‘Peace in name only’: Opposing the Abraham Accords & Normalization Agreements


Occupied Thoughts by FMEP · ‘Peace in name only’: Opposing the Abraham Accords & Normalization Agreements

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Recorded April 27, 2022

In this episode of “Occupied Thoughts,” FMEP’s Sarah Anne Minkin speaks with Jehad Abusalim (2022 FMEP Fellow) and Dana El Kurd (University of Richmond) about what the Abraham Accords and normalization agreements with Israel over the last few years have opened up in the Arab world, including state-sponsored efforts to cultivate acceptance of Israel and suppress support for Palestinians. Dana speaks about her research on Arab public opinion as well as pro-Palestine activism, and Jehad draws from the historical context of the long history of Arab Jews as well as Palestinian responses to Zionism and antisemitism before the establishment of the state of Israel.

In February, Dana published this brief, “Pro-Palestine solidarity in the UAE: A view from Emirati activists.” See also this article from the Economist in January 2022, “The Arab world is re-embracing its Jews.”


Jehad Abusalim is completing his PhD in the History and Hebrew and Judaic Studies joint program at New York University for research on Arab and Palestinian intellectual discourse on Zionism, antisemitism, and the plight of the Jewish people in Europe between 1870 and 1948. Jehad works as the Education and Policy Coordinator of the Palestine Activism Program at the American Friends Service Committee. He is a 2022 Non-Resident Fellow at FMEP. 

Dana El Kurd is an assistant professor at the University of Richmond, a non resident senior fellow at the Arab Center Washington, and non resident fellow at the Middle East Institute in the Palestine program.

Sarah Anne Minkin, PhD, is the Director of Programs and Partnerships at FMEP.