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  • Nominee For US Ambassador to Israel Should Set Off Alarm Bells

    If Friedman’s nomination is an indication of Trump administration policy on Israel-Palestine, the United States is going to deepen the conflict in which Israelis and Palestinians are embroiled. This risks seriously damaging US interests in the region, further violating Palestinians’ basic human rights, and compromising Israeli security.

  • How Peace Can Survive Trump and Bibi

    In the wake of the United States’ elections, the waning weeks of 2016 are being defined by despair for progressives. That despair is at its…

  • Feinstein-Netanyahu Letters on Susiya

    Senator Dianne Feinstein today released a series of letter exchanges between herself and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concerning the Palestinian village of Susiya, which lives…

  • Policy Brief: Israel’s “Formalization” Law

    On Sunday the Israeli cabinet unanimously passed a bill that would legalize settlement outposts in the occupied West Bank that were built on privately owned…

  • Likud Chairman Threatens Citizenship of B’Tselem’s Executive Director

    These incidents represent a steadily mounting effort to erode Israeli democracy, which is already reeling under the weight of fifty years of occupation. Arresting that erosion is crucial for Israelis, Palestinians and the cause of peace and justice for both.