Illiberals-in-Arms: The Deepening Alliance between the American & Israeli “New Right”


In this episode of Occupied Thoughts, FMEP’s Lara Friedman speaks with Israeli journalist Noam Sheizaf about the deepening love affair between the American and Israeli “new right” – a topic that Noam examined in his recent article in +972 Magazine, An Israeli home for America’s New Right.

Occupied Thoughts by FMEP · Illiberals-in-Arms: The Deepening Alliance between the American & Israeli “New Right”

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Recorded August 25, 2022

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Noam Sheizaf is a Tel Aviv based journalist, the founding editor of +972 Magazine where he still writes, along with Haaretz and other publications. Noam recently completed a documentary about Hebron, titled “H2: The occupation Lab,” that premiered at the Doc Aviv film festival in Tel Aviv.

Lara Friedman is President of FMEP.


Other resources:

 Tweets by Hebron Settlements Spokesman Yishai Fleisher from CPAC in Dallas (where he was a featured speaker):

  • 8/4: “At @CPAC #DALLAS: GREAT meeting with modern hero of nationalism, leader in the defense of Europe against Jihadist emigration, and ally of Israel – #Hungary PM Viktor Orbán @abouthungary @BalazsOrban_HU” [with photo of Fleisher with Orban]
  • 8/6: “Why do you say authoritarian regime when he’s won three democratic elections? Also, where did you get the figures on antisemitism? And also, don’t Jews have a homeland when they feel unsafe? Didn’t the Holocaust reach Jews about the danger of living in Europe in general?”
  • 8/6: “How the Left uses words to deligitimize: Orban has won three democratic elections in a row and makes major policy changes by referendum, yet they call him authoritarian…”
  • 8/6: “We just had a Prime Minister with 6 seats in the Knesset… Anyway, today there is an axis of nationalists opposed to the axis of globalists. Israel and Hungary share an immigration-type problem, and along with Eastern block, share conservative views on family and religion.”
  • 8/6: “I am not looking at Hungary as a Hungarian Jew or a Diaspora Jew, I’m looking at it as an Israeli Jew – a fellow sovereign. And from this nationalalist perspective nation states must unite against the globalist agenda which seeks to force open borders & erase national identities.”
  • 8/7: “Not at all. Hungary clearly likes to be a national state, not a home for immigration. A tribal land. Japan and many others have a similar stance. Israel needs allies with these national-mindset states who are empowered to push back against the hostile takeover agenda.”
  • 8/7: “A. Hungary has allowed over 1 million Ukrainians to come through its borders. 2. War refugees are not the same as Jihadist migrants. 3. Do all places have to be open, or can a society decide that it wants its ancestral land for its own peoplehood?”