Settlement & Annexation Report: November 22, 2023


News from the West Bank

News from East Jerusalem

  • Attempt for the Establishment of a New Settlement in the Armenian Quarter of the Old City” Peace Now
  • Correction to last week’s report regarding activities on Mount Scopus: Ir Amim and Bimkom report that Israel is expected to revive its plans to declare the open area between the Palestinian East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Issawiya and A-Tur. In last week’s report, the plan to declare the area as a national park was erroneously confused with separate plans to build a new settlement on a different part of Mount Scopus. 

On Reestablishing Settlements in Gaza

  • Breaking the Silence posts on X: “The Israeli right has a focus right now. The goal? Resettle the Gaza Strip. Their way to establish it in the hearts and minds of Israelis: to aggressively push the false notion that the 2005 disengagement was the main failure that led to this moment. This lie must be debunked…” (1/11)

News From the U.S.