Occupied Thoughts: Pogrom in Mufagara and ‘Fighting for our justice’


Occupied Thoughts by FMEP · Pogrom in Mufagara and ‘fighting for our justice’

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FMEP’s Sarah Anne Minkin speaks with journalist and activist Basil Adraa and activist and water management expert Natasha Westheimer about the increase in state-backed settler-violence in the South Hebron Hills. Over the last few weeks, both have witnessed and experienced settler and military attacks against Palestinians and solidarity activists. This week, Basil is being targeted by a smear campaign in an effort to undermine his credibility and ability to document human rights abuses.


Basil al-Adraa is an activist, journalist, and photographer from the village of a-Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills.

Natasha Westheimer is an Australian-American water management specialist and anti-occupation activist based in Jerusalem.

Sarah Anne Minkin, PhD, is the Director of Programs and Partnerships at the Foundation for Middle East Peace.