What Comes After the Destruction of Gaza?


In this episode of Occupied Thoughts, FMEP Fellow Peter Beinart speaks with writer Ahmed Moor about a range of urgent issues, including how the conversation about post-war Gaza doesn’t include Palestinians, the ethics of not voting for Joe Biden, and in what ways the Palestine solidarity movement can change Washington.

Occupied Thoughts by FMEP · What Comes After the Destruction of Gaza?

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Recorded on March 12, 2024

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Ahmed Moor is Palestinian-American writer who was born and raised in Gaza. He is co-editor of the book After Zionism: One State for Israel & Palestine.

Peter Beinart is a Non-Resident Fellow at the Foundation for Middle East Peace. He is also a Professor of Journalism and Political Science at the City University of New York, a Contributing opinion writer at the New York Times, an Editor-at-Large at Jewish Currents, and an MSNBC Political Commentator.