“Now it is Happening to My Family”: The Dispossession of Palestinians from the Old City of Jerusalem


In this episode of “Occupied Thoughts,” FMEP 2023 non-resident fellow Rabea Eghbariah speaks to Raafat Sub Laban, a Palestinian human rights attorney from the Old City of Jerusalem whose family is under the threat of imminent dispossession from their home. Raafat explains how the dispossession of Palestinians in Jerusalem is enabled by Israeli law and settler organizations who work together to “Judaize” the city and drive Palestinians out. Raafat also shares updates about the Sub Laban family situation and the #SaveNorasHome campaign.

Occupied Thoughts by FMEP · “Now it is Happening to My Family”: The Dispossession of Palestinians from the Old City of Jerusalem

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Recorded June 30, 2023

Participant Biographies

Rafat Sub Laban is a human rights lawyer from occupied East Jerusalem. He holds a Master’s degree in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from the University of Essex and currently works as a human rights officer at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the oPt.

Rabea Eghbariah is a 2023 FMEP Non-Resident Fellow and a human rights attorney completing his doctoral studies at Harvard Law School. He worked as an appellate public defender before joining the Haifa-based Adalah Legal Center, where he argued major Palestinian civil and political rights cases. Rabea published on various subjects relating to Palestinians and Israeli law, including the censorship of online speech, the legal land regime, and the criminalization of Palestinian foragers. His writings appeared in the Yale Journal of Law and Technology, the Law and Political Economy Project, and the Journal of Palestine Studies, among others. Rabea previously served as an executive article editor of the Harvard Human Rights Journal and currently serves as an editorial member of Jadaliyya’s Palestine page.  Listen here to Mr. Eghbariah discuss his background, his work as a human rights attorney and a scholar, and his analysis of this moment in time and history for Palestinians in this episode of “Occupied Thoughts,” recorded on February 23, 2023.