Settlement Roundup: December 22, 2023


Welcome to FMEP’s Weekly Settlement Report, which is an abbreviated roundup today. Please note there will be no Settlement Report next week.

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December 22, 2023

  • Bimkom, Emek Shaveh, Ir Amim and Peace Now published a joint year-end alert entitled: “Wartime Developments in Old City Basin Carry Grave Implications for Palestinian Rights and the Political Future of Jerusalem.” The alert looks at the cable car project and settlement of title procedures threatening to change the character of  the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan.
  • Peace Now published, “Unprecedented Advancement of Settlements in East Jerusalem Amidst the War in Gazareviewing recent advancement of the three new settlements (Kidmat Zion, The Lower Aqueduct, Givat HaShaked), the expropriation of land for the settler-backed cable car project, the settler takeover of a significant amount of land in the Armenian Quarter of the Old City,  and the approval of the Givat Hamatos settlement in September 2023, and finally, the acceleration of demolitions of Palestinian homes/property.
  • Peace Now also published, “Unmatched Surge in Settlement Activity in the West Bank Since the Onset of the Gaza War” showing how settlers have seized the opportunity provided by Israel’s war in Gaza and a near complete shut down of Palestinian movement in the West Bank in order to take control of more land and infrastructure.
  • OCHA published a West Bank Snapshot – a visual looking at several alarming statistics that demonstrate the environment in the West Bank since Oct. 7th.
  • The Times of Israel covered the IDF’s decision to freeze the operations of a unit that recruited settlers aligned with the radical and violent “hill-top youth” movement. 
  • Haaretz published a feature on what’s happening in the Armenian Quarter, where a significant portion of land has been purchased (a disputed transaction) and is now being developed by settler-aligned companies. 
  • Bonus Reads:
    • “In Gaza war, Israel’s radical settlers see an opportunity to expand” (Washington Post)
    • “Two-state solution would mean relocating 200,000 settlers, says Israeli lawyer who has David Cameron’s ear” (The Guardian)
    • “Thousands of Palestinian workers to resume work in West Bank settlements” (i24 News)
    • “Why Palestinians in East Jerusalem are losing their homes” (Al Jazeera)