Tracking Israel’s Annexation Policies – TABLES


You can view the regularly updated tables here.

With the onset of the Netanyahu-Trump era, the Israeli government is now openly discussing, and to a great extent pursuing, the annexation of areas in the West Bank. Today, discussion of annexation is no longer a question of “if” – but of “when,” “how,”  and “to what extent?”

With very little attention or controversy, Israeli governance has undergone a transformation with respect to its handling of the West Bank: from upholding at least the pretense of legal distinctions between sovereign Israel and the occupied territories, to erasing such distinctions; from maintaining at least a veneer of respect for the rule of law, to re-making Israel’s entire concept of law in order to cater to the settlers.

This acceleration of annexation efforts is ongoing, and continues to gain steam. Nearly every week, the Israeli Knesset, Cabinet ministers, and the High Court of Justice are taking steps towards legislating Israel’s permanent sovereignty over an ever-increasing amount of the West Bank.

This resource will document the various annexation policies and proposals, and how the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the Israeli government are advancing them, effectuating the annexation of the West Bank. Those policies include:

  • The retroactive legalization of settlement construction and outposts built on privately owned Palestinian land;
  • Unilateral annexation proposals; and,
  • The systematic application of Israeli domestic law in the West Bank (an act of de facto annexation).

You can view the tables – which will be regularly updated – here.

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