FMEP President Lara Friedman has for years been researching and documenting ongoing Israel-Palestine-related “lawfare” efforts — i.e., efforts to exploit U.S. laws (state and federal) and courts to quash criticism and activism challenging Israeli policies, to delegitimize Palestinian organizations and the Palestinian cause, and to undermine and even criminalize support for and solidarity with the Palestinian people. The results of her research — in the form of regularly updated databases, reports, analyses, and op-eds — is collected below.

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  • What would Israel Anti-Boycott Act Do? Read the Law (amended by the Act) for Yourself

    Lawfare | Legislative Round-ups

    People continue to argue about what the Israel Anti-Boycott Act would or wouldn’t do, or aim or doesn’t aim to do. It is a very odd debate, because this is a matter of facts, not opinion (opinions may well differ on what people hope it will or won’t do; the facts about what it would do to the law are a matter of record).

    To facilitate a clearer debate about this issue, I’ve helpfully pulled into this document all of the existing law that would be amended by the S. 720 (with links), and then I’ve gone ahead and made the amendments that S. 270 would make in those laws.