Members on the Record re: Responding to Jayapal Using term “Racist” to describe Israel


Members on the Record re: Responding to Jayapal Using term “Racist” to describe Israel

Defending Jayapal

Casar (D-TX) 7/17/23: Tweet – “.@RepJayapal is our Chair of the Progressive Caucus, a brilliant and kind leader, and a defender of human rights around the world. I urge everyone to read her statement. We should all be supporting her honest and thoughtful leadership in Congress.” Linked to Jayapal statement.

Jayapal (D-WA) 7/17/23: Tweet – “‘The rush to condemn her offhand remarks is […] about raising the political price of speaking about Israel forthrightly. […] It’s easier for Israel’s most stalwart boosters to harp on a critic’s slight misstatement‘” Linked to NYT article, The Hysterical Overreaction to Jayapal’s ‘Racist State’ Gaffe

Jayapal (D-WA) 7/16/23: statement – Jayapal Statement on Israel Comments [At a conference, I attempted to defuse a tense situation during a panel where fellow members of Congress were being protested. Words do matter and so it is important that I clarify my statement. I do not believe the idea of Israel as a nation is racist. I do, however, believe that Netanyahu’s extreme right-wing government has engaged in discriminatory and outright racist policies and that there are extreme racists driving that policy within the leadership of the current government. I believe it is incumbent on all of us who are striving to make our world a more just and equitable place to call out and condemn these policies and this current Netanyahu government’s role in furthering them. I have always worked toward a two-state solution that allows both Israelis and Palestinians to live freely, safely, and with self-determination alongside each other and that is still what I am absolutely committed to. I also know that the many policies of the current Israeli government, including rampant settlement expansion, make it extremely difficult for Palestinians who simply want the same rights as their Israeli neighbors to believe such a solution is possible. On a very human level, I was also responding to the deep pain and hopelessness that exists for Palestinians and their diaspora communities when it comes to this debate, but I in no way intended to deny the deep pain and hurt of Israelis and their Jewish diaspora community that still reels from the trauma of pogroms and persecution, the Holocaust, and continuing anti-semitism and hate violence that is rampant today. As an immigrant woman of color who has fought my whole life against racism, hate, and discrimination of all kinds and viscerally feels when anyone’s very existence is called into question, I am deeply aware of the many challenges we face in our own country to live up to the ideals of our nation here. The only way through these difficult moments is to have real conversations where we develop our own understanding of each other and the traumas we all hold. These are not easy conversations but they are important ones if we are ever to move forward. It is in that spirit that I offer my apologies to those who I have hurt with my words, and offer this clarification. We know that the status quo is unacceptable, untenable, and unjust. It will take all of us — elected officials, movement activists, advocates, and communities — to work together for real progress.“] Also see Tweet

Omar (D-MN) 7/18/23: Twitter thread – “We spend too much time policing the language of Black and brown women who speak out against oppression and not enough time ending the oppression of Black and brown people. I am proud to call @RepJayapal a colleague, a friend and our CPC Chair. I am also deeply concerned about the shaming—often of women of color—when they speak out about human rights violations happening in Palestine and Israel, especially when similar concern is not expressed for the lives being lost and families being torn apart. It is not only morally wrong, but routinely gives the current MAGA leadership of the Republican Party a cudgel to use against Democrats. Rep. Jayapal apologized for her wording. Dem leaders should accept that and move on, not join the GOP in continuing to shame her.”

Ramirez (D-IL) 7/18/23: Twitter thread – “@RepJayapal is a colleague and a friend. She is a principled Chair who supports the Members of the @USProgressives. She’s a champion for human rights and peace in the U.S. and around the world. (1/3) She is also one of a very few Brown, immigrant women in U.S. Congress – an institution that isn’t designed for Black, Brown & immigrant folks. This place often tries to silence us, especially when we speak out for the rights of other black & brown folks around the world. (2/3) These attempts to silence us only show how badly our voice is needed here. (3/3)

Tlaib (D-MI) 7/17/23: Tweet – “The Israeli government is committing the crime of apartheid according to the @UN, @HRW, @Amnesty International, & @BTselem (the largest human rights organization in Israel). Apartheid is a racist system of oppression.

Attacking Jayapal and/or Rejecting Any Use of “Racist” to Describe Israel

Alfred (R-MO) 7/18/23: statement in the Record – Stand Against Anti-Semitism

Alford (R-MS) 7/18/23: Tweet – “Congresswoman Jayapal’s recent remarks regarding our friends and allies in Israel are grotesque and cannot be tolerated. She must removed from her post as Chairwoman of the Progressive Caucus immediately. Anything short is unacceptable.” Linked to NY Post article, Top progressive Dem Rep. Pramila Jayapal declares ‘Israel is a racist state’

Baird (R-IN) 7/17/23: Tweet – “Israel is one of our strongest allies, and there is no place for Rep. Jayapal’s unfounded and antisemitic comments in Congress. I am proud to continue standing with Israel.

Blackburn (R-TN) 7/19/23: Tweet – “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Its 21% Arab population has the same legal rights as every Israeli. It is no ‘racist state.’ The Democratic Party’s increasingly hostile stance toward the Jewish state is unacceptable.

Blackburn (R-TN) 7/17/23: Tweet – @RepJayapal called Israel a ‘racist state.’ The far-Left’s hatred of Israel knows no bounds. I will always stand with the Jewish state.

Bost (R-IL) 7/18/23: Tweet – “A leader of the House Democrats called Israel a “racist state.” This is what we’re up against from the radical left. I have never wavered in my support for Israel, our steadfast ally and beacon of freedom in the Middle East, and I never will.” Linked to New York Post – Top progressive Dem Rep. Pramila Jayapal declares ‘Israel is a racist state’

Bost (R-IL) 7/18/23: Tweet – “A leader of the House Democrats called Israel a “racist state.” This is what we’re up against from the radical left. I have never wavered in my support for Israel, our steadfast ally and beacon of freedom in the Middle East, and I never will.

Brecheen (R-OK) 7/18/23: Tweet – “I will always stand with the State of Israel—our strongest democratic ally in the Middle East. The members of the House of Representatives who have expressed hatred of Israel for defending itself should be ashamed.

Costa (D-CA) 7/17/23: Twitter thread – “The comment made by a colleague of mine about the State of Israel being racist is false, harmful, and totally inappropriate. Israel is a long-time critical ally of the United States and while we have our differences, the comments made were unjust and hurtful. (1/2) I hope that an apology will be offered, and we can move on towards constructive conversations in dealing with the difficult challenges ahead. (2/2)

Craig (D-MN) 7/17/23: Tweet – “I was concerned to hear my colleague’s words about our ally Israel & glad she has retracted them.   As the only country in the region welcoming to LGBTQ+ people, Israel is leading the way to build a more inclusive Middle East, & I will keep working to support Israel in Congress.” [linked to Tweet by NBC News reporter Sahil Kapur, “A group of House Democrats is circulating a draft letter condemning Rep Jayapal for ‘unacceptable’ comments that ‘Israel is a racist state.’ It’s written by Gottheimer, Wasserman Schultz, Landsman, Schneider, Phillips, Moskowitz and Manning, per a Democratic aide with knowledge. (image of text)”]

D’Esposito (R-NY) 7/17/23: Tweet – “.@RepJayapal can ‘clarify’ her statements all she likes, but her comments on Israel were very clear. I proudly stand with our great ally.

D’Esposito (R-NY) 7/16/23: Tweet – “The Squad continues to show their disgusting Anti-Israel views every day.”

Donalds (R-FL) 7/16/23: Tweet – “Nearly 1/2 of House Dems are @USProgressives. Yesterday, their leader said: ‘We have been fighting to make it clear that Israel is a racist state’ This rhetoric is vile. Let me be clear, Israel is a trusted ally & I’ll always defend the unique relationship between our nations.”

Emmer (R-MN) 7/18/23: Tweet – “While House Democrats are consumed with their anti-Israel agenda this week, House Republicans will continue leading the charge on bringing common sense back to the nation’s capital.” [including link to video of Emmer attacking Dems]

Emmer (R-MN) 7/17/23: Tweet – “House Republicans have sent a message loud and clear: We are not going to stand for any anti-Israel rhetoric in Congress.” Linked to article in Daily Mail, EXCLUSIVE: Top Republican tells his colleagues to stay ‘vigilant’ in rolling back Biden’s ‘woke’ diversity and equity military policies – and warns the administration’s ‘total incompetence’ risks U.S. national security

Ernst (R-IA) 7/18/23: Tweet – “Israel is under attack, even in the halls of Congress. In the Senate, I will continue to defend Israel.  #CUFISummit2023

Ernst (R-IA) 7/17/23: Tweet – “No, Israel is not a racist state. Antisemitism has no place in America, especially in the halls of Congress.

Estes (R-KS) 7/17/23: Tweet – “Glad to see some of my Democrat colleagues push back against the vitriolic, antisemitic comments from members of their caucus – Israel is a key and longstanding ally of the United States, and I look forward to welcoming @Isaac_Herzog to our nation’s capitol on Wednesday.

Fleischmann (R-TN) 7/18/23: Twitter thread – “Let’s be clear: Israel, the only Jewish state in the world and the only democracy in the Middle East is NOT a racist state. It is beyond sad and disgraceful that some of my colleagues repeatedly traffic in antisemitic tropes and slanders against our friend and ally, Israel. I’ve been to Israel. Israel is a proud democracy where people are treated with dignity and respect. Israeli Jews and Arab citizens have equal protection under law and the equal right to vote. There’s elected Arab representation in the Knesset and on the Israeli Supreme Court. Anyone calling Israel a ‘racist state’ or an ‘apartheid state’ is lying and should be ashamed of themselves. America will always stand with Israel. We will never tolerate hateful and evil antisemitic comments.“]

Frankel (D-FL) 7/17/23: Tweet – I agree with @HouseDemocrats in their rejection of any description of Israel as racist. I support Israel’s right to exist as a homeland for the Jewish people & I’m committed to a robust two-state solution where Israel and the Palestinian people can live in peace and prosperity.” Linked to House Democratic Leadership statement

Good (R-VA) 7/17/23: Tweet – “Israel is a key ally of the United States and the ONLY democracy in the region. It’s a vile lie to call Israel a “racist state.” The unwavering support of the American people for our Israeli counterparts remains resolute. This is the Democrat party [linked to video of Jayapal comments]

Good (R-VA) 7/17/23: Twitter thread – “THREAD: @RepJayapal’s comments are the most recent in a long line of hate-filled statements towards our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel. This is nothing new from the Democrat party. (1/7) Democrats, and especially the Congressional Progressive Caucus, are fond of openly attacking Israel’s legitimacy and the Jewish people w/ anti-semitic comments. (2/7) Other members, like Rep. Omar, seem to constantly look for ways to attack them. In 2021, Omar tweeted: ‘Israel has hypnotized the world.’ These comments led to a mere slap on the wrist by Democrat leadership. (3/7) Progressives Dems love to call Israel an ‘apartheid state,’ a racist falsehood. Rep. Tlaib’s outspoken anti-semitism has not been curbed by her own party. (4/7)  The most well-known member of “The Squad,” the radical AOC has not shied away from her anti-Israel and anti-semitic views. This ideology is evil and Democrats must condemn and denounce this sentiment from their members. (5/7) Do Democrats hate democracy? They have become the anti-Israel party, the only democracy in the region. (6/7) Anti-semitic rhetoric is unacceptable, and the Democrats know it—but they won’t stop it. (7/7)

Gottheimer (D-NJ) 7/17/23: Tweet – “Today, 42 Democrats and I released the following statement regarding the historic relationship between the U.S. and Israel, our most important ally in the Middle East. Israel remains the only vibrant, progressive, and inclusive democracy in the region.” Linked to statement – “Israel remains the only vibrant, progressive, and inclusive democracy in the region. Arab parties serve in the Knesset, women serve at the highest levels of the military, and the country remains an oasis for LGBTQ+ people in a region hostile toward the community. Pluralism flourishes in Israel. We are deeply concerned about Representative Pramila Jayapal’s unacceptable comments regarding our historic, democratic ally Israel, and we appreciate her retraction. Israel is the legitimate homeland of the Jewish people and efforts to delegitimize and demonize it are not only dangerous and antisemitic, but they also undermine America’s national security. Israel is critical to our fight against terror, and our defense and intelligence collaboration continues to strengthen our leadership in the world. Israel remains our greatest partner for peace in the Middle East. Any efforts to rewrite history and question the Jewish State’s right to exist, or our historic bipartisan relationship, will never succeed in Congress. We remain committed to peace between Israel and the Palestinians to establish two states that exist side-by-side in peace, prosperity, and mutual security. We will never allow anti-Zionist voices that embolden antisemitism to undermine and disrupt the strongly bipartisan consensus supporting the U.S.-Israel relationship that has existed for decades.”

Green (R-TN) 7/17/23: Tweet – “Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East. The House of Representatives has no room for @RepJayapal’s anti-semitism or hatred of Israel.

Harris (R-MD) 7/16/23: Tweet thread – “A top progressive Democrat just declared: “We have been fighting to make it clear that Israel is a racist state.” In addition to being absolutely false, this statement is also recklessly inflammatory. Israel is a loyal friend and a strategic ally to the United States and this rhetoric is unacceptable.” Linked to NY Post, Top progressive Dem Rep. Pramila Jayapal declares ‘Israel is a racist state’

Hern (R-OK) 7/18/23: Tweet – “Israel is a strong friend and essential ally, full stop. There are no ifs and or buts, no exceptions or qualifications. Israel exists as a beacon of democracy and freedom in the heart of a region defind by oppresive autocrats and human rights abusers. I am astonished at the blatant racism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Zionism proudly shown by Democrats in the House time and time again. It’s shameful behavior, and should not be tolerated in the halls of Congress. I will always stand up for our ally Israel and their right to not only exist as a nation, but thrive and defend themselves.

Hinson (R-IA) 7/19/23: Tweet – “After visiting Israel last year, I shared my experience and the importance of standing with Israel in the @TelegraphHerald. With some of my colleagues spouting anti-Israel, anti-Semitic rhetoric I thought it was an important time to share the piece again:” linked to article, Hinson: There has never been a more important time to stand with Israel (Telegraph Herald 3/13/22)

Houlahan (D-PA) 7/19/23: Houlahan Statement on Critical Partnership Between U.S. and Israel [“… I know how important it is to be intentional with our words when discussing Israel and the Israeli government. While I respect an individual’s freedom to criticize those in positions of power and influence, we need to be careful to not criticize Israel’s right to exist – intentionally or not…”]

Hoyer (D-MD) 7/17/23: statement – “As a longtime advocate for a stronger U.S.-Israel relationship and an enduring two-state solution, I appreciate Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s clarification and apology for the offensive and inaccurate comments she made about Israel amid the unrest at the Netroots Nation conference last weekend. Israel is not a racist state. I deplore the organized antisemitic abuse that the audience leveled at my friend and colleague Rep. Jan Schakowsky during the conference. Sadly, it represents bigotry directed at the Jewish people through millennia. The conference hosts should make it clear that it is never acceptable to single out anyone for their religion or heritage. Surely, that is a progressive value. Whether in America or Israel, people can disagree with a nation’s government and government officials without disparaging the state and its people as a whole. No matter who is in charge, Americans and Israelis are bound by our shared values of democracy, liberty, and equality. That’s why Democrats and Republicans continue to show bipartisan support for Israel’s security and for a two-state solution that would bring a peaceful conclusion to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I do not always agree with every leader in America or Israel. I am fully committed, however, to ensuring that Israel remains a Jewish state and a beacon of democracy, equality, and prosperity in the region and the world.” Also via Twitter, Hoyer tweet – “Whether in America or Israel, people can disagree with a nation’s government and government officials without disparaging the state and its people as a whole. Americans and Israelis are always bound by our shared values of democracy, liberty, and equality.

Jeffries (D-NY), Clark (D-MA), and Aguilar (D-CA) 7/16/23: press release – JOINT HOUSE DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP STATEMENT ON THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES AND ISRAEL [“Israel is not a racist state. As a Jewish and Democratic nation, Israel was founded 75 years ago on the principle of complete equality of social and political rights for all of its citizens irrespective of religion, race or sex, as codified in its Declaration of Independence. America and Israel have a uniquely special relationship anchored in our shared democratic values and strategic interests. As House Democratic leaders, we strongly support Israel’s right to exist as a homeland for the Jewish people. We are also firmly committed to a robust two-state solution where Israel and the Palestinian people can live side by side in peace and prosperity. Certainly, there are individual members of the current Israeli governing coalition with whom we strongly disagree. That is also the case with respect to some on the other side of the aisle who we serve with in the United States Congress. Government officials come and go. The special relationship between the United States and Israel will endure. We are determined to make sure support for Israel in the Congress remains strongly bipartisan. Our commitment to a safe and secure Israel as an invaluable partner, ally and beacon of democracy in the Middle East is ironclad. We look forward to welcoming Israeli President Isaac Herzog to the United States House of Representatives this week.”]  Also see Tweet; Statement tweeted by Cohen (D-TN), Moskowitz (D-FL), Clark (D-CA)

Kustoff (R-TN) 7/17/23: Tweet – “When Members of Congress make hateful statements about our greatest friend and ally in the Middle East, Israel, the world listens. Rep. Jayapal’s repulsive and repugnant comments have no place in our rhetoric. My interview with @greta on @NEWSMAX.Re-tweeted approvingly 7/18/23 by Green (R-TN)

LaLota (R-NY) 7/17/23: Twitter thread – “(1/2) Israel is an important US ally that is routinely defending itself against our common enemies in the Middle East. (2/2) In light of Congresswoman Jayapal’s dangerous and calculated reference to Israel as a ‘racist state,’ I will continue to work to support Israel— where Jewish & Arab citizens enjoy equal protection— and provide it the tools necessary to ensure help us defeat a common enemy.

Landsman (D-OH) 7/17/23: Twitter thread – “Went on @CNNThisMorning to talk Israel and where Congress’ relationship stands: Israel is a critical partner for our national security | Israel has an inclusive and progressive democracy | 180,000 West Bank Palestinians go to Israel every day for work 1/3 What’s the path to peace & security? A strong governing authority in the West Bank & then Gaza | EU and Arab states need to come together – they can help with a legit governing authority | This will help get the mostly Iranian-backed terror groups out of the West Bank 2/3 Lastly – we discussed RKF Jr.’s comments that Covid-19 might have been ethnically targeted to spare Jews and Chinese people. These words are dangerous and not true, and his invitation to speak before Congress should be rescinded. 3/3

LaTurner (R-KS) 7/17/23: Tweet – “Democrats’ continued anti-Semitic rhetoric is dangerous and unacceptable.   Israel is NOT a racist state. I proudly stand with America’s strongest ally in the Middle East”

Lawler (R-NY) 7/18/23: Tweet – “Support for Israel should be bipartisan. I’ve worked with many colleagues on the other side who are strong supporters of Israel, including @RepJoshG, @RepMoskowitz, & @RepRitchie. Unfortunately, others want to make it partisan and undermine our relationship with our closest ally.”

Malliotakis (R-NY) 7/17/23: “.@RepJayapal has embarrassed herself & Congress as we prepare to welcome President Herzog for a historic speech this week. I join colleagues in condemning it. Israel is one of our strongest allies & we will NOT tolerate this abhorrent & ignorant rhetoric.

Mast (R-FL) 7/17/23: Tweet – “Rep. Jayapal, the chair of the Progressive Caucus, could not have been more clear when she called Israel “racist.” They’re determined to tear down America’s strongest ally in the region and ignore our shared values of freedom, democracy and mutual respect for all people.

McCarthy (R-CA) 7/17/23: Tweet (plus video comments) – “Do Democrats believe Israel is an evil state? Multiple elected Democrats have a consistent history of using antisemitic rhetoric. It has got to stop.

Meng (D-NY) 7/16/23: Tweet – “We can disagree on policy & criticize other nations without labeling them as racist & putting its people at risk. Thanks @HouseDemocratsfor making clear the U.S.-Israel relationship continues to be a crucial & strategic priority. I also thank @RepJayapalfor issuing an apology.” Linked to House Democratic Leadership statement

Molinaro (R-NY) 7/16/23: Tweet – “This is why we must continue speaking out against hate and support Israel’s right to exist. Israel is a vibrant democracy and I look forward to joining my colleagues in Congress in welcoming @Isaac_Herzog to DC this week.Linked to video of Jayapal comments

Nadler (D-NY) 7/17/23: Tweet – “My response to @RepJayapal‘s statements on Israel: ‘As a Zionist, I am glad that Representative Jayapal made clear that she supports Israel’s right to exist and a two-state solution. That is what matters principally to me in this. And this is, of course, the core position of the Democratic Party. I also think that when our colleagues are decent enought to admit mistakes with langauge, we should be encouraging. Otherwise we are sending a very bad message and keeping the tent for Israeli supporters much too small, to Israel’s own detriment.'”

Phillips (D-MN) 7/17/23: Twitter thread – “I believe in Palestinian self-determination. And once an able Palestinian leader is empowered – one committed to coexistence, not Israel’s destruction – I pray that both sides commit to two states living side by side in peace, prosperity, and mutual security. 1/4 As one of America’s most important allies and the only multi-cultural, democratic, and progressive nation in the Middle East, l’m appalled by progressive boycotts of Israel, absurd labels of ‘racist state’, and the facilitation of growing antisemitism here and abroad. 2/4 We must maintain space and place for criticism of Israeli leadership and policy, and I’ve done that face-to-face with PM Netanyahu. But attacking and delegitimizing a people and inclusive nation constantly defending their own existence is neither fair nor progressive. 3/4 Like all countries, Israel is imperfect. But as the only land in the world in which the Jewish diaspora is guaranteed refuge, I ask those who claim to be defenders of the historically persecuted to recognize the consequences of their antagonism and exclusion. 4/4

Reschenthaler (R-PA) 7/17/23: Tweet – Israel is not a racist state. I condemn Rep. Jayapal’s comments and affirm America’s unwavering support for Israel.”

Schiff (D-CA) 7/16/23: Tweet – “Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East and is not a racist state. It faces constant attacks and the threat of terrorism, and is a key U.S. ally. Israel has every right to exist as a Jewish homeland. Instead of denigrating an entire state and its people, we should work towards a two state solution and a lasting peace.

Schneider (D-IL) 7/17/23: Tweet – “Israel is not a racist state. The Democratic Party has made clear: Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East, and our relationship is ironclad. On CNN, I shared how I’m excited to welcome Israeli President Herzog to Congress on Wednesday and celebrate Israel’s 75 years.”

Schrier (D-WA) 7/17/23: Twitter thread – “I am concerned about recent comments referring to Israel as a “racist state,” and the rising tide of antisemitism and anti-Israel rhetoric in this country and throughout the world. Israelis are a diverse population who are proud to live in the only democracy in the Middle East. Our shared democratic principles are foundational to the special and strategic relationship between the U.S. and Israel, and I am steadfast in supporting and strengthening our historic bipartisan relationship in Congress.” Linked to House Democratic Leadership statement

Scott (R-SC) 7/17/23: Tweet – “The radical Left often perpetuates the ugliest forms of anti-Israel, antisemitic policies. Israel is our greatest partner in the Middle East, and I will not waver in my support for their right to sovereignty and security.

Stefanik (R-NY) 7/18/23: Tweet – “Israel is NOT a racist state.   House Republicans condemn the blatantly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks made by Rep. Jayapal and condemn House Democrats’ inaction to address the deep-rooted anti-Semitism in the Democrat Caucus.

Tenney (R-NY) 7/17/23: Tweet – “No, Pramila, Israel isn’t racist. You’re just an anti-Semite.

Torres (D-NY) 7/16/23: Tweet – “Let me set the record straight about Israel as a multiracial democracy based on nearly a decade to traveling to the region. Jewish and Arab citizens enjoy equal protection under the laws, including an equal right to vote in Israeli elections. There is Arab representation in both the Knesset and the Israeli Supreme Court. There is disproportionate Arab representation in the Israeli health care system, which is central to Israeli life. Arab matriculation in Israeli higher education has been rising at an astonishing pace—an unmistakable sign of racial progress. Every multiracial country, including our own, has complicated race relations, but the Israeli story, much like the American story, is one of progress rather than perfection. Show me a country whose race relations are beyond reproach, and I will show you utopia, which literally means ‘no place.

Weber (R-TX) 7/17/23: Tweet – “Israel is NOT a racist state. I condemn Rep. Jayapal’s vile and false comments. Israel is an incredible nation and our strongest ally in the Middle East. I will always stand with Israel.

Wilson (D-FL) 7/17/23: Tweet – “I stand with the State of Israel. I stand with our Jewish community both at home and abroad; and I stand against antisemitism.” Linked to her statement – Congresswoman Wilson’s Statement on Recent Anti-Israel Comments by Democratic Member of Congress”

Womack (R-AR) 7/17/23: Tweet – “Israel is NOT a racist state, despite what my far-left colleagues may say. I condemn these comments and am proud to stand strong with our ally, especially as we welcome the Israeli President to the Capitol this week.

Yakym (R-IN) 7/17/23: Tweet – “The spate of disgusting attacks against Israel coming from the far-left couldn’t be further from the truth. I stand with Israel and look forward to hearing from Israeli President Herzog when he addresses a joint session of Congress this week.” Linked to New York Post – Top progressive Dem Rep. Pramila Jayapal declares ‘Israel is a racist state’