedDeutch has been devoted to furthering the U.S.-Israel relationship & combating the scourge of antisemitism. He has led on restoring U.S. global leadership, including at the UN. He will continue to advance these values on behalf of American Jewry at @AJCGlobal.”

Torres (D-NY-15) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “Ted is a first-rate public servant of uncommon intellect & integrity. While traveling with Ted to Israel, I saw first-hand the depth of his mind & heart. Although it saddens me I will only serve with Ted for 1 term, I know @AJCGlobal will be well served by his leadership. Link to quoted tweet


Israel – Palestine

Langevin (D-RI) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Excellent news! I’ve long advocated for this partnership. Working with Israel to invest in R&D, counter ransomware attacks, and protect our respective critical infrastructure is a strategic move that makes both of our countries safer in cyberspace.” Link to Times of Israel article – Israel, US ink new cybersecurity collaboration deals to combat threats, bolster R&D

Rogers (R-AL-3) 03/04/2022: Retweet of @HASCRepublicans – “RM @RepMikeRogersAL: “In short, Biden’s deal will bring Iran closer to its stated goal of ‘wiping Israel off the map.'” ROGERS: JERUSALEM SHOULD BE VERY NERVOUS – IRAN ABOUT RECEIVE BILLIONS… |   Link to image

Rogers (R-AL-3) 03/04/2022: Retweet of @yhn – “I’d be very nervous if I were Jerusalem. Instead of turning Putin into an international pariah like President Biden promised, he is literally outsourcing our negotiations on a new Iran Nuclear Deal to Russia and China.” — @RepMikeRogersAL”

Graham (R-SC) 03/02/2022: Twitter thread – “Great meeting with @AmbHerzog to discuss many topics.   Truly appreciate Israel’s support for today’s UN resolution condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. I am pleased Israel is helping Ukraine in a very robust manner. Link to image Israel understands what it’s like to be a democracy facing bad guys. I treasure the Israel-U.S. relationship.

Guest (R-MS-3) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “Last week, I met with Israeli leaders about the growing threat of Iran. We must never let Iran gain access to a nuclear weapon. Link to image

Guest (R-MS-3) 03/03/2022: Retweet of @MSyallpolitics – “.@RepMichaelGuest says @POTUS Biden’s #SOTU tried to balance bad polling without upsetting agenda-setting progressives. The 3rd District MS Congressman also recaps his trip to #Israel where he met with leaders of one of America’s key allies. Watch-> Congressman Guest says Biden’s SOTU tried to balance bad polling without upsetting agenda-setting progressives… |

Scott (R-FL) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “Iran’s supporting Putin’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine. Russia supports Iran even as they chant “Death to America” & try to destroy Israel. Maybe @SecBlinken can explain why this admin is still trying to rejoin the failed Iran deal with these gross regimes?The Iranian regime supports Putin’s ‘special operation’ in Ukraine |

Weber (R-TX-14) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “Couldn’t be any planer. [sic] Link to quoted tweet

Young (R-IN) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “Great to meet @AmbHerzog to discuss the importance of the special relationship between the United States and Israel. Our mutual security interests are under threat and we must stand together. Link to image

Cardin (D-MD) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “I commend @SecBlinken’s address at UNHRC Session highlighting the unfolding crises happening around the world. I welcome his commitment to counter anti-Israel bias and the disproportionate focus on Israel on the Council. Remarks at the UN Human Rights Council 49th Session – United States Department of State

Long (R-MO-7) 03/02/2022: Retweet of @HananyaNaftali – “More than 100 Jewish orphans escaped Ukraine to Romania, en route to Israel. We are ready to welcome you home. #Ukraine Link to image

Rice (D-NY-4) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “Was an honor to visit @yadvashem and its Chairman, my good friend @AmbDaniDayan! Link to quoted tweet

Graham (R-SC) 03/01/2022: Twitter thread – “Very glad to see Israel will be supporting the UN resolution against Putin’s destruction of Ukraine. I was very disappointed to hear yesterday that Israel turned down a request to supply the Ukrainian military with Stinger missiles. After rebuffing US at UNSC, Israel set to back General Assembly vote slamming Russia | The Times of Israel Now is the time for all who believe in democracy and freedom to step up to the plate, including Israel.

Hern (R-OK-1) 03/01/2022: Retweet of @coachbrucepearl – “Too little and maybe too late! Putin has been telling the world he wants Ukraine and now he’s taking it! Iran has been telling you they want the destruction of Israel and your ready to sign another BS nuclear treaty and send billions of dollars to Israel’s enemy? God help us! Link to quoted tweet

Joyce (R-OH-14) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “My God. Putin’s inhumanity has no limits. #StandWithUkraine Russians attack Babyn Yar Holocaust massacre site in Kyiv… |

Castro (D-TX-20) 03/01/2022: Retweet of @AndrewDesiderio – “The Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S. told Sen. Graham that Ukraine asked Israel for Stingers and Israel said no. Graham said he’s going to call up the Israelis and push them to reverse course.”

Coons (D-DE) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “Seeing reports that Russian bombs hit the Babyn Yar Holocaust site in Kyiv, the location of a violent massacre of 30,000 Jews in 1941. Putin began his invasion by calling for “De-Nazification” of Ukraine. This horrific attack tells a very different story. Russians attack Babyn Yar Holocaust massacre site in Kyiv… |

Escobar (D-TX-16) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “As the world bears witness to increasing attacks against democracy, it was a privilege to travel to Israel last week to reaffirm America’s commitment to advancing security, stability, democratic values, and a just and enduring two-state solution. More Press Releases… |

Garbarino (R-NY-2) 02/28/2022: Twitter thread – “It was humbling to visit the Holy Land last week. I gained invaluable insights from my meetings with government officials and seeing conditions on the ground that will help me better address issues related to the critical U.S. – Israel relationship as they come up in Congress. Link to image I will always stand in support of Israel and its people, and I thank them for welcoming our delegation. ”

Steel (R-CA-48) 02/28/2022: Twitter thread – “Last week I was so honored to join my congressional colleagues in Israel for a week of meetings, visits to holy sites, and learning from local officials. I was proud to reaffirm our nation’s commitment to our greatest ally in the Middle East. Link to image Our first stop was in the Old City, where I had an opportunity to pray at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and to visit the Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism, where millions visit to pray and reflect at the site of the Holy Temple. Link to image We also met with @IsraeliPM @naftalibennett and former Prime Minister @netanyahu, where our group discussed the importance of the strong U.S. – Israeli relationship. Link to image It was incredible to hear from Israeli Defense Force soldiers about their commitment to defending Israel and her people & to learn more about the Iron Dome. I’m a proud supporter of U.S. funding for this life-saving defense system. I’m so grateful to have visited this beautiful and special place. Link to image

Womack (R-AR-3) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “President Biden’s policies ended America’s energy independence—leaving us reliant on sources from adversaries. We’re buying Putin’s oil. It gets worse. The White House would rather give Iran a path to a nuclear weapon and global energy markets than unleash U.S. energy production. Link to quoted tweet

Escobar (D-TX) 2/28/2022: Press release – Congresswoman Escobar Visits Israel and Palestinian Territories

Long (R-MO-7) 02/27/2022: Retweet of @HananyaNaftali – “Israeli delegation of doctors is on its way help civilians in Ukraine. #UkraineWar @UnitedHatzalah Link to image

Long (R-MO-7) 02/28/2022: Retweet of @HananyaNaftali – “Israeli-made weapons are heading to Ukraine Israeli-made weapons are heading to Ukraine – The Jerusalem Post

Omar (D-MN-5) 02/27/2022: Retweet of @iD4RO – “A video of a Palestinian girl, Ahed Tamimi, confronting an Israeli soldier is being widely shared with the false claim that it shows a Ukrainian girl standing up to a Russian soldier. Link to image

Phillips (D-MN-3) 02/27/2022: Tweet – “Israel does such mitzvahs all the time during wars and natural disasters, with little fanfare or recognition. Link to quoted tweet

Donalds (R-FL-19) 02/26/2022: Tweet – “It’s an honor to take part in the Young Jewish Conservatives Shabbat Lunch today at @CPAC and also listen to the Great One @marklevinshow. The United States of America must always stand with the people of Israel and the Jewish community in our nation. Link to image

Gonzales (R-TX-23) 02/27/2022: Tweet – “GOD is good. Have a blessed day #TX23 [Israeli and US flags] Link to image

Long (R-MO-7) 02/26/2022: Tweet – “Great to catch up with Israeli #Knesset Member Simcha Rothman here at @CPAC #Israel Link to image

Gosar (R-AZ-4) 02/25/2022: Retweet of @KariLake – “.@KariLake: “The Israelis blow up the Terrorist-smuggling tunnels that HAMAS runs. We’re going to start blowing up these Drug-smuggling tunnels… and frankly, I don’t care if there is a Drug Smuggler in that tunnel when we take it down” Link to video

Rice (D-NY-4) 02/25/2022: Retweet of @AIPAC – “A message from @RepKathleenRice reflecting on her experience in Israel this week. #StrongerTogether Link to video

Van Duyne (R-TX-24) 02/25/2022: Tweet – “Over dinner, we met with U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Tom Nides, where we discussed the U.S.-Israel relationship. Link to image

Weber (R-TX-14) 02/26/2022: Tweet – “Reagan: “In Israel, free men & women demonstrate every day the power of courage & faith. In 1948 when Israel was founded, pundits claimed the new country could never survive. Today, no one questions that. Israel is a land of stability & democracy in a region of tryanny & unrest.””

Phillips (D-MN-3) 02/25/2022: Tweet – “From Minneapolis to Munich, and Sarajevo to Tel Aviv, Putin (and other autocrats) are seeing the invincibility of freedom and unity on full display all around the globe. Autocracy may win a battle, but democracy will win the war. [Ukrainian flag] Link to image

Tlaib (D-MI-13) 02/25/2022: Retweet of @mehdirhasan – “I genuinely can’t imagine what it must be like to live in a place like Ukraine right now, or Yemen, or Myanmar, or Gaza, or Kashmir. I often think how lucky so many of us are to be able to live in places untouched by war and conflict. Link to quoted tweet

Gottheimer (D-NJ) 2/25/2022: Press release – Gottheimer Visits Solomon Schechter Day School, Speaks to Students About Problem Solving & Standing Up for the U.S.-Israel Relationship [Gottheimer: “It’s important to talk to students and Americans of all ages about how to work constructively with those you may disagree with, and how to work across party lines to find common ground. That’s the kind of work we do week in and week out with the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, and how we bring both sides together to stand up for the historic U.S.-Israel relationship”]



Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Yes. The last time we killed over 400 Russians was a few years ago. Not only did we not have a nuclear exchange, Putin didn’t say a word from shame Link to quoted tweet

Meijer (R-MI-3) 03/03/2022: Retweet of @shaunwalker7 – “The videos from Chernihiv this evening seem an extreme escalation even by the standards of this hideous Russian campaign – suggest the Aleppo option for Ukrainian cities is very much on the table: Link to video

Velázquez (D-NY-7) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “I’m thrilled to see my Republican colleagues support TPS status for Ukrainians in New York. Does this mean you’ll be joining our fight for refugees from Haiti, Syria, and Yemen too? New York Republicans Urge Support for Ukraine Refugees, After Taking Immigration Hard Line Alongside Trump… |

Bacon (R-NE-2) 03/02/2022: Retweet of @RischMoments – “@DonJBacon You know you are on the wrong side of history when North Korea, Belarus and Syria are voting with you”

Bacon (R-NE-2) 03/02/2022: Twitter thread – “Four dystopian countries stand with Russia. Link to quoted tweet   Link to reply @PoliticsNeb That’s less than the Squad.”

Crenshaw (R-TX-2) 03/02/2022: Twitter thread – “…On the basis of process and backed up by Russia’s actions in Georgia, Syria, and Ukraine Putin’s Russia should not be allowed to be a roadblock to accountability for their own actions. We call on the Biden Administration to take all necessary action to remove Russia.”

Durbin (D-IL) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “The U.N. just voted overwhelmingly to denounce Russia’s barbaric military invasion of Ukraine. Putin is completely isolated with just a handful of the world’s fellow murderers in Syria and North Korea by his side. U.N. General Assembly set to censure Russia over Ukraine invasion… |

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “Yes, but we’ve known this. We—the entire world—watched as he barrel bombed Syrian schools & hospitals, aiding Assad in horrific chemical attacks on Syrian children. Putin’s barbaric brutality has been on full display for decades & it’s about damn time people wake up to it. Link to quoted tweet

Merkley (D-OR) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “Who votes with you says a lot. Here are the five countries who voted against condemning Russia: Belarus (Russia’s puppet, led by a vicious dictator) North Korea (vicious dictator) Eritrea (vicious dictator) Syria (vicious dictator) 5th? Russia itself. Link to quoted tweet

Rubio (R-FL) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “IMPORTANT WARNING In 2018 #Putin used propaganda war to blame rebels for Assad’s chemical weapons attacks High probability he could carry out real or staged biological/chemical attacks in #Ukraine & blame it on NATO or Ukrainian forces I was targeted by Russia’s wartime propaganda machine in Syria. We should be afraid for Ukraine… |

Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY-14) 03/01/2022: Retweet of @ElieNYC – “Right now @AOC is making the one to one connection between how we treat Ukrainian refugees is how we need to be treating Haitian refugees, Syrian refugees, and others. And that people will notice if we don’t.”

Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY-14) 03/02/2022: Retweet of @TheRaDR – “Exactly this, @AOC. How the US treats Ukraine refugees is how it should have, should yet, treat refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Haiti, on our southern border, & elsewhere. And let this be a chance to fix some of what is broken about US immigration. Link to video

Rubio (R-FL) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “The long Russian line is a heavily armed traffic jam They are facing logistical challenges & being attacked by a military & harassed by an population with the will to fight But also be aware that in Syria they showed an ability to learn from setbacks & make adjustments”

Blackburn (R-TN) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “Using their playbook from Syria, Russian military forces are allegedly employing cluster munitions against at least two civilian targets. That is a war crime.”

Risch (R-ID) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “Having spent years indiscriminately bombing innocent civilians in #Syria, #Putin is now doing the same in #Ukraine using the same brutal tactics & systems. According to the UN, #Russia’s actions amount to war crimes. History must not be allowed to repeat. Putin must be stopped.

Jacobs (D-CA-53) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “The scenes we’re seeing play out in Ukraine are sadly not unique. Places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, & Somalia continue to experience the same destruction and chaos that comes with war. It’s time we lift the refugee cap & welcome Ukrainians and all those fleeing from violence. Link to video

Waltz (R-FL-6) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “Putin will pivot from a decapitation strategy with precision strikes…to a scorched earth policy with mass civilian casualties. Russia/USSR did the same in Afghanistan, Chechnya, & Syria. This is going to go from bad to devastating Link to quoted tweet

Jacobs (D-CA-53) 02/26/2022: Tweet – “Russia has a track record of not mitigating civilian harm in Syria and elsewhere and has been accused in the past of targeting civilians. We’re seeing the same story in Ukraine. That’s why we must prepare a robust humanitarian response and ensure safe haven to those fleeing. Link to quoted tweet

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 02/25/2022: Tweet – “Do you really believe Putin, faced with escalating against NATO, would make that call? We killed 400 Russians in Syria, Putin went silent. I know we would love to let this all go away. But sometimes we don’t get that choice. Link to quoted tweet

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 02/25/2022: Tweet – “ Link to quoted tweet

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 02/25/2022: In reply to Tweet – “@RadioFreeTom The respect is mutual”



Bacon (R-NE-2) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Looks like POTUS’s solution for gas prices is to turn from the world’s biggest war criminal to the #1 sponsor of terrorism. #BuyAmerican, except energy?? Americans are better than this, Mr President. #KeystonePipeline Oil prices drop from 14-year high on Iran nuclear deal speculation… |

Banks (R-IN-3) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “The Biden administration would rather get oil from terrorists than Texas. These people are sick! Link to quoted tweet

Burchett (R-TN-2) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “We are considering buying oil from Iran and we buy 560,000 barrels a day from Russia. Yet, we are restricting our own production of oil.

Burchett (R-TN-2) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “We are dancing with the Devil allowing a thug like Putin to negotiate a deal for us with Iran.”

Burgess (R-TX-26) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “At the #SOTU, POTUS promised that “when we use taxpayer dollars to rebuild America, we’re going to do it by buying American.” Why is buying oil from the #1 state sponsor of terrorism on the table? Link to quoted tweet

Cheney (R-WY-0) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “Biden Administration reportedly agreeing to a deal, negotiated by the Russians, to give Iran a pathway to a nuclear weapon & massive sanctions relief. This would be a grave mistake, empowering America’s adversaries, and weakening American security. Russians Announce U.S.-Iran Deal as Tanks Roll Across Europe… |

Cheney (R-WY-0) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “The Biden Administration @Rob_Malley is making dangerous concessions to Iran – in nuclear negotiations brokered by the Russians. Indefensible. American strength is essential, especially at this moment in history. Thread Link to quoted tweet

Cheney (R-WY-0) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “America can — and should — be the arsenal of energy for the world. I joined @guypbenson to talk about the importance of bolstering domestic energy production, decisive action we can take to help Ukraine fend off Putin, & more. Listen here: Cheney Calls On U.S. To Stop Russian Oil Imports; Emphasizes Danger Of Making A Deal With Iran – Congresswoman Liz Cheney   Link to video

Cornyn (R-TX) 03/03/2022: Retweet of @GLNoronha – “VIDEO: Mikhael Ulyanov, the Russian Ambassador for Iran negotiations says that the deal is “24, maybe 48 hours” away from completion. The Chinese, Russian, and Iranian governments know what’s in this deal. The U.S. Congress and the American people are being kept in the dark. Link to video

Cotton (R-AR) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “While Putin levels Ukrainian cities, President Biden is partnering with Russia to ease sanctions on the terrorist Iranian regime. Shameful.

Cotton (R-AR) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “While we’re trying to isolate Russia, Joe Biden is personally relying on Vladimir Putin to negotiate a bad deal with the terrorists of Iran. This is madness.”

Crenshaw (R-TX-2) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “NEW EPISODE Former State Department Spokeswoman @MorganOrtagus joins us to discuss the differences in foreign policy approaches between the Trump and Biden Admin, and how to effectively handle our enemies while keeping America’s place in the world. ‎Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw: The World As It Is: Russia, China, and Iran | Morgan Ortagus on Apple Podcasts   Link to image

Cruz (R-TX) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “President Biden reversed America’s energy independence, and now Biden-Harris officials are suggesting we should purchase billions of dollars of oil from Iran – which uses its resources to target Americans for terrorism and murder. It’s absolutely appalling. Link to video

Cruz (R-TX) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “Team Biden would rather fund the Ayatollah’s Death to America regime than allow Americans to produce energy for our own domestic consumption. Link to quoted tweet

Cruz (R-TX) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “Meet the Ayatollah’s new Energy Minister…. Link to quoted tweet

Fallon (R-TX-4) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “This Administration has kept Congress and, more importantly, the American people in the dark. These talks are a cataclysmic mistake & should’ve never began in the first place. Link to quoted tweet

Gallagher (R-WI-8) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “Rep. Gallagher to the @DailyCaller: “Entering into what appears to be a disastrous new agreement with Iran without involving Congress in the process would poison the well, violate the law, and hand Putin a massive win in the Middle East.” Republicans Blast Biden Administration For ‘Giving Away The Store’ To Iran In Sanctions Negotiations… |

Gallagher (R-WI-8) 03/04/2022: Retweet of @mdubowitz – “Take 5 minutes. Watch @RepGallagher questioning US Navy leader on “integrated deterrence,” which failed to deter Putin — and won’t deter Xi (or Khamenei) without American hard power. Link to quoted tweet

Gooden (R-TX-5) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “Pete Buttigieg has said buying oil from Iran is “on the table.” Why isn’t American energy on the table?

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Amid Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden refuses to unleash North American energy production as an alternative to Russian oil. Don’t be surprised if Biden soon shamefully argues nations need to buy oil from Iran, the world’s biggest state sponsor of terror. Link to quoted tweet

Issa (R-CA-50) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Pay attention. With the world focused on Ukraine, Pres Biden is finalizing another foreign-policy disaster— a new nuclear agreement with Iran. Bad enough had he revived the disastrous Obama deal. But his negotiators are making it worse. Biden’s Dangerous Iran Deal | National Review

McClain (R-MI-10) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “The U.S. shouldn’t be purchasing oil from our adversaries, especially Iran. America needs to be energy independent! Link to quoted tweet

Norman (R-SC-5) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “Using North American oil to decouple economic dependency on the resources of hostile nations is a long-term solution. Link to quoted tweet

Rogers (R-AL-3) 03/04/2022: Retweet of @yhn – “INBOX: @RepMikeRogersAL released a statement warning the Biden administration against entering another bad nuclear deal with Iran #alpolitics”

Rosendale (R-MT-0) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Ban Russian oil imports. Take buying Iranian oil “off the table.” Restore U.S. energy independence. Link to video

Roy (R-TX-21) 03/04/2022: Retweet of @AndrewCMcCarthy – “Biden Colludes with Russia on a New, More Disastrous Iran Deal – my @NRO column from last night … Iran Nuclear Deal: Biden Colludes with Russia | National Review

Roy (R-TX-21) 03/04/2022: Retweet of @NRO – “The White House has essentially outsourced its Iran negotiations to Putin’s envoy. Iran appears poised to reap billions. | by @AndrewCMcCarthy Iran Nuclear Deal: Biden Colludes with Russia | National Review

Rubio (R-FL) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “Biden will not allow America to produce more of its own oil But we are still buying oil from a war criminal in #Russia And are apparently only days away from also buying oil from a terrorist government in #Iran Russia Involved in Plot to Help Iran Bust U.S. Oil Sanctions |

Sullivan (R-AK) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “If @POTUS revives the nuclear deal with Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, and tries to replace Russian oil with Iranian oil, the unity the President has called for to address Putin’s invasion of Ukraine will be shattered. Link to quoted tweet

Sullivan (R-AK) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “Americans want and need energy produced in our own country, by American workers—not the Iranian terrorist regime or the Russian mafia state.

Tenney (R-NY-22) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “The Biden Administration would rather buy oil from the terrorist regime in Iran than produce it here in the United States.

Tuberville (R-AL) 03/03/2022: Twitter thread – “He wants us to stop spending $20 million per day on Russian oil and start spending it on Iranian oil? Good Lord. Link to quoted tweet   Link to reply @ojlyons American oil.

Womack (R-AR-3) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “Right now, as Ukrainians fight for their lives and freedom, the White House is working with Russia on a nuclear agreement for Iran. Putin is threatening nuclear war… so the U.S. thinks Moscow is who should be helping us broker a deal with a known state sponsor of terrorism? Link to quoted tweet

Gallagher (R-WI) 03/03/2022: Floor statement in Russia/Ukraine, including: ““And by the way, what is going on with the Biden Administration’s efforts to revive the Iran deal? The fact that they may even be contemplating doing this without involving Congress is incredibly troubling if for no other reason than as I’ve said before, one of the biggest beneficiaries of the deal will not just be the terrorist sponsoring, Israel hating, radical regime in Tehran — the Iranian regime — it will be the Russians. The Russians will benefit from this deal.

Burchett (R-TN-2) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “We have lost our soul. Link to quoted tweet

Cassidy (R-LA) 03/02/2022: Retweet of @GLNoronha – “34.Iran is set to get a massive windfall in access to cash: the latest estimate is $90 billion in foreign exchange reserves, and then $50-55 billion in extra revenue each year from higher oil/petrochemical exports, with no restrictions on where it’ll be spent. Link to image

Cornyn (R-TX) 03/02/2022: Retweet of @Norman_Roule – “If we sanction Vladimir Putin, his foreign minister, & his associates bc of their role in the invasion of Ukraine, we should sanction Iran’s Supreme Leader & his associates for their role in regional aggression that led to the deaths of thousands, including Americans.”

Cotton (R-AR) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “The Biden Administration will gladly buy oil from Iran and Russia. But they banned new drilling leases in America. Link to quoted tweet

Cruz (R-TX) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “Putin wants to make the lives of Americans worse. He’s trying to rebuild the Soviet Union. It is in our interest to prevent him from succeeding. But President Biden has shown incredible weakness not only to Russia but to the Taliban, China, and Iran. It’s acutely dangerous. Link to video

Gallagher (R-WI-8) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “Rep. Gallagher on reports the US is close to a new Iran Deal: “At a time when you’re starting to get steel in the spine of the West, why would the administration screw this sentiment up by trying to revive an Iran deal that will make the old Iran deal look good in comparison.” Link to video

Inhofe (R-OK) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “There appear to be no limits to what @USEnvoyIran will offer Tehran to return to the failed nuclear deal. This is why top officials resigned from Malley’s team some months ago, and why State Dept officials are leaking on him now. Very troubling thread Link to quoted tweet

Issa (R-CA-50) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “Biden mishandled Afghanistan. Biden is mishandling Russia. Biden continues to negotiate with Iran and trust China.

Mast (R-FL-18) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “In 2015, a year after Putin forcefully annexed Crimea, President Obama thanked him for his role in the Iran nuclear deal. History cannot be allowed to repeat itself. Stop the so-called “nuclear deal” that only emboldens Iran and Russia now. Link to video

Tenney (R-NY-22) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “Is @Rob_Malley really trying to use the Ukraine Crisis as cover to give the radicals in Iran everything they’ve been asking for? That’s the allegation and if true, it would be ILLEGAL. Any deal with #Iran must be submitted to Congress for review and approval – THAT’S THE LAW.

Tenney (R-NY-22) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “We don’t become energy independent by purchasing IRANIAN oil. This is an “option” that should be firmly OFF the table and the Administration needs to clarify its position on this point ASAP. Link to video

Waltz (R-FL-6) 03/03/2022: Retweet of @hughhewitt – “Has the U.S. led with any type of sanction on Russia? Or is it all “Lead from Behind, Again?” And does fear of screwing the Russian-brokered appeasement of Iran underway in Vienna play a role in our hesitancy? @JoeBiden can flip that script by hammering Russian oil/gas exports.

Bacon (R-NE-2) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “5 months into the fiscal year, the Democrat controlled Congress still hasn’t passed an appropriations bill. This is INDEFENSIBLE. The Pentagon is pleading for help…how do we standup to Putin, Xi, Khamenei & Kim without a defense budget? Enough is enough! #NoMoreCRs

Banks (R-IN-3) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “Speaking of the “Iranian people” @joebiden, you going to mention that upcoming Russia-mediated deal?”

Blackburn (R-TN) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “Agree with @IngrahamAngle – Biden must sanction Communist China for bolstering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.   Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are the new axis of evil.   They must be stopped. Ingraham pushes the United States to sanction China following Russian invasion of Ukraine… |

Blackburn (R-TN) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “Joe Biden gifted Putin the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and is pushing for a new Iran nuclear deal to push Iranian oil into the world market.

Buck (R-CO-4) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “Putin will never weaken the will of the “Iranian” people? Someone please get Joe Biden a map.” Re-tweeted by Carter (R-TX-31)

Burchett (R-TN-2) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “If the Iran nuclear deal is as good as the Biden administration wants us to believe, they should bring it before our lawmakers for official approval. Congress needs to be involved in any potential deal to prevent Biden from blundering his way into another foreign policy screw up. Link to quoted tweet

Burchett (R-TN-2) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “The US is about to lift sanctions on Irans nukes in a deal negotiated by Russia. Our @POTUS is not well.

Cramer (R-ND) 03/01/2022: GETTR – ““I’m calling on oil and gas producers in the United States to ramp up their production to pre-pandemic levels and rescinding every executive order and regulation I’ve issued that stands in the way of American energy dominance including the Keystone XL pipeline. And I will never again grovel to Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and the rest of the OPEC+ cartel to increase their output. We have to meet the demand of the world and not rely on Russia or other bad actors.” “I’m lifting all the draconian mandates related to the COVID-19 pandemic and we’re going to finish building the wall to secure our southern border.

Cruz (R-TX) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “The Real State of the Union: Biden has undermined our allies & embolden our enemies. Biden’s abandonment of Afghanistan was a deadly crisis. He waived sanctions on #NordStream2, paving the way for Russia to invade Ukraine. Now he’s set to give Taiwan to China & a nuke to Iran.

Cruz (R-TX) 03/01/2022: Retweet of @EliLake – “At a moment when the world is rightly isolating Putin’s barbaric regime, we should be kicking Russia out of the P5 plus 1, not relying on Russian diplomats to appease Iran’s nuclear program. Link to quoted tweet

Duncan (R-SC-3) 03/01/2022: Tweet – ““Putin may surround Kyiv with tanks, but he will never win the hearts and mind of the Iranian people” -President Joe Biden

Fallon (R-TX-4) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “I’ve said for months that the negotiations with the Iran are a mistake. Biden is using Russia to broker a deal that lifts sanctions on Iran’s most dangerous terrorists. We will use every legislative tool at our disposal to hold this Administration accountable for these talks. Link to quoted tweet

Fitzgerald (R-WI-5) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “If President Biden delivers an honest address this evening, he’ll take responsibility for: ! Skyrocketing inflation ! High energy prices ! Botched foreign policy in Iran, Afghanistan, and Ukraine ! Record level fentanyl seizures at the southern border #SOTUinCrisis

Gaetz (R-FL-1) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “BREAKING: Biden announces unconventional plan to win the hearts and souls of Iranian people in Kyiv… Not from @TheBabylonBee #SOTU2022 Link to video” Also on GETTR

Gibbs (R-OH-7) 03/01/2022: Twitter thread – “Tonight is the State of the Union address. The fact is we are facing a series of crises, many self-inflicted, that are making America weaker and less prosperous. President Biden needs to acknowledge these failures. Luckily, Republicans have solutions: …𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗯𝗹𝗲𝗺: Biden’s weak foreign policy fails to hold Russia accountable, was unprepared for the debacle in Afghanistan, and is enabling Iran in an attempt to revive the egregious Iran Nuclear Deal. 𝗦𝗼𝗹𝘂𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻: Stand strong in the face of tyrants and dictators. Impose the harshest sanctions on Putin 7 help arm Ukraine with military hardware. Stop rewarding Iran for their nuclear weapons research & ensure something like the Afghanistan debacle never happens again.

Gimenez (R-FL-26) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “Obama advisors recommend we import more oil from Saudi Arabia and Iran rather than producing more HERE. I don’t know about you but I want to put American oil, American people, and American jobs FIRST. Link to video

Hagerty (R-TN) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “Russia is 1 of Biden’s many foreign policy crises. The southern border is an ongoing security, economic & humanitarian emergency. Afghanistan’s terror threats bloom after the botched withdrawal. Iran & North Korea’s nuclear threats grow. The CCP seeks global dominance. #SOTU

Long (R-MO-7) 03/01/2022: Retweet of @ClayTravis – “Joe Biden just said Putin will never weaken the will of the Iranian people. He meant the Ukrainian people. Good lord.

Long (R-MO-7) 03/02/2022: Retweet of @FoxNews – “Kamala Harris seen mouthing words as Biden mixes up Ukrainians and Iranians Kamala Harris seen mouthing words as Biden mixes up Ukrainians and Iranians | Fox News

McCaul (R-TX-10) 03/02/2022: Twitter thread – “LR @RepMcCaul in today’s hearing w/@DeputySecState …”We also need to isolate #Russia diplomatically as well as economically. It should be obvious that Russia should not be serving as one of the key brokers of an #Iran nuclear deal while they are waging a war against Ukraine. “It is also gravely concerning the administration apparently doesn’t want Congress to review their new deal. Bypassing congressional review of any Iran nuclear deal – especially one brokered by Putin – would be a violation of U.S. law. “Full stop.”

Nehls (R-TX-22) 03/01/2022: Tweet – ““Iranian people” Joe Biden is in a #StateOfConfusion.

Risch (R-ID) 03/01/2022: Twitter thread – “…The #JCPOA was fatally flawed in 2015 & is now even more fatally flawed in 2022. Despite promises of ‘longer and stronger,’ it’s clear the admin does not have leverage to address #Iran’s regional terrorism & ballistic missile activity. No deal is better than a bad deal. As the world continues to combat #COVID19 & its deadly variants, this admin has yet to take any significant action to prepare for the next infectious disease threat. My bipartisan legislation would improve pandemic prevention & preparedness should be enacted w/out further delay. Biden’s early nat sec guidance emphasized his desire to reduce the role of nuclear weapons. #Putin just issued the most explicit threats of nuclear use in decades while #China has tested more missiles than any other nation. Biden must accelerate modernizing US nuclear deterrence. Biden has only met w/ one #African leader at the White House thus far. As the continent faces a rising number of coups & increasing influence from #China, #Russia, #Iran, & other regional powers, it’s imperative we increase our engagement & cooperation with African partners.

Rogers (R-AL-3) 03/01/2022: Retweet of @HASCRepublicans – “Biden will claim tonight that he has made Russia an international pariah after its invasion of Ukraine. But the Biden admin is still working w/ Russia on a deal w/ Iran that will pave the way to an Iranian nuclear weapon & provide the IRGC will billions in sanctions relief. Link to quoted tweet

Tenney (R-NY-22) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a terrorist organization and should continue to be formally designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). No deal struck by @USEnvoyIran should roll this back. That’s a complete nonstarter.

Whitehouse (D-RI) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “WSJ wrong twice: (1) you can have an immediate and a looming emergency, and (2) fossil fuel dependency enriches and empowers bad actors like Russia and Iran. Doubt me? Read my piece with Graham. A World Without Fossil Fuels Funding Our Enemies Would Be A Safer World for America… | Renewables world is safer world. Link to image

Burchett (R-TN-2) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “How can ⁦@POTUS⁩ trust Russia to negotiate peace for us and Israel. These people want to kill us. #Scary Biden Admin Relies on Russia to Finalize Iran Nuclear Deal as Putin Invades Ukraine |

Stefanik (R-NY-21) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “Joe Biden created a National Security Crisis. He alone is to blame for the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan. President Biden’s weakness has emboldened Russia. China, Iran, and North Korea are watching. #SOTUinCrisis”

Garbarino (R-NY-2) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “The world is watching. If left unchecked, the actions of Putin and his regime could embolden our adversaries in China, North Korea, and Iran to act against the free world.

Long (R-MO-7) 03/01/2022: Retweet of @RepStefanik – “Joe Biden created a National Security Crisis. He alone is to blame for the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan. President Biden’s weakness has emboldened Russia. China, Iran, and North Korea are watching. #SOTUinCrisis

McCarthy (R-CA-23) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “The United States of America should not be negotiating with Iran—the world’s largest state-sponsor of terror. We should be imposing greater sanctions on the Iranian regime, not gifting them with a pathway to getting a nuclear weapon. Link to video

McCaul (R-TX-10) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “LR @RepMcCaul “It should be obvious that Russia should no longer serve as one of the key intermediaries brokering an #Iran nuclear deal. There is no chance #Russia has U.S. national security interests in mind when it looks at Iran’s nuclear program.” Link to quoted tweet

McCaul (R-TX-10) 02/28/2022: Retweet of @Kredo0 – “JUST IN: Biden Admin Relying on Russia To Finalize Iran Nuclear Deal as Putin Invades Ukraine — Biden “rushing to finalize a deal with Iran, brokered by Russia, that it does not want Congress to review, in violation of US law,” @RepMcCaul tells me Biden Admin Relies on Russia to Finalize Iran Nuclear Deal as Putin Invades Ukraine… |

Tenney (R-NY-22) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “If the Russian Federation wants to act like a pariah, it should be treated like one. That’s why I’m leading the charge to boot Russia from the UN Security Council and why I’m joining my colleagues in calling on Russia to be excluded from all ongoing Iran nuclear negotiations.

Burchett (R-TN-2) 02/27/2022: Tweet – “Why is @POTUS considering negotiations with Iran and allowing the chief negotiator to be Russia?”

Carter (R-TX-31) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “ICYMI: The Verdict is out on Ukraine, the economy, and Iran. Check out my latest E-newsletter here: The Verdict… |

Cornyn (R-TX) 02/27/2022: Retweet of @Norman_Roule – “IRGC leadership & various subcomponents provide regional terrorist proxies w training, funds, & missiles. We cannot decry Russian terror against Ukraine but then ignore the actions of an Iranian government arm responsible for so much violence & death. Link to quoted tweet

Curtis (R-UT-3) 02/27/2022: Tweet – “It is absurd that we are still at the table with Russia attempting to legitimize a deal that will only help Khomeini and Putin. The Russian government must be completely isolated for its crimes in #Ukraine. Link to image

Ernst (R-IA) 02/27/2022: Tweet – “The Biden administration is committed to bolstering the economies of Iran and Russia over putting tens of thousands of Americans back to work and returning to U.S. energy independence. They’re choosing deranged climate politics over national security.

Gallagher (R-WI-8) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “Rep. Gallagher: “I don’t think most Americans understand that the Biden admin is relying on Russia to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear program…If this admin announces an Iran deal brokered by Putin, that will be billions of dollars for Iran and a massive win for Putin.” Link to video

Toomey (R-PA) 02/28/2022: Twitter thread – “Who would have thought the Europeans would be the ones leading the way on imposing tougher sanctions on Russia? That’s exactly what happened over the weekend when they decided to limit Russia’s access to SWIFT. It’s a start, but too many Russian banks are not effectively sanctioned. Secondary sanctions would force the world to decide between doing business with Russia or the U.S. by blocking from our economy any foreign bank that chooses to continue doing business with Russia. As our sanctions regime against Iran illustrates, the world will choose the U.S. This would then entirely isolate Russian banks from the global economy—not just the U.S. economy—and shut down Russian oil and gas sales. While coordinating with our European allies is important, we can no longer wait on reaching a consensus with the EU before taking swift and severe action. America must step up and lead before Russian aggression escalates even further. I implore @POTUS to immediately impose sweeping secondary sanctions against Russia’s entire financial sector and for Congress to pass the Never Yielding Europe’s Territory Act to impose such sanctions—before more blood is shed.

Ernst (R-IA) 02/27/2022: Retweet of @mikepompeo – “President Biden — stop partnering with Russia to cut a deal with Iran. When China and Russia are on your side of the table negotiating “against” Iran, you are putting America and Israel at risk.”

Blackburn (R-TN) 02/26/2022: Tweet – “Joe Biden has given Russia, China, and Iran the runway to attack the U.S. and our partners around the globe.

Cornyn (R-TX) 02/26/2022: Retweet of @Norman_Roule – “Whatever one’s views of the nuclear benefits of a restored JCPOA, sanctions relief will resource Iran’s missile programs, Qods Force operations, & regional proxies no less than Moscow’s ability to sell oil funds its war machine. Single issue policymaking has consequences.”

Cruz (R-TX) 02/26/2022: Retweet of @NRO – “Russia used the Biden administration’s obsession with a new Iran deal to distract from the Ukrainian invasion. | by @VictoriaCoates Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Iran Nuclear Talks Distracted U.S. | National Review

Cruz (R-TX) 02/26/2022: Retweet of @NileGardiner – “The Biden presidency is a monumental disaster on every foreign policy front. A culture of weakness and appeasement of dictatorships, from Moscow to Tehran. Link to quoted tweet

Toomey (R-PA) 02/26/2022: Tweet – “We can cut some Russian banks off from SWIFT. But to bring Russia’s economy to its knees, we must isolate *all* Russian banks from the global economy. That requires Iran-style secondary sanctions, which forces foreign banks to choose between doing business with the US or Russia. Link to video

Waltz (R-FL-6) 02/27/2022: Tweet – “The Iranian & US negotiating teams for a new Iran Deal aren’t actually talking to one another. Guess who the mediator is – Russia! Link to quoted tweet

Wicker (R-MS) 02/26/2022: Tweet – “As Russia, China, and Iran amass more power, @POTUS and his Administration are preoccupied with promoting their leftist socialist agenda in the military instead of recruiting, training, and equipping the force we need to defend the United States.

Donalds (R-FL-19) 02/26/2022: Retweet of @LibertyIranian – “We are at #CPAC2022 #CPACFlorida. Great to see friends @LisaDaftari, @RepDonaldsPress, @RichardGrenell, @RepTedBudd, @RepMTG, @RepMaryMiller, @HarrisonWFields and many more! Link to image

Ernst (R-IA) 02/25/2022: Tweet – “The Biden admin would rather give Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, a path to a nuclear weapon & re-entry into the global energy market than increase American energy production to ease gas prices. And who is brokering the deal? Russia. Negotiations over the Iran nuclear deal are close to the end, and a deal appears possible… |

Fulcher (R-ID-1) 02/25/2022: Tweet – “After witnessing the fate of President Obama’s failed JCPOA, President Biden must recognize that Congress has a role to play in any new agreement with Iran. Read the full letter here: Under Maintenance |   Link to image

Torres (D-NY-15) 02/25/2022: Twitter thread – “The JCPOA (2015 Iran deal) capped uranium enrichment at 3.67%. The Iranian nuclear chief announced that Iran would enrich uranium to 20% purity even after a new deal is finalized. Link to quoted tweet Either the new deal allows a higher level of uranium enrichment (bad) or Iran is announcing it will violate the deal before it is even finalized (worse).

Hagerty (R-TN) 02/25/2022: Tweet – “President Biden should be leading to put economic pressure on Russia by convincing SWIFT to remove all Russian banks instead of caving to European demands. The Trump Admin led this charge in the maximum pressure campaign against Iran. It was done before & it can be done again. Link to quoted tweet

Hill (R-AR-2) 02/26/2022: Tweet – “I don’t see why waiting bears any strategy. Putin’s taken this catastrophic action. He needs to pay the maximum price now. Sanctioning the central bank of Russia is the kind of draconian sanctions we’ve employed on Iran. Link to quoted tweet

Johnson (R-OH-6) 02/26/2022: Tweet – “With these sanctions, Putin now will join an “exclusive” club that also counts Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, and Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro as members. Link to image

Tenney (R-NY-22) 02/25/2022: Retweet of @M_S_Billingslea – “I’ll say it yet again: We don’t need the Germans, Italians, or Belgians — or anyone else in the EU — to convince SWIFT to remove all Russian banks. How do I know? Because we did this to Iran under President Trump, against the wishes of the EU & UK. But it requires leadership.


Saudi Arabia

Wyden (D-OR) 03/03/2022: Twitter thread – “Secure, encrypted communications give people the power to organize and access information that authoritarian regimes don’t want seen. End-to-end encryption is life or death for people living in authoritarian countries like Russia, China, or Saudi Arabia. Link to quoted tweet In September 2018 @Twitter’s then CEO @jack told me the company was working on end-to-end encrypted DMs. Now 3.5 years later, and they’re still not encrypted. Telegram has also lulled its users into a false sense of security, failing to encrypt messages by default. If a service isn’t end-to-end encrypted by default, it isn’t safe. I’m calling on Twitter and Telegram to protect their users globally by encrypting their messaging services as soon as possible.

Casten (D-IL-6) 03/01/2022: Twitter thread – “There is a very disingenuous and dangerous conversation going on right now about Russian oil and what we should do to reduce demand for same in defense of Ukraine. It is being led by politicians & businesses who’s only interest is throwing $ at US producers. Let’s dive in: 1/ First, we – and by we, I mean the entire Western, pro-democracy world – should do everything in our power to reduce demand for Russian oil & gas. Their economy depends on it. 2/ The best way to do that is to commit to energy efficiency and renewables. It gives us all access to transportation, warm homes and electricity with the least cost. And makes us dependent not only on Russian oil, but also Saudi, Azerbaijani, Canadian and North Dakotan. 3/ Alternatively, we could get there by shifting production elsewhere. And this is where the conversation gets dangerous. Because lots of my colleagues are suggesting this is about Keystone, or ramping up US LNG exports. THEY ARE LYING. 4/ Some numbers. Nordstream 2 has the capacity to 55 billion cubic meters/year of natural gas to Western Europe. Total US LNG export capacity is about 121 BCM/y, but it’s almost totally maxed out. We are already using that resource as much as we can. 5/ We are facing real time, daily risks of Russia taking control of Ukraine. I’m going to say this slowly for the kids in the back of the room: YOU CAN’T BUILD AN LNG TERMINAL IN A WEEK. Arguments that US should ramp LNG exports right now are moronic. 6/ Moreover, the build up of LNG export capacity has substantially contributed to the rising price of natural gas in the US. Setting moral issues aside, anyone arguing for more LNG exports is also arguing for more volatility in US natural gas markets. Link to quoted tweet 7/ There is another argument going on that the US should immediately permit the Keystone pipeline and stop purchasing Russian oil. Let’s look at those numbers: 8/ The US is importing about 13 million barrels of Russian oil per month. (400K BPD). This is primarily to Alaska and Hawaii, for geographic reasons. U.S. Imports from Russia of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products (Thousand Barrels)… |   Link to image

Casten (D-IL-6) 03/01/2022: In reply to Tweet – “9/ Keystone, if fully built would provide ~700K BPD of crude oil, but existing US refining capacity produces 9.4M BPD. Keystone isn’t nothing, but it’s not a swing player on international markets. It’s just a dog whistle for climate change deniers. 10/ Also – and again for the kids in the back of the class: YOU CANNOT BUILD THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE IN A DAY. It has nothing to do with short-term energy demand from Russia. Put the dog-whistle away children; the adults have work to do. 11/ So what should we do? First, it is great to see Germany revisiting their decisions to phase out nuclear power. Keeping those generators on line eases demand for natural gas (Nordstream or otherwise) in Western Europe. Germany to step up plans to cut dependence on Russia gas… | 12/ Second, let’s be clear-eyed about global oil production capacity. There is a country with the underground resources AND above ground production capacity to quickly ramp up production and shut down Russian demand: Saudi Arabia. 13/ Any rapid ramp down in Russian demand that is stapled to maintaining consistent oil supply is therefore predicated on ramping Saudi production. The US simply doesn’t have the short-term swing capacity. 14/ It’s not about what we want to happen. This is what WILL happen in a world that stops demanding Russian gas given dynamics of the market and existing capacity. 15/ But that’s only in the short-term. In the medium/long term we’d all like to live in a world where our quality of life and energy bills do not depend on the vagaries of politics in Russia or Saudi Arabia nor put the survival our species at risk. Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability – IPCC Working Group II contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report 16/ Getting to that point requires investment. In efficiency. In renewables. In EVs. In electrification. In the biggest wealth transfer in the history of our species from energy producers – with all their attendant risks – to energy consumers (e.g., everyone) 17/ Those who are arguing that we should instead invest in more fossil infrastructure are either evil or stupid. Neither is a basis for policy making, notwithstanding how persuasive their arguments have historically been. /fin Post-script: we are all in this together and should be prepared to economically sacrifice. Oil and gas markets are BRUTALLY efficient in the sense that they they will swap suppliers on a moments notice to save a few pennies per MMBtu…. …so shutting off Russian supply implicitly means shifting some part of our market to slightly higher priced supplies. Your gasoline will get more expensive in the short-term. That will be painful. But it is a small sacrifice compared to that being borne by the Ukrainians. I suspect some of my colleagues will try to score political points from that price increase. Don’t let them. /fin (and this time, I really mean it!)”

Fleischmann (R-TN-3) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “Energy security is national security. We must restart domestic oil production and not rely on Russia, the Saudis, or any other source of foreign oil and energy.

Sherman (D-CA-30) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “Saudi benefits from #Ukraine invasion. Sells its oil for a premium. Pockets the premium rather than give it to Ukraine humanitarian efforts. And by refusing to pump more, empowers Putin. Oil prices are rising fast. Saudi Arabia may not come to the rescue… |

Cohen (D-TN-9) 02/27/2022: In reply to Tweet – “@johncusack Have heard of kill lists( decapitate leadership) for week. Putin is a sick one. I’m sure he’ll find a way to View Zelenskyy murder. Since his sick, “my beauty it’s going to happen…” it was clear the sociopath would kill possibly ala Khashoggi. An SOB.

Gaetz (R-FL-1) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “#DefundTyranny Link to quoted tweet

Roy (R-TX-21) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “As we approach 3/11 govt funding deadline: 1) border is wide open – empowering China/cartels/terrorists & endangering Americans; 2) US energy production is limited, empowering Russia, the Saudis, & harming Americans; 3) Vax mandates remain, harming Americans. #DefundTyranny”

Roy (R-TX-21) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “Thanks to Democrats the world is dependent on Russian oil & gas… & their idea of diplomacy is to say “thank you sir may I have another.” Meanwhile, volumes of CO2 are pumped out by China with some 50 new coal plants while America has no new nuclear… heckuva job. #EnergyFreedom Link to quoted tweet

Sherman (D-CA-30) 02/27/2022: Twitter thread – “[Thread] #Republicans are using the #Ukraine crisis to divide Americans about policies that might produce more oil in five years. Pressuring Russia requires more production in five weeks. Only Saudi can do that. (1/5) @chiproytx @michaelgwaltz Thanks to #Democrats, America is using far less oil compared to our economic production than in decades past. If we were still riding in cars getting 10 mpg, Putin would be behind the wheel. (2/5) Thanks to Democrats, we produce less of our electricity from oil than at any time in fifty years. Think of how much Putin could get per barrel if we hadn’t changed. (3/5) Electricity production from oil, gas and coal sources (% of total) – United States | Data And in fact our electricity production is far less dependent on all fossil fuels. Again, thank Democrats. Energy independence starts with efficiency, conservation and alternative energy. (4/5) After his first year in office, oil production is now higher under Biden than when Trump left office. “U.S. crude oil production forecast to rise in 2022 and 2023 to record-high levels” per the U.S. Energy Information Administration. (5/5) U.S. crude oil production forecast to rise in 2022 and 2023 to record-high levels – Today in Energy – U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Gimenez (R-FL-26) 02/26/2022: Twitter thread – “You’d rather have Saudi Arabia produce more oil than develop AMERICAN energy? You should call on @POTUS to produce more HERE. Link to quoted tweet When will you admit that your policies are bad for America and dangerous for the world?

Waltz (R-FL-6) 02/26/2022: Tweet – “Wrong @BradSherman. Unleashing AMERICAN energy (cleaner & creates jobs) is the answer, not begging OPEC to pump more! Link to quoted tweet

Sherman (D-CA-30) 02/25/2022: Tweet – “Saudi Arabia – now is your chance to be an ally or an enemy of those standing against Russia’s attack on #Ukraine. Saudi Arabia must open taps and produce more oil so the world can turn its back on Russian oil. Otherwise, the blood of Ukrainians is also on Saudi Arabia’s hands.” Re-tweeted with comment by Roy (R-TX-21) 02/26/2022: Tweet – “Hey Brad, remember this – wherein you and your Dem colleagues unilaterally disarmed by shutting down ANWR & Offshore Drilling? Link to quoted tweet #EnergyFreedom Link to quoted tweet



Rubio (R-FL) 03/04/2022: Tweet – “!! ICYMI: Sen. Rubio urges @POTUS to strengthen ties with #Bahrain on @Medium Read the article ICYMI: Rubio Urges President Biden to Strengthen Ties with Bahrain – Press Releases – U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio

Risch (R-ID) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “It was an honor to meet w/ Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa yesterday. #Bahrain is a vital US partner in an important region. We discussed the need to address shared threats posed by #Iran, & I underscored America’s cont’d commitment to the Middle East. Risch Welcomes Bahraini Delegation to U.S. Capitol | United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations   Link to image

Malliotakis (R-NY-11) 03/03/2022: Retweet of @AIPAC – “Thank you to the members of Congress who attended this important event, and for their work to strengthen and expand the #AbrahamAccords. @RepDWStweets @RepLisaMcClain @RepSchneider @RepMMM @RepJoshG @RepCarlos @RepRitchie @RepLaTurner @RepMalliotakis @JayObernolte Link to quoted tweet” AlPAC tweet also re-tweeted by Gimenez (R-FL-26)

Malliotakis (R-NY-11) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “Today I was honored to meet with his Royal Highness Salman bin Hamad a Khalifa, the Crown Prince & Prime Minister of Bahrain, along with senior officials from Bahrain & @AIPAC. Among many issues, we discussed ways we can support & expand the successful #AbrahamAccords. Link to image

Pelosi (D-CA-12) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “It was a pleasure to welcome His Royal Highness, Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United States Capitol to discuss advancing economic, energy and international security. Link to image



Gonzales (R-TX-23) 02/28/2022: Retweet of @marcorubio – “#Ukraine inflicting substantial damage on #Russia’s supply lines with Bayraktar TB2 Turkish made unmanned combat aerial vehicles”

McCaul (R-TX-10) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “LR @RepMcCaul: “Turkey plays a vital role in securing NATO’s southern flank. It’s lethal assistance to Ukraine and leadership in securing the Black Sea remain critical in supporting the defense of innocent Ukrainians.” Link to quoted tweet

Rubio (R-FL) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “#Ukraine inflicting substantial damage on #Russia’s supply lines with Bayraktar TB2 Turkish made unmanned combat aerial vehicles

Rubio (R-FL) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “This is the right decision But be aware if #Russia vessels try to test this the probability of a dangerous naval confrontation with NATO is very high Link to quoted tweet

Cohen (D-TN-9) 02/27/2022: Tweet – “Important and courageous move by Turkey to take initial steps to limit passage of Russian warships into the Black Sea. Turkey to implement international pact on access to shipping straits due to Ukraine war… |

Heinrich (D-NM) 02/27/2022: Retweet of @JeffFlake – “Today our incredible U.S. Embassy community joined a long line of Turkish citizens delivering carloads of personal donations of essential supplies for the people of Ukraine to the Ukrainian Embassy in Ankara. What wonderful people. What a wonderful cause. #WeStandWithUkraine Link to image

Phillips (D-MN-3) 02/27/2022: Tweet – “Turkey, Japan, and the E.U. are unifying behind ever severe sanctions on Russia and Putin – who has seriously miscalculated the world’s resolve to defend freedom and sovereignty. This is becoming a watershed moment in world unity and order What Happened on Day 4 of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine – The New York Times

Waltz (R-FL-6) 02/27/2022: Tweet – “Zelensky has asked Turkey to close the Black Sea to choke off Russia’s naval fleet, which would aid the Ukrainian resistance. It would greatly harm Putin’s ability to get supplies and Russian troops into Ukraine. Biden must lean on Erdogan to shut down the Black Sea. Link to video

Gosar (R-AZ-4) 02/26/2022: Retweet of @RepPatFallon – “Just a friendly reminder, we have over 100 countries represented by the illegal immigrants crossing our southern border. Border crisis: Number of Turkish migrants at southern border already outpaces FY 2021… |

Bacon (R-NE-2) 02/26/2022: Retweet of @ZelenskyyUa – “I thank my friend Mr. President of [Turkish flag]  @RTErdogan and the people of [Turkish flag]   for their strong support. The ban on the passage of [Russian flag] warships to the Black Sea and significant military and humanitarian support for [Ukrainian flag] are extremely important today. The people of [Ukrainian flag] will never forget that!” Also re-tweeted by Cornyn (R-TX)



Risch (R-ID) 02/25/2022: Tweet – “President #Saied’s decision to outlaw foreign funding for civil society is just the latest in a series of concerning steps. NGOs have an important role to play & shouldn’t be subject to this. President Saied should reverse course & put #Tunisia back on the path of #democracy.”



Swalwell (D-CA-15) 02/25/2022: Retweet of @ZelenskyyUa – “I continue negotiations with the leaders. Received support from the Emir of Qatar @TamimBinHamad. The world is with us.



Risch (R-ID) 02/25/2022: Tweet – “I condemn the #Houthi’s cont’d arbitrary detention & harassment of US & UN local employees. The safety & security of staff is a top priority. The admin should take necessary steps to ensure staff safety & press for the release of those arbitrarily detained.AP sources: Yemen’s Houthis seize another US Embassy staffer… |



Meeks (D-NY-5) 03/01/2022: Tweet – “CM @RepGregoryMeeks: It’s not only Ukrainian lives that Putin’s invasion has claimed, but also the lives of Algerians, Greeks, Indians & others. A reminder of why the world must stand united against Russia’s actions and uphold the integrity of the UN charter. #StandWithUkraine Link to quoted tweet


Other – Middle East

Chu (D-CA-27) 03/04/2022: Retweet of @CAPAC – “The US government spied on Muslims in their mosques, hoping to find terrorists, based only on the fact that these were Muslim houses of worship. This was a shameful policy that has led to years of anti-Muslim violence & prejudice. We must ensure this abuse never happens again. Link to quoted tweet

Omar (D-MN-5) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “I guess the Republicans had the “jihadist” caucus all along. Link to quoted tweet

Pressley (D-MA-7) 03/03/2022: Tweet – “We must respond to the crisis in Ukraine with compassion. That means designating Ukraine for TPS, opening our doors to refugees & providing these same protections to refugees from Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Asia, LGBTQ communities & more.”

Risch (R-ID) 03/02/2022: Tweet – “Terrorist Mohammed al-Qahtani was detained for his role in 9/11. Biden’s decision to transfer him from the security of Guatanamo Bay is an injustice to every American. Risch, Rubio, Inhofe Urge President Not to Transfer Al-Qaeda Terrorist from Guantanamo | United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Roy (R-TX-21) 03/02/2022: Retweet of @RMConservative – “The cartels are as brutal as ISIS. They control BOTH sides of the border flowing dangerous people and drugs across while constantly monitoring, manipulating, and even shooting at our agents. I’m glad Republicans have now discovered the words sovereignty and invasion for others.”

Stevens (D-MI-11) 03/01/2022: Retweet of @TRF_Stories – “The #Ukraine war may be miles away from families in the Middle East. But many fear it will be felt in their kitchens. Russia and Ukraine export 29% of world’s wheat. The crisis has sent food prices to a 13-year high. Here’s how 3 countries are facing dire consequences. Link to image

Bacon (R-NE-2) 03/01/2022: In reply to Tweet – “@JoshuaBailor I’m for an all of the above approach… with the goal of not being dependent on Russia, Middle East or Venezuela for energy. I like a strong mix of renewables.”

Omar (D-MN-5) 02/28/2022: Tweet – “A reminder of the kind of rhetoric non-white refugees have had to endure our entire lives, even after we’ve been given asylum and become citizens. Every news anchor and world leader doing this is calling black and brown people something other than human. Link to quoted tweet

Gosar (R-AZ-4) 02/27/2022: Tweet – “This approach endangers our country and will continue to lead to a failing grid and unreliable energy as well as more dependance on Russia and the Middle East. Link to quoted tweet

Greene (R-GA-14) 02/27/2022: Twitter thread – “Being truly America First means rejecting the Democrat obsession with skin color, sexuality, and gender. It means having the courage to stop agonizing over fake divisions and disingenuous allegations from our godless and gutless mainstream media. 1/14 Link to video We’re going to focus on people, not labels. We’re going to focus on protecting the nuclear family, our border, our jobs & our children. On saving this great nation from the jaws of the Biden catastrophe. And most importantly, on proudly proclaiming the greatness of our God. 2/14 We’re not going to be deterred by journalists and Washington insiders who fear the name of Our Lord, and relentlessly attack those of us who proclaim His name. We know that Christ is our only judge. 3/14 Jesus was a friend to sinners; we are called to follow his example. That’s why I will continue to share my message of unity, family and faith in our great nation to every corner and every group within America. 4/14 It doesn’t matter if I’m speaking to Democrat union members or 1,200 young conservatives who feel cast aside and marginalized by society. 5/14 The Pharisees in the Republican Party may attack me for being willing to break barriers and speak to a lost generation of young people who are desperate for love and leadership. But I won’t abandon these young men and women, because I believe we need to do better by them. 6/14 I won’t cancel others in the conservative movement, even if I find some of their statements tasteless, misguided or even repulsive at times. 7/14 I encourage them to seek wisdom, and apologize to those who have been hurt by their words, as I’ve had to do. Our faith calls for charity & forgiveness. 8/14 I’ll keep fighting against identity politics and Marxism. I’ll keep speaking out and speaking up. Our nation is only capable of protecting our sovereignty, but the truth shall know no borders. 9/14 The atheist media demands no disavowal from left-wing politicians who hang out with jihadis and abortionists. But they demand immediate disavowals of any Republican willing to speak to 1,200 people gathered to declare that Christ is King, & brands them only by their sins. 10/14 No one is fooled by the name calling, and everyone is sick of the hypocrisy. 11/14 We are all watching the Ukrainian people united in defeating a full-scale invasion. They are taking up arms to defend their country and their lives. Americans should learn a powerful lesson from their example. 12/14 We are stronger when we stand united with one another, focused on saving our country, instead of divided in judgement toward each other. We must reject identity politics. 13/14 We must tutor our youth in the ways of righteousness so they do not stray into darkness. I’m unapologetically on this mission. America First is the only way. God bless you all. 14/14”

Omar (D-MN-5) 02/27/2022: Tweet – ““This type of commentary rejects the pervasive mentality in Western journalism of normalizing tragedy in parts of the world such as the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. It dehumanizes and renders their experience with war as somehow normal and expected.” @AMEJA Link to quoted tweet

Omar (D-MN-5) 02/27/2022: Retweet of @mehdirhasan – “This is a civilized city! They’re blue-eyed and blond-haired! This is Europe, not the Third World! Tonight on @MSNBC, @AymanM and I discussed some of the awful and, frankly, racist coverage of the Ukraine war & Ukrainian refugees compared to the MidEast: Link to video