Our 2020 Grantees

The Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP) is proud to announce its support for a range of organizations doing essential work to challenge the occupation and promote Israeli-Palestinian peace. Since its establishment in 1979, FMEP has stood with courageous non-profit organizations working to end Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem and striving for a just and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Continuing this tradition, FMEP’s 2020 grants support important work in five main strategic areas:

  1. Ending Israeli policies that break international law, trample democratic norms, and violate human rights and dignity. 
  2. Halting the weaponization of the Israel-Palestinian issue & false accusations of anti-Semitism. 
  3. Cultivating/elevating new thought leaders who challenge status quo assumptions, expand the debate beyond the existing stale limits, and articulate alternatives to failed policies and approaches.
  4. Defending the anti-occupation/pro-peace sector as a whole.
  5. Enabling Palestinians to remain in Palestine.

Organizations FMEP is supporting in 2020 

(as of January 2020)

+972 Magazine*

7amleh – The Arab Center for Social Media Advancement




Al-Shabaka: the Palestinian Policy Network

Alliance for Middle East Peace

American Near East Refugee Aid

Americans for Peace Now

Arab American Institute

Association for Civil Rights in Israel*



Breaking the Silence*

Charity & Security Network

Defense for Children International – Palestine**

The Democratic Bloc*

Emek Shaveh*



Heartland Initiative, Inc.

Human Rights Defenders Fund*

If Not Now

Institute for Middle East Understanding

Ir Amim*

Jewish Voice for Peace

Just Vision/Local Call

Kerem Navot*

Middle East Institute

Military Court Watch

The Movement for Freedom of Information in Israel*

New Israel Fund

Palestine Legal

Peace Now

Physicians for Human Rights – Israel*


Terrestrial Jerusalem***


Who Profits

Yesh Din*


*FMEP awarded a grant to NIF, in support of its existing work/fundraising for these organizations

**FMEP awarded a grant to CAF America, in support of its work with DCI-Palestine

***FMEP awarded a grant to Heartland Initiative in support of its work with Terrestrial Jerusalem


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FMEP is a 501(c)(3) private foundation established in 1979 by lawyer and philanthropist Merle Thorpe, Jr., to promote a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through grants, public programming, and research.