• Will Bibi’s speech deflate the Israel lobby?

    Matt Duss quoted: “This is something that is so blatant and something that is so outside the bounds of what is normal, on an item that not only the president has said is an important one for this administration, but an item that the majority of Americans believe has significant implications for U.S. security.”

  • Happy Hour Roundup

    Citing Matt Duss’ Tablet Magazine article, The Obama-Bibi Split Is About Policy, Not Protocol—And It May Be Permanent, February 26, 2015

  • Arise America: Netanyahu Criticized Over Upcoming Congress Address

    U.S. national security adviser Susan Rice criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to the U.S. congress. Matthew Duss, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, joins Arise America to discuss the conflict.

  • How to Talk to Israel’s Voters

    The New York Times provides coverage of an FMEP poll that assesses the likely reaction of ordinary Israelis to a U.S. peace initiative.

  • Bibi Netanyahu Comes to Washington

    FMEP Program Director Mitchell Plitnick discusses Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington on San Francisco’s KPFA.

  • The Netanyahu Speech Drama Goes On

    The Atlantic references President Matthew Duss’s suggestion that Netanyahu testify in front of Congress, as he did before the Iraq war in 2002.